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Can murder be justified?


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Round 1
Murder is taking somebody's life. Nobody in the whole universe except The God, has the right to choose anyone's birth or death. Murder is an deplorable. You just cannot take anyone's life. Nobody owns a life. And nobody has the right to make a women-widow, children-orphan, parents-childless. When we kill somebody on the pretext of punishing that person for his evil deeds, we forget that there are thousand of causes worth dying for , but not a single cause worth killing for. 

Murder - killing another human being on purpose.

Murder is justified in cases of self-defense and protection of others. When you are killing a criminal to protect your family, your goal isn’t the death of the criminal. Your goal is the safety of your family. When a soldier kills an enemy soldier, his goal isn’t the death of the enemy soldier. His goal is the safety of his country.
In other words, murder is justified when other people are at risk. 

If someone tries to kill you, you are allowed to murder. If someone armed invades your house, you are allowed to murder. If someone tried to kidnap your daughter, you are allowed to murder. If someone tries to detonate a bomb and kill thousands of civilians, you are allowed to murder. The law agrees with me too: murder is justified when your life or other people’s lives  are at risk.

Round 2
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Round 3
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--> @Alec
I see you're a fan of Ben Shapiro too :)
But my opponent has stated that murder is taking somebody's life, so I went with that definition.
--> @TheAtheist
Murder definition: kill (someone) unlawfully and with premeditation.( Killing in self defense or the defense of others or your property is not murder.
I think this one will be one sided
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