God precisely Dialed our body's clocks


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I can not get anyone to acknowledge this argument.
I am going to make arguments like this.
espanol deer hormone clocks release hormone between October through January. this is called deer mating season. these clock's have been precisely dialed they release hormones during October every year.
the precise thing is that they release hormones at the same time each year. same time being October through January each year.
this is espanol deer other deer can be different.
Examples so you can see my logic.
let say I precisely dial my alarm clock to go off at 7.30.but the power goes out and my alarm does not go off at 7.30. did I still precisely dial my alarm clock. I absolutely did. The fact that the power went off and my precise dialing was screwed up. Does not change the fact that I precisely dialed it.
lets say god precisely dialed the deer's hormone clocks to go off in October. But let say a bunch of environment toxins effect the clock and its clock gets messed up. Did god not precisely dialed the clock. no he did precisely dialed it but the toxins screwed it up.
if there is misunderstanding pls ask
Round 1
Point 1
Dr Franklin brought to my attention that the moon sun and stars were created by god to keep track of time.
God created the sun to adjust are body clocks

That’s why, when you travel to another time zone, your internal clock no longer matches up with the solar cycle. It takes about a week to sync up to a new local time.

So  lets say i live in America and it is 7:30. But i go to china in a different time zone that is 3 hours off 4:30. since i changed time zones my body will precisely dial itself to the knew time zone being 4:30. so if it 7 30 my body clock will run on 7:30 if it is 4:30 my body will set itself to 4:30.

your body clocks are precisely dialed to your time zone.

point 2
What exactly is the body clock?
The body clock, or circadian clock, is an internal clock that keeps track of time. Circadian comes from "circa-diem" meaning "around a day". So in a mouse for example it is about 23.5 hours and for a human its about 24.5 hours.
That's a little close to be an accident. Its almost as if the creator was aware of the 24 hour day cycle when he created the first creatures.

Our day are 24 hours. and it just so happens that all creatures body's clocks runs on a 23.5 24.5 scheduled that is quite the coincidence. It is like how my hands have 5 fingers and my foot have 5 toes.

point 3

There are animals that turn white exactly during winter time.

For example the weasel is brown during the summer. But pure white during the winter time.
This is also an intelligent choice made by God himself. here are some examples so you understand.

I bought a blanket blue to go with my blue pillow.

God created the weasel white during the winter to go with the white snow.

I bought a camo shirt to go with my camo pants.

I am wearing a red shirt. But  i decide to put on red pants to go with it.

God created tree frogs green to go with the green trees

I have a black chair so i buy a black table to go with it.

I painted my walls red. So i also got red furniture to go with it.

God created tree  green to go with the green grass.

God created the lion yellow to go with the yellow desert

I bought a black night stand to go with my black lamp.

God created snow lions white to go with the white snow.

me buying a red chair to go with a red table is an intelligent choice.

God designing animals white to go with the white snow is an intelligent choice

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