Brexit was a mistake


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Bris Johnson looks like an albino Baboon fitting such and absurd Monkey Creature is the champion of such a dog turd as brexit
Round 1
Brexit was a bad idea and hurts everyone all around 
RESOLVED:Brexit was a mistake

Tables of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Opponent's Argument
  • My Argument
  • Conclusion
  • Sources

Thank you billbatard for starting this debate, I hope we can have a valuable conversation on Brexit.


Instigator did not provide definitions, so I will do so to get on the same page

Brexit-the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.
Mistake-an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.

Definitions Via Google Online Dictionary{1}

I am Con, My opponent is Pro.

Opponent's Argument

My Opponent's Argument is:

Brexit was a bad idea and hurts everyone all around 
Really bill? One sentence in a 10k Character debate. There is NO evidence, no facts and just a sentence. Pro will be ignoring this because this is a simple opinion sentence. Please put more effort next time?

My Argument

Brexit was not a mistake because Brexit is good. The European Union is a disaster and leaving it brings back British Pride and the economy. I have gathered six Reasons.

Reason 1:Tariffs negatively affecting Britain-EU consumers are paying an average of 17% above world prices on food because of tariffs. Only 8% of UK companies trade with the EU,however- 100% of UK regulations are determined in Brussels, which includes the 92% of UK companies that do not trade with the EU.It is bad.

Reason 2:Bad budgeting by the EU-Take the EU Budget: 40% of it goes to farmers, mostly to the richest farmers with the largest farms of course. Yet agriculture accounts for only 1% of GDP across the EU.

Reason 3:Aging Demographic-Europe’s share of the world’s population will fall from 7% today to 4% by 2100 and 90% of global economic growth over this period will occur outside the EU.

Reason 4:Helping Tensions With Russia-As Briefings for Brexit reports-”as a result of its 2014 ‘Association Agreement’ with the Ukraine, which Russia interpreted as an encroachment on its sphere of influence. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko described the agreement as Ukraine’s ‘first but most decisive step towards EU membership’.”Basically all countries in EU are forced to hate Russia and their allies. Why force people in this world?

Reason 5:European Migrant Crisis-The EU is responsible for the migrant crisis and it’s called a crisis for a reason. As the Guardian reports:”By 2050, the population of Africa is predicted to have doubled to 2.5 billion. Continued inaction will turn the hundreds of thousands we are seeing now into millions seeking a better life in Europe, with devastating consequences, both if Europe cannot cope, and for those seeking to migrate: some  in the Mediterranean over the last three years and many more have perished in the Sahara.”

Reason 6:Economic Problems in the EU-The EU failed to address the economic problems that had been underway since 2008, like how there is 20% unemployment in southern Europe. This has lead to questioning of the Brussels central bank.

{2} {3}


My Opponent's Argument is very simple and basic while I have provided 6 good reasons why Brexit was not a mistake.


Round 2
You want evidence look at the three right circus England is right now, its practically at war over this  rubbish it isnt very hard to see how this issue has hurt Britain politically and economically it will hurt everyone and it will hurt the uk us and all its allies its a disaster
The Turmoil is because it's not a good idea, it's because they can't make a deal, but neither way, Brexiters win

After Theresa May's deal was defeated, the Brexit deadline was extended to 31 October.
To avoid a no-deal Brexit on this date, the UK government must pass a Brexit divorce plan into law, obtain another extension from the EU, or cancel Brexit.
Many politicians are against no deal and Parliament has passed a law that could keep the UK in the EU until the new year.
Opponents of no deal say it will damage the economy and lead to border posts between Northern Ireland and the Republic.
But some politicians support no deal and say any disruption could be quickly overcome.
What would it mean for trade?
Under a no-deal Brexit, there would be no time to bring in a UK-EU trade deal.
Trade would initially have to be on terms set by the World Trade Organization (WTO), an agency with 162 member countries.
If this happens, tariffs - taxes on imports - will apply to most goods UK businesses send to the EU. Some companies worry that could make their goods less competitive.
The UK government has already said most tariffs will be abolished for EU goods coming to the UK, if there is no deal. But the EU doesn't have to do the same.
Trading on WTO terms would also mean border checks for goods, which could cause bottlenecks at ports, such as Dover.
No deal would also mean the UK service industry would lose its guaranteed access to the EU single market.
That would affect everything from banking and insurance to lawyers, musicians and chefs.

The rest of my opponent's arguments serve no purpose and is gish gallop
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the eu is on no way a bad thing it has flaws they are minor, everyone involved benefits tremendously its like complaining about to much success, sure a traffic jam is a pain but when you remember many of these societies were horse and buggy 30 years ago you see the absurdity of their complaints, its like compaling a n ebola vaccine leaves a scar , but you forget it saves you from a fate far worse than death
--> @billbatard
If you lower the voting period to one week then I'll take you up on this debate. This isn't troll is it?
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