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Cats are better than Dogs


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Round 1
My Case------Dogs are either equal to, or better than cats.

Physical Strength 

Dogs are bigger physically, the size of a medium sized dog is 35-65 pounds, but for medium sized cats, they only weigh 10-15 pounds. This means a dog could easily outmuscle cats when they compete for food or territory. 

But what about bite force. Well a cat has a bite force quotient of 58, with a dog having a bite force quotient of 117. This again proves how cats would be completely outmatched if they had to compete with dogs.

Groups of dogs even hunt lions, proving how even animals that are bigger than dogs, can, will, are, and would get overpowered by dogs.

They are more successful 

There are way more dogs than cats, currently there are 900 million dogs. However, there are only 600 million cats. Meaning the weight of all dogs(assuming they’re 50 pounds) is 45,000,000,000‬ pound, but with cats(assuming every cat weighs 12.5 pound) the combined weight is only 7,500,000,000‬ pounds, a massive physical disparity. This proves that dogs are more successful when it comes to growing their population and advancing their species. 

Dogs also adapt better to change.

Dogs are smarter on average as well.

Service to the World

Dogs assist with depression in many mays. But, you could say cats do as well, well this is true but I’ll prove dogs assist with depression more. Dogs encourage more exercise, this is relevant because exercise is an all natural way to cure depression according to “Harvard Medical School.” Also,  “a study from Michigan State University found that about half of dog owners get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day (which is ideal), probably because dogs are happy and active and like to run.”

Also, dogs are able to guide blind people while cats for the most part don’t. But, it doesn’t end there, dogs help with deaf people more than cats. Lets not forget that dogs find criminals, people who smuggle drugs, kidnap, and kill people can be thwarted by dogs.

I have nothing to rebut.

Round 2
Thanks con for the post

Physical strength
Cats get this 100 percent. a lion can beat up any dog. Even con shows the superiority of cats by having a cat as his profile pic

Cats always land on there feat.

Cats have 9 whole lives

Mind Control

Cat  have a parasite that Goes inside the brain of rats and makes the rats love cats. So the cats can eat the rats easier

Cat poop parasite controls minds early -- and permanently, study finds. The mind-controlling parasite, called Toxoplasma gondii, might make permanent changes in brain function as soon as it gets in there, the researchers report.
It's almost terrifyingly common. The CDC says around 60 million U.S. residents are living

Egyptians were completely dominated by cats. To the point where they worshiped them like gods.

I want to point out that this cat parasite does not support evolution.

Evolution states that animals adapted to there environments for advantages. Why would a parasite  adapt to the environment and end up with advantages that helps another animal. God created the parasite specifically to hep the cat. When god was creating the cats he invented a parasite to help the cat catch mice. God had knowledge that cats would need hep catching mice so he used that knowledge and made a parasite that  goes inside the mice's brain and mind controls it  and lures it to the cat.

he used knowledge just like the definition of intelligence

  • The ability to acquire, understand, and use knowledge.

Nyan cat

Without cats we would not have nyan cat. nuff said


Cats equal dogs in depression help and mental health help

Physical Strength

My opponent brings up lions, it is true 1 lion can beat 1 domesticated dog. But, even today dogs kill lions, not by challenging them 1 versus 1, but by overwhelming them with superior numbers. There is no way the 20,000 lions globally, down from 200,000 about a century ago, could ever outpower and take territory from the 900 million dogs around today. 

Lions are a failing species, as previously mentioned the lion population has fallen by 180,000 in about a century. Also, lions have lost 95% of the territory they used to occupy, and that’s without 900 million dogs on the loose stealing their food and killing their cubs. Dogs now have 900 million individuals, which is up from only 525 million in 2012.

Neither lions nor cats could best the 900 million dogs physically. 

Cats have 9 whole lives

Mind Control

It's almost terrifyingly common. The CDC says around 60 million U.S. residents are living

There is a problem with this point, most people aren’t even aware that they have the illness because of how harmless the illness is, it can cause irritation in the eyes and other things too, but it isn't a game changer that will allow house cats to overcome a 300 million disparity in population.

Cat  have a parasite that Goes inside the brain of rats and makes the rats love cats. So the cats can eat the rats easier

This is a point to prove how cats can eat rats easier, well dogs are one of the 7 deadliest animals while no feline is on the list, so killing prey isn't going to be a problem. If your point is to prove that cats have the power to spread diseases, well dogs do too.

Egyptians were completely dominated by cats. To the point where they worshiped them like gods.

Well dogs were also egyptian gods, once again proving cats don’t surpass dogs and they’re either equal to, or worse than dogs. Also, my opponent didn’t source his claim.

I want to point out that this cat parasite does not support evolution.

Irrelevant to the resolution.

Nyan cat

Nyan cat is only important because it impacts humans and human culture. Well seeing how there are more dogs in the world and a larger percentage of households have pet dogs in America, it’s fair to say dogs are more influential culturally. 

Also, the 16th and 18th most culturally impactful animals world wide are dogs, the highest ranking cat was 21st.

nuff said

My opponent fails to show how having a poptart wrapped around a cat makes them superior to 
dogs. Also, Nyan dog exists too


Cats equal dogs in depression help and mental health help

My opponents source doesn’t show this, just that cats assist with depression, not that they're equal to dogs. I’ve already given a reason why dogs would assist more with depression.

They are more successful. 

Point dropped.

Service to the world

Dropped by my opponent.

--> @crossed
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I am accepting your challenge.
--> @Dynasty
thank u
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Side note: A much better comparison can be found at:
Cats are way better, but the debate goes to con. We grade performance, not who we think is right.
Grading cats and dogs on the metrics listed...
Nyan Cat: cats
I left this playing in the background while writing this. It could have used some actual analysis during the introduction, but it was surprisingly effective.
The counter of the existence of Nyan Dog, fell a bit flat as it was clearly just trying to imitate a cat, serving as a callback to how awesome cats are.
Strength: dogs
This was close. The strongest cat dominates the the strongest dog, plus the 9 lives (to source called it a myth, but further explained how awesome cats are at surviving what would kill any dog), but the population angle and leveraging the strength via teamwork gives this to dogs.
Success: dogs
What is and is not success was not really defined...
The total mass argument was a bit non-sequitur.
The adapting to change link showed dogs letting their form be changed so much; team cat could have leveraged that with cats not needing to change but changing us instead, but failed to do so.
This ends up going to dogs.
Service: dogs
This could have so easily been leveraged against the success argument... Instead pro completely dropped it, giving the full point to con.
He accidentally brought up the sub-point of it of depression, but failed to show that cats are the equal to dogs in this, merely that they help with it (which dogs were already shown to help more than cats, so why even repeat cats involvement here unless having evidence they're somehow better? Perhaps use that parasite lowering out fear, thus making us better.)
Mind Control: cats
Con majorly and repeatedly stabbed himself in the foot on this. He argued that cats have gotten away with it, means it's not a victory for them; and then argues that dogs are disease vectors in a problematic way for us... The thing is what cats spread is strictly beneficial to them, while a dog spreading rabies gets a dog put down.
Evolution: off topic
Depression: see service