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Round 1
It's time to defeat this motherfucker two times on the site
The first time was a free ELO boost, didn't even take all of my might
I thought I committed a crime, stealing a free win from you
I guess you came back for more, your head is missing a screw
Little dweeb mother fucker fapping to hentai
I touched a tough spot so please go ahead and cry
This chat room is getting even more dry and losing life like a blood clot
And I'm gonna end you like Toonami did to Hunter x Hunter
I am at the top like KSI when he was the supreme fighter
It's too wet to step here, proceed with caution
Cause you're a failure, comeback to the next audition
When you develop a rap game and with the Madman
All you will ever be in life is an anime stan^

Let start with statistics and bring up your issue
Gotta a better ELO cause I know how to argue
Unlike you who drops the whole case of the debate
Who gets stirred up my emotions, that's a checkmate
I can tell your not a pro at this rap battle game
Losing to some fucked up multi-account making lame
Reading your rhymes remind me of Blueface
Off blow and more annoying than an untied shoelace
Untied because you're losing your stride
Like a horse race when the horseshoes collide
You just wanna be like Phoenix Wright
But how can that happen when the majority consensus knew I was right

I'd roast you on your forum posts but you ain't got none
Not a dedicate community member, bitch your about to be done
The only wave you made is spreading this shitty dweeb culture
Sorry to make you go Drake man, take this rose I planted for you in my agriculture class
Because I'll  feel bad for all the surgery that you'll need
Because when I burn you with my flow, bitch you'll bleed
And then you will ask for forgiveness while you continuously plead
You're just the fish in the ecosystem, biting onto bait
Too bad after I catch ya, I'll burn you in the grill and sit there and wait

Stan=obsessed fan. referring to Eminem song "Stan"
I go ham, turkey when I roast beef I'll get whoever cold cut
You doing all this talking like you'll win, you doing some bold stuff
It's all good though, you know why? Cuz' I know it's all bluff
Well get ready for this a** whooping, since you acting all tough

F*ck your long drawn out ass "rhymes", I get right to the chase
Like this llama that I'll pack 'a (alpaca) spit right in your face

See that? It's called bars. You're far from a threat
Right now, I'm cutting your cards, so go hit the deck
You been in a few checker games, but this here is chess
I'm just getting started Dudz, I'm not even serious yet

Stirred by emotions? Aren't you the one who cussed at me though
I should have won that battle but there were bullsh*t inaccurate votes
People value stupidity over actual talent, a sad sight to see if you ask me
I'm nothing like Blueface don't ever compare me to someone who don't rap on beat
Look up what *WEEB means, dumbo
How ironic, another Dr.Franklin 2.0

I'm reloading the clip like I'm recapping
For all that talking, you'll get drugged, no relapsing
One punch from me will have you collapsing
Another easy W for me, for this battle I'm relaxing

This cat don't talk when rats around, Tom and Jerry
Test me my dude watching, I got the pistol ready
"I burn you with my flow" boy, you can stop already
With my blade work, you gone look like spaghetti

The 9 got an extension that'll extend chins
Think surgery; get to removin' excess skin
Get gassed or get knocked out, what's next then?
Aim for that scalp, pull I'll give Dudz a trim

I'll give him shots, just in case that blade miss
He'll get thrown down the shaft on some slick sh*t
Them bullets contagious, they'll get everybody you played with
That chopper pick people up with no warning, it's a slave ship

You don't like me? Cool, as long as you respect me fine
If you discredit me you're lyin' it must be pride
Time for me to close your casket, prepare to die
You a fake and a phony, but me? I'm classified

(Explaining bars in comments if necessary)

Round 2
You got a strong case of fucking headass
You literally didn't even talk about any of my arguments mass
You just stirred it up with emotions and salt
But I stuck to points and kept a hard stance like Cobalt
And I'm shining my knowledge on you like a 40 Watt light
But your Hellen Keller, bitch you clearly aren't on sight
I'm just fine dining on the grave that you dug for yourself
Charged by emotions but you still so salty because of my stealth
Enlarged by the salt that you shake, this shit could saute a steak
You're a slave to your emotions, come cut the cake 
Because I won, it's so fun, to drag your dead carcass out onto the street
And let all of the community laughs at your body and feast
Your only highlight on the site is this petty little beef
I'm the spotlight and I'll shovel that snow away from feet like I'm playing spleef*

I looked up dweeb, Japanese culture loving freak
My necklace got hella needs, your necklace is not on fleek
I drag out these sentence cause I rap with speed
But I really do not have a need
Because I already won the crown that you claim to have
When you losing all your rap battles like a clown, NAV
I don't credit people who can't respond to my claims
Your skin is bubbling deep down in your veins
I already pin the tail on the donkey
Cause he talking real wonky
By the time I'm done, you'll go crazier than the Looney Tunes guys
For all of the times that the characters pointed a gun and wanted to die
Cause all the rhyme are knocking you, out and the next punch is already loaded
You're full of yourselves and you're bloated
You sink to the bottom while I floated.

Somebody call the medic
I think I just found a psychotic
Overdosing on the narcotic
Cause I think you're delusional on some cocaine
Brick after brick, it's personal like a money rain
I demonstrate the knowledge that you seem to be lacking
I cumulate money like I won the lottery and investing in fracking
You give me the shots thats a dangerous risk
I'm from the Windy City and I'll clap ya in brisk
I'm not the phony cause I be that verified
Top 5 on Forums, so I ask you to clarify
How am I the phony man, you full of baloney man
I mean I could go on forever
But I would cause global warming and I love the environment, so never

Time for the verse that seals the deal
Praying for your soul that it will heal
After I deal these blows like I'm the
And maybe the mods will come in like Mercy, ya
I am the Thanos in your existence 
You will be banished to miscellaneous
Vigorous typing and rhyming while you're continuously crying
I'm up in the sky like a 747, but I ain't crashing down, bitch I be flying
So time to dig this bitch in the grave
And unlike the bell he isn't save

Weeb is connected with Japanese culture, not dweeb you fool
Because dweeb and weeb are two different words, did you go to school?
Dweeb means "a boring, studious, or socially inept person" dude
How delusional and dumb are you to get those two confused?

You're privileged enough talking to the King, I'm giving you leeway
Cause I'm running circles around you like a relay
I hope you see some light at the end of the road, no freeway
Because I'm killing you over and over like a replay

Keep up with your foolishness, you'll get hit with the tech
You beating me in this battle? That's a bit far-fetched
I'll turn you into an abandoned ship, so get wrecked
Nike to the bottom of your face come get your chin checked

You need to shut the h*ll up cause you don't rap right
Once I swing and tap you thats it, no play fight
This my home court, pack your bags and take flight
My bars are too heavy, and yours are just light

When I snap back, I'll adjust your cap size
Leave your crew wet and holy; baptized
I'm rocking this dude Vin Diesel style, Fast 5
You're done for, & your heart stopped beating, flat line

The difference between a champ and a chump is you (U)
Peep that? My bars are much better than the sh*t you spew
Hard to take serious, fictional and it's not the truth
I could forfeit all three rounds and there's no way I could lose

Better "ELO" whatever that means b.s, b*tch cut the crap
You started this site 9 months before me, so miss me with that
As far as rapping is concerned, you're really off track
Wordplay, flow, double entendres is what you lack 

Clearly you're uneducated about "weeb", when this is over I'll challenge you to a debate
I'm interested in it, I'll make you look dumb and set you straight
Unless you're like Dr.Franklin, chicken out & decline and scream "it's a joke! :("
For this battle and my proposed weeb debate, you have no hope
Round 3
Since Pro forfeited, I will waive the final round to make it fair and even. I don't want to gain wins just because of a forfeit, because I work really hard when I participate in rap battles. I want people to vote for the person who rapped better. So please just vote on our first and second rounds. Ignore the final round. I am assuming by Pro's rules in description, that people must vote in this fashion:

Arguments - Flow
Sources - Rhymes
Spelling & Grammar - Disses
As for "conduct" just choose who was all around better to you I suppose. 

Thanks for the rap battle. 
--> @Ragnar
--> @SupaDudz, @Dr.Franklin
Fitting that I say this on a rap battle...
If his word is to be believed (not tracking down the individual denials, but, it was neither a friend or his nor an alt account; thus it was most likely his mother whom is his role model teaching him to pull things like this when he loses.
--> @Club
Freuds vote was for neither
--> @bsh1
Was it Kings alt
--> @Dr.Franklin
So now your blaming me, for not following orders are you? More than half the votes are CVB's, and you say the Pink's vote (bite my shiny metal a*s) is good. Tell me where the criteria are in your vote please.
Moderation Notice: Self-voting through alt accounts is strictly prohibited in all circumstances. TheGreatGameLord's vote has therefore been removed.
--> @Club
1. The proper voting
Tell me where that's in your vote please
2.I didn't, that was King, you should have seen our PM!
3.I should just retire DART right now
4.King brought it up, you should see our PM
5.See our PM
--> @Dr.Franklin
RB's aren't moderated, and I was the only one to actually put a relevant reasoning (as in copied votes, CVB's, and trolls).
Stop making it a meme
It's you're not your
Why do you care?
Selfish in what way?
--> @Dr.Franklin
--> @Club
I couldn't care less, what your saying is selfish
--> @Dr.Franklin
Nah cuz he voted for me. If you have an issue with Club then talk to him.
--> @King_8
no u
--> @Dr.Franklin
Well take that up with him.
--> @King_8
"Decide by
That's the voting, he didn't do that
--> @Dr.Franklin
Exactly thats his opinion. But if you want to speak the truth and be objective, I was the better rapper. So there goes that.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Countering the GreatGameLords vote because his CVB wasn't removed
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Countering RMs troll vote
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
I feel as if Supadudz was the better rapper here. He added the definitions in one of his raps which I know is really hard to do. Also K8 made a grammatical mistake.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
CVB against the abstract mathematician (he's so good at math that he thinks 0+1=0).
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Bite my shiny metal ass
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
I feel as if K8 was the better rapper here. He added the definitions in one of his raps which I know is really hard to do. Also SD made a grammatical mistake.