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Germany will save Europe


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Germany and the German people are Europe's perhaps the worlds last best hope, a strong economy, liberal traditions since that unfortunate misunderstanding early on in the 20th century a bullwark against Russian tyranny and the biggest and strongest bullwark of social democracy ironic isnt it, the germans saving democracy?
Round 1
Often in history thing cycle , the germans used to be the villains and the jews the  victims, in many ways things have reversed Germany has always had a very strong economy no matter what economic system was in place, Germans cant be repressed, much of europe today is going fascist italy hungary poland the uk its rather strange to have the thought well thank god for the germans enter your head
Thx, billbatard.

RESOLUTION: Germany will save Europe

GERMANY (DE) is the Federal Republic established 1990
SAVE (transitive verb) is to help to survive, or rescue from harm
EUROPE is the portion of Eurasia west of the Urals

BoP is entirely PRO's to prove that at some future date, DE will rescue EU.

CON AFF#1: PRO can't predict future events.
CON AFF#2: The past is not always a reliable predictor
CON AFF#3: Modern DE is a young country undergoing rapid demographic change- not predictable

Rebuts in R2.
Round 2
No one can predict the future, so I can not reasonably expected to predict it, what is evident is the strong nature of the german economy, and the stable condition of its democratic institutions
Rebuts: PROs 3 main pts:

  • strong economy
  1. 8/20, Deutsche Bank reports DE in "technical recession," 0.25%drop in 3rdQ
  2. Trump 25% duty on EU autos (sched for Nov) could crash DE's top market.
  3. DE has one of lowest birth rates in world- 9/1,000. Shrinking pop can't support aging, heavily subsidized pop.  Incr. immigration could help but maj. of DE opposes increased immigration.
  • DE cant be repressed
  1. Hitler, Treaty of Versailles, USSR repressed DE
  • not fascist like rest of EU
  1. AfD polling @15%, on par with SPD

Round 3
You do realize hitler is dead right? Germany, the fourth strongest economy in the world, is the strongest economy in Europe with an economy worth $3.4 trillion, followed by the United Kingdom with an economy worth $2.9 trillion. France is third on the list with $2.4 trillion.Feb 8, 2018
The Biggest Economies in Europe - › articles › the-biggest-economies-in-europe    

thx, billbatard.

PRO never defined the crisis facing EU.  Without info, we can't judge DE's capacity to save EU

  • PRO touches on fascism but we know DE is not immune to that strain of nationalism and any foreign intervention typically exacerbates nationalist tendencies
  • PRO touches on DE's economic strength but fails to explain how money saves EU
PRO's job was to show how DE will save EU in some approaching crisis.  What crisis and how resolved was never explained or proven

VOTERS, pls vote CON

oblieration by the tryhard
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CON's R2 sources:
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CON's R1 sources:
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The highlight of pro's case was that he can't be expected to predict future events... Unfortunately this debate was about a prediction of future events.
Con on the other hand introduced the topic, and explained such factors as Germany being both opposed to immigration and suffering an aging population, making them unlikely to save others from the unspecified future disaster.
Sources for such things as Pew research supporting cons informational claims, making this debate rise above the level of base assertions. In contrast, pro offered zero evidence.