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I choose two other teammates to join my team and con chooses two other teammates to join his team. Communication will be via PM and Google Docs. Share your emails or other form of communication through PM. Raps are expected to be at least 4 stanzas.
1. No trolling, forfeiting, or waiving.
2. Teams are expected to be equal in skill.
3. No hating in the comments.
Drafting of teams will be in comments.
Round 1
You were expecting a beat to the loop right? Well, too bad for you, we're going straight to the fire.


Post Mortem:

1 : done, occurring, or collected after death


Feeble phoenix your flames are a conspiracy theory, tales of flying saucers,
Ali gatorade’ll get your butt bud Dudz with the blood o’ your slaughter,
Gloat like a butterfly, sting like a G, RM’s godfather, I’m his prized enforcer,
You both play mafia in the amateur ring, come step in with the real-deal boxers.

I drink that fucker and the energy consumes me. Teammate? This aint a fairytale made into a movie,
This is war, Dudz, abortions aint half as wrong as stepping to me; your partner’s truly new, please,
I aint even got shit to diss on the noob, eyes green with envy; mine red like rubies,
Supa Dunce begging me on the battle before this to approve well daddy’s here, yours truly.

Goddammit madman you gonna eat me for energy? I infiltrate everyone that’s within the vicinity,
Making me your enemy’ll be your worst decision; as your ally I multiply your pride by infinity…
Turn it into skill, unseal deep, hidden epiphanies, shit you and I is like up-high divinity,
It’ll be a dark day in hell, before this stormy sky with lightning’ll ever clear; you feelin’ me?

I hear you, Gator, I see those haters, I’ve been a monster, I’ve even slain ‘em,
These wannabes honestly oughtta kneel, or I’ll make ‘em,
My lyrics are miracles; the kind made by Satan,
Phoenix reborn for dadman? Another beating to take, son.

Supadudz has battled the Madman before, left Rational snorin’,
2 losses, 1 tie, got bored; went back to spammin’ the forums,
This is more a trillion-on-1 gangbang than a 2-on-2 foursome,
Phoenix turned to ashes from our fire; reborn? We’ll just reburn you post-mortem.

Gatorades such a wuss that he’s gotta team with ratman
Winning will be a dream, they gonna bomb this like the Fatman*
They a no show, all they know is how to feed, feed, feed
But my flames are the one's being fed, burn you so quickly there won’t time to concede
Your guys’ rhymes can’t touch us at all
But one bar from us will send you to ratmans ice wall
I'm not gonna worry or testify to my god for a pra-yer
When I'm only going against inanimate fraud objects, not a player Bringing in solely big guns, time to humiliate this beverage
I'm bring several rounds of automatic ammo like a crime for some leverage
Quitter in RM, sounds like pathetic Joker talking in slowmo
He's bitter cause he lost his spot at the top, not the star of show
He's not the Vader to the Empire, he skidding away like a blown tire
Time for me to pull out my light saber and set his skull on fire
Gatorade height of his life is a hot lip-lock with the Madman
Gatorade's just another typical low life pathetic stan
Sticks and stones can break bones, but words hurt RM more when discussing his throne
Alec took his crown, and he wen't down, with a frown, he was all alone
Looking at the two clowns, the Stan and the Eminem
One is milking likes like Farmer Joe, hoe got wrapped in another realm
The other one had his life spun downhill, he is not viable
Undeniable that me and the Phoenix are reliable
Spinning them around like a helix and making you nauseous, we're liable
My first rap battle up against these shits who can’t even put up a good fight
You guys tryna touch me but I’m just watching from up here with the best rapper on the site
Ratman, your raps are worse than your debate arguments, didn’t think that was possible
It’s pitiful to see you guys try so hard, but we’re not sausible** 
Gator, every rap battle you enter you come out with a third degree burn
And now you brought ratman along to churn in your boiling urn
I'm evolving into a new man like the pokemon
Revolving in the heads of the fan that needs oxygeon
Rhymes putting Supa to bed, that's I what I said, goodnight moon
Gatorade copying the RM run on sentences that goes out of site soon
Seeing is believing, and that's not some cringy hyperbole
Second stanza emphasized the lip lock, didn't mean for him to lick his pee
Every flow, every verse, came from the RM curse
Of being hated and baited with the like an innocent woman with a purse
Getting robbed by the gang, with a bang cause of your ignorance
What are you gonna do? Go on a tirade*** cause your bliss, that's the difference
I’m a phoenix, perfect for burning nobodies like you two
But I doubt you can even understand us with your combined negative iq
RationalMadman, an ego so high it broke the ceiling
Oh, I’m sorry did that hurt your feelings?
Gatorade’s bars sound like a dying skink
Almost as bad as that shit excuse for a drink
Your raps are more of a lost cause than Philly, no decree
Playing cold like Jack Frost, I came in a bit chilly
Saying mafia is lame, but what's lame is your contribution
Calling out the people who were here for this revolution
Falling down like a beaten beetle, I call me a peer mentor
Eaten and feasted like a lentin meal made by the local pastor
Dear God, send this man a will after he yells and vents into his keyboard
Cause holy moly, he turns red like Elmo and sells his whole off to a hoard

*The atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in World War II
**Definition of suasible: capable of being persuaded : easily persuaded By: Merriam Webster
***Definition of tiradea protracted speech usually marked by intemperate, vituperative, or harshly censorious language By: Merriam Webster

Round 2
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Round 3
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second verse
with the should be removed, it was in final version but must be error
line 2-3 of first one was merged.
it goes by end word
the capital B symbolizes the new line so read it like that
--> @Gatorade
done with r1
--> @SupaDudz
But it can’t be less than4 stanzas
--> @SupaDudz
No max, but I don't recommend a 20 stanza masterpiece
--> @Gatorade
Is there a max lines per stanza or as many as we want?
--> @Gatorade
We should have explained that line before posting, let's post it Round 2 because at the moment it's a confusing line.
The blood line refers to you drinking the blood but Gatorade infecting it as it was in his bloodstream.
--> @WaterPhoenix
i am speed
--> @Gatorade
--> @WaterPhoenix
--> @RationalMadman
I should’ve made the time limit one week...
--> @SupaDudz
Good luck, we are already working on the rap.
I always bring the A Game vs RM
Trust me this is the one time I wanna be a good rapper :)
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