believing in jesus is like believing in santa


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Flawed ideology
Satan is just Santa rearranged
Both wear red
Santa last name is claws.
Spaghetti monster ideology.
All these religions were created by demons to muddy the water.
Just look at all the religions the Quote on quote angle Gabriel made
Round 1
Sorry for procrastinating.

The believing in Jesus is like believing in Santa ideology is false because it was created by Satan

  • Santa is just Satan rearranged
  • Both wear red
  • Santa last name is claws.

Plus Christmas is a pagan holiday. So more proof that the pagan gods are just Satan and his crew. Demons masqueraded as Gods in order to muddy the waters with religion. So people would say there are so many religions Why should i believe in yours. Basically Satan created all these religions so people would believe this.

Christmas is actually a pagan holiday. Is it true that Christians today worship a Pagan holiday thinking they are worshiping the actual birthday of Jesus Christ?
So clever of Satan. To trick christian into worshiping Pagan holiday. While making them think there celebrating Jesus birth day.
Also just look at  the religions that the quote on quote angle Gabriel made.

2 Corinthians 11:14
And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
Here is a list of religion the demons that pretending to be Gabriel made

  • Black Hebrew Israelites
  • LDS (Mormons)
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Seventh Day Adventist  (Vision of Ellen White)

Point 3
Satan makes people rich than haunts them
You  know on how almost all the haunted houses are big mansions. why is it  always rich people and not poor people. I believe that this is because  these houses once belonged to people who had sold there souls to Satan  in exchange for wealth

Point 4
Plus the ideology. That it is more absurd to think that life could just happened naturally is more likely to be true. Because it is absurd to think that life just happened out of nowhere. Here is a comment on this God fined tuned the universe video.

Les said
Your brain needs a lot of fine tuning if you believe that the Universe created itself.
Though a mean quote. It is true.
The chance of evolution happening. Is a not going to happen number

Evolutionist Harold Morowitz estimated the probability for chance formation of even the simplest form of living organism at 1/10340,000,000.  By comparison only 1020 grains of sand could fit within a cubic mile and 10 billion times more (1030) would fit inside the entire earth.  So, the probability of forming a simple cell by chance processes is infinitely less likely than having a blind person select one specifically marked grain of sand out of an entire earth filled with sand.

than having a blind person select one specifically marked grain of sand out of an entire earth filled with sand.

So if i have a single strand of sand and i fill the entire planet with sand. Then i mix my sand with it. The chance of evolution happening is significantly less.  If i tried to find that specific piece of sand while blind.

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