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Huey Long was what American really needed at his time


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Huey Long was what the Nation needed at the time he was authoritarian but was not brutal and helped the poor and he was planning to stop communism, he wanted something else between capitalism and communism
Round 1
Huey long was a thug he had no respect at all fo the constitution , or political niceties such as protocol , but he cared about the common folk so in bad times like he was in, he was the man for the job
There is so far zero definition of 'need' and 'really need'.

The context of the debate implies that America couldn't cope without Huey Long as their leader or some such statement. Even if he wasn't leader, why did they need him at all? What is this 'really need' concept anyway? Can you need something that you don't really need or vice versa?

I don't get it.
Round 2
You look at poverty rates today, the rates of inequality today that are just growing and growing FDR did a lot to create the middle class and help unions improve the lives of workers.. Huey LONG would have done more , and made reversing those policies impossible
Round 3
Every man a king! every man a king every man a millionare!
1 : necessary duty : OBLIGATION

2 a: a lack of something requisite, desirable, or useful

   b: a physiological or psychological requirement for the well-being of an organism

: a condition requiring supply or relief

So far, Pro has only proven that to Pro themselves, Huey Long would be desirable. Huey long wasn't what America needed because he never did serve, yet America was fine anyway. He could have been removed entirely from America's history, not even born, and another timeline would occur that Pro can't prove would in any way have left America hampered or unable to exist and/or thrive.
Round 4
Is America fine now? is it? Huey long would have made Reagan impossible
It is.
--> @bsh1, @Virtuoso
nice vote modding.
--> @Virtuoso, @RationalMadman
It's not on the voter to determine who has the BoP, correct me if I'm wrong.
It's on the debaters to prove to the voters who has the BoP, you failed to do so in my eyes RM.
Am I correct here, the COC voting guide doesn't state how i'm wrong from what I observed.
I don't even know how to begin judging this. So I won't
--> @Trent0405
How did he prove the need?
--> @Virtuoso
how does trent explained how our arguments are tied or how Pro met his BoP at all?
opponent bad conduct forfiet just sayin
He helped the poor
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Neither side made a convincing argument.
Pro R1- Huey was for the common folk(unsubstantiated).
Con R1-states his confusion with the resolution.
Pro R2- FDR was good for America, Huey would've done more
Con R2- Forfeiture, CONDUCT to Pro as a result.
Pro R3-Nothing worth noting.
Con R3- America did fine without Huey.
Pro/Con R4- No noteworthy points.
Neither side went deep into why Huey was or wasn't needed, both sides best arguments would be okay if they gave me a sufficient evidence to back up their claims, e.g break down why Huey would've done more than FDR, or why/how he would make the polices irreversible.
It's only the forfeiture that implores me to vote Pro.