We Should not trust GMO. Even if there is no Study saying they are harmful


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America has been made stupid because of our food problem. We have seen a mental illness rise like never before. We have poor souls that are 800 pounds. Plus this generation is the dumbest generation to have ever exist.This is all because our goverment poisons are food supply with insane chemicals. The average babies born today is born with 300 man made chemicals. They use many excuses to poison our food. We need our food to last longer. So we use this excuse to put dangerous chemicals in the food known as preservatives.Bugs are eating our crop's we will put poison on the crops so the bugs die.GMO are just an extension of that here are 3 thing's that i am worried about.

Concern 1

IDK if there has been new GMO But here is a list of GMO when i researched it last year.

canola oil/rapeseed oil
rice now because of the depopulation people.We need to feed the Chinese.

I can not find an article talking on this so this is just from memory.Do you know why man turns medical plants into oils. Like why do we turn sage seeds into an oil. Why do we turn myrrh plant into myrrh oil. Why do we turn lavender into lavender oil. Why do we turn yin yang plant into the oil. The reason why we turn  all these medical plants into oils. is because oils are more easily absorb by the body and a couple drops can effect the entire body. So the medical properties in the plant work a lot faster when it is turned into an oil and it's effects reaches parts of the body it would not normally effect. So the reason why we turn medical plants into oil.Is So it would effect the body more easily. There are thousands of oils that come from thousands of plants.

All of the foods that have been genetically modified besides rice are foods that are more easily absorb by the body and effect nearly the entire body when eaten.
Corn is turned into corn syrup. Corn syrup does the same thing as oils it is more easily absorb by the body and effects nearly the entire body when eaten. Same with yeast. yeast effect almost the entire body when eaten.Soy effects nearly the entire body when consumed. Canola oil effect's the entire body when consumed. Rice is because they are always complain about overpopulation. It is the exception.

I believe They chose foods that are more easily effected by the body and effect the entire body so the effects can damage us more easily.

Just like how man chose to turn medical plants into oil's so it would effect the body more easily but positive effect us,

I can not find an article that talks about why we turn plants into oils. This is from memory. I probably heard about this in a book or something. I don't remember where i originally heard this.

I found liquid being more easily to absorb

Concern 2

They said smoking was safe, They lied. They could be lying here to.

Concern 3

Plants have medical properties in them. What would the medical properties do when you change the dna in a plant. Lets say a plant helped with the kidney. Could the medical properties damage the kidney ow because they screwed up with the medicine and it damages you.

canola oil helps with the brain

Improves Brain Function
Cognitive function declines as we age, manifested in conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The antioxidants that combat free radicals also prevent damage to the brain, which can shut down neural connections and lead to these conditions.
Could this effect cause damage to the brain instead of healing it because we tampered with it's DNA.

here is a list of plants that are turned into oil. This is noway all of them/ This is a small list.

The spice star anise is distilled to make star anise oil

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I forgot a source. It's 200 not 300
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