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This is a short summary of my argument.
My right hand is the same size as my left hand. God put measurements in the DNA.
My left foot is the same size as my right foot. God put measurements in the DNA
God did precise numbers. My right foot has 5 toes my hand has 5 fingers
All animals on earth have clocks that run around 24 hours.
It can be slightly off.
Weasels turn brown to white the same time every year. Same time being winter.
Deer breeding season happens the same month every year. because god precisely set there clocks. Depends on the species of deer.
placement of celestial body's
I take like 2 weeks to post. DO not take if you want quick debate.
Round 1
I will keep my argument short and simple. I like pictures so i will link you to this document. Thanks for taking. I will sprinkle in other point later on. If any misunderstanding don't be afraid to ask.

My right hand is the same size as my left hand. I believe God put measurements as information in my dna so they would be the same. DNA mutates so that's why some peoples hands can be off. But most people hands are both exactly the same
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--> @billbatard
It proves life is not random. But god proportioned everything. I believe i can prove god by just measuring limbs. deformity are from mutation. I believe these measurements are in the DNA. DNA is a storage device for information. I believe the information God put in the storage device was measurements.
the fact that your apendages are the same hardly proves god in order to prove god measures things you need to porve a god exists, you cant do that by measuring the number of toes you have, what about people born deformed? what does tha say about you so called god?
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