It is a fact that God put medicine in plants


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Burden of proof
I have to prove that it requires great intelligence to create the medicine in plants and only god can do it.
Con needs to show that it does not require intelligence to create medicine in plants and this medicine can come naturally via evolution and big bang
Round 1
Turmeric heals damage done by schizophrenic medication. In fact many herbs show this kind of intelligence. Witches refer to there medical mushrooms as magic mushrooms. Now there mushrooms are not magical. Its just god using his intelligence.But you can see why they would mistake herbs as magical. Do you see what kinds of health benefits are in these things. Turmeric fixes brain damage. sweet flag helps with stuttering. 70 percent of medication today comes from plants. No wonder they mistook gods medicine as magic.

Now i do not think herbs are magical like those witches. But i can see why they mistook what god created as magic. turmeric heals damage done by schizophrenic medication. He must have told them because it was worth more then gold in the days of Jesus. in fact many people believe that the gold they gave to baby Jesus was actually just turmeric.

now lets look at these medical mushrooms that are referred to as magic.

Magical mushrooms health benefits

research has shown psilocybin to have potential to treat a range of psychiatric and behavioral disorders, although it’s yet to receive FDA approval for anything.
Its potential indications include depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, quitting smoking, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, cluster headaches, and cancer-related or other end-of-life psychological distress

so it helps with

obsessive compulsive disorder


and  cluster headaches

beer addiction

smoking addiction

cocaine addiction

no wonder they thought they were magic. We know better it is just God using his intelligent to create medicine

it also helps with addiction

Smoking cessation and other addictions
why don't we use this to help with addiction. Have you seen what chantix does to a person. just listen to all the evil side effect of that commercial

a small pilot study from Johns Hopkins UniversityTrusted Source, researchers found that psilocybin therapy significantly improved abstaining from smoking over a 12-month follow-up period.


God put medicine in plants. The medicine is so great people mistake it for magic. But it is not magic  it is god


turmeric's antioxidants have been found to reverse the effects of damage caused by pharmaceuticals, particularly in the treatment of schizophrenia. Commonly-prescribed antipsychotics often cause involuntary muscle movements and severe behavioral changes

As indicated by my opponent, in the description: I have the burden to show that it does not require intelligence to create medicine in plants.

1.) Evolution.

When an organism replicates, it passes on mutations. These mutations can duplicate, shift or shuffle parts of the genome.

These mutations can potentially change the protein chemistry, cause the organism to produce enzyme variations, or cause some chemical processes to be modified to produce subtly different chemicals.[1]

2.) Selection Pressure

The millions upon millions of plants in any given field reproduce, mutate, are eaten by insects, infected by pathogens and compete with each other. Any mutation that changes a protein or enzyme in a way that now produces a chemical that repels or harms insects, or kills pathogens boosts that plants chances of survival and reproduction compared to its competitors.

The trillions of plants, and hundreds of millions of years they have existed provide an uncountably vast quantity of mutations, that could lead to these beneficial chemical variations.

Over time, the selection pressure means that the plants that are most likely to survive are the ones that have such mutations to produce chemicals that fight of infection and insects. The ones that don’t are most likely to die.[2]

We see this in real time, with weeds and plants changing their chemistry to become resistant to herbicides[3], or bacteria becoming able to digest the artificial plastic Nylon[4]

As a result: it is inevitable that an evolutionary system will produce a wide variety of plants that produce chemicals that kill fungal infections, bacteria, and interfere with the chemistry of other organisms such as insects.

3.) Chemical effects on humans.

Given that it’s inevitable that plants will evolve to produce chemicals to kill bacteria, fungus and alter the chemistry of organisms that go near it: it’s unsurprising that humans would find that plants kill bacteria, fungus and alter our body chemistry.

Even Pros example - Tumeric - is a natural insecticide. [5]

We would expect some of these chemicals to kill us, or make us sick, most chemicals to have little or no effect on us at all - and a handful to have beneficial effects due to them having evolved to alter chemistry in organisms bodies.

This is exactly what we see, and strongly implies evolution - not divine intervention.

4.) Rebuttals

Pros argument is to list the plants that have beneficial properties, and asserting that God must have done it. 

Pro does not explain how he knows this, or why he can rule out any other explanation, or why the chemicals are so complex they necessitate an omnipotent super being to create.

Worse: the explanation pro provides fails at a basic logical level:

If an all powerful super being wanted us to fix our illnesses: why make us sick in the first place? Why not make beneficial chemicals, anti fungals, etc naturally occur in different rocks and clays? Why make any poisonous plants at all? If good plants are there to help, are bad plants there to intentionally kill us? What about addictive plants? Why make antibiotic compounds wreck your kidneys?[6]

Pros argument quickly becomes incoherent when these additional facts are brought in. 


I have provided a concise explanation of how plants can evolve chemicals that have pharmaceutical effects.

I have shown pros argument is an unsupported argument from ignorance that becomes incoherent when more facts are considered.



Round 2
i overloaded myself with debates 6 rebuttal of the day. So i will keep this brief.if evolution created medical plants like con said And this was through mutation.

Then how did a Bunch of mutation create DNA repair foods which repair mutations??? if mutations created these herbs then why do some of them repair mutations I think it is a fair to ask. your last round was just mutations did this mutations did that so.

How can a mutation/evolution create DNA repair food pls do not ignore this.

The kiwi fruit industry wanted to know what medicinal purposes there plant had. so they funded a bunch of experiments. They found that when you consume a kiwi you repair 5 genes.

By video 2 They went forward with there experiments. But with other fruits and they found that the group that ate 4 different kinds of berries with  kiwi  repaired 25 genes. They ate bilberry raspberry blackberry kiwi and strawberry and repaired 25 genes. 5 genes per fruit.precise number 5

Bill Gate said

"Human DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created." Bill Gates.

We always here how things found in nature are ten billion times more advance then invention done by are smartest humans. But we are still to stupid to realize that the reason why things found in nature are more advance then inventions done by are smartest people is because the one creating it is a billion times smarter then our smartest people.aka god

DNA repair is a collection of processes by which a cell identifies and corrects damage to the DNA molecules that encode its genome.
so it is aware that something is wrong and is smart enough to correct the damage done by the molecule in the genome.That is intelligence. It is able to identify that there is a problem then he has the knowledge on how to fix it.

blueberry's help with DNA repair.

broccoli blueberry lemons green tee apples cellar y kiwi and water cress repair dna

when spinach and tomato are combined it repairs DNA

here is a study that was reported on by the same fellow. Anyway people who smoke there dna damage is 3 times higher then ours, But they found that if they eat turmeric there DNA damage returns back to normal.

This was able to identify between 2 thing and have knowledge on how to do something that is intelligent

Saffron flowers help with learning disability.

It makes itself up to the brain able to identify which parts are broken and which parts he needs to go through. and has knowledge on how to fix the brain

the Intelligent parts are it has knowledge on how to fix a brain and is able to identify which parts are broken and seems to have a map because it traverses its way up there

This flower is not intelligent god is

saffron on the brain
Promotes learning and memory retention and treats age related impairment

Saffron contains certain active constituents which are known to produce positive effects in patients suffering from neuro degenerative disorders

1-3.) Evolutionary explanation for how complex chemistry can evolveZ

In R1, I provided broad details of how plants can evolve complex and useful chemistry that can have positive effects for humans (and many that also have negative effects).

Pro has dropped my entire case; and I extend this across the board.

4.) Rebuttal - No justification for intelligence.

In R1, I outlined that pro has not offered a justification of why plants are so advanced only a super being could create them; nor has he explained why these examples are so complex that he can rule out any possible non God explanation.

Pro is listing other examples of plants that he feels require intelligence; but not addressing his burden of proof.

I extend my entire point: 

Why wouldn’t God just not make us ill? Why make so many poisonous and addictive plants? Why not make rocks and minerals cure illnesses?

Pro has no explanation for this, however these facts are fully explained by unguided evolution shown in R1z

5.) How do mutations lead to mutations being repaired?

Pro confuses DNA damage with mutation[1]. DNA damage is when the DNA chemical structure is modified (such as the addition of a methyl group to the helix). A mutation is a change in the quantity or arrangement of the genetic bases.

DNA damage can be repaired easily, but mutations generally are not.

6.) Evolution of DNA repair.

All organisms have DNA. DNA damage is bad, as it can kill or harm the organism.

This means organisms that have mutations that produce enzymes that reduce the damage, or chemicals with anti-oxidant properties, this is beneficial to the organism.

That such enzymes and antioxidants are beneficial to other animals with DNA, is unsurprising and is explainable using EXACTLY the same trial, error and selection principles as outlined in point 1,2 and 3 in R1.


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