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Your profile says you live in Antarctica and you have an alien profile pic. With the alien in Antarctica being pushed by mainstream media this is very weird .
The new York post wrote this.
similar Antarctica aliens article
Why are so any mainstream outlets saying there could be aliens in Antarctica. What is going on.
In ancient books like the book of Enoch that are not cannon.
It says god chained a bunch of demons in a frozen desert. and they would be released in the last day.
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Many celebrity's spent the 2016 elections the day president trump won in Antarctica.

For example john Kerry our secretary of state went to Antarctica.

On Election Day, the Secretary of State was headed out of town
Now we did not need to know that our politicians are ruled by demons. Even though they have fooled people. Many conspiracy theorist believe that our politicians are lizard People. The real answer is not aliens but demons. I believe the demon just casted an illusion of a lizard to trick the person into thinking he was an alien. So he would say Hillary Clinton is a lizard person and discredit himself. So no one catches on that most of our politicians are possessed by demons.

Weird books like the book of Enoch. Not cannon has some weird stuff that can not be true. But i believe there is truth in legends. The book says some demons were imprisoned in Antarctica.

Now i can hear you asking There aliens. If they are aliens why would they stay in Antarctica. All of these paranormal activity's happen in Antarctica. If they are aliens. They would be able to leave. But these being can not leave Antarctica. They are trapped in Antarctica. Because these entity are trapped. If they were aliens they would not be trapped. These demons have been sealed there by god.

Even the Nazis went to Antarctica during WW2

Hitler went to Antarctica looking for ancient relics with magic powers.
Remember Hitler Got his idea's about ruling Germany is because he went to a hypnotist

Did a hypnotist who treated Adolf Hitler for shell shock in 1918 by using his 'desire to be like a God' help spark the Second World War?
Why does Hitler hate god's chosen people so much. Could it be because he visited  a hypnotist and  demons gave him the idea.

Hitler see's a hypnotist. After hypnotist he believe he will rule Germany.Could Hitler have gotten visions of glory from demon's.

This is proof it was not aliens but demons. Because demons give hypnotist powers. Plus demons could have given Hitler vision of glory.


Celebrity's went to Antarctica. Hitler went to Antarctica. people think he did because of aliens. This is proven false because direct evidence of demon activity is found. When Hitler gets his vision of ruling Germany after seeing a hypnotist. Hypnotist is proof that it is demon encounters and not aliens.

Here is some footage of the Antarctica base.

The rest of my argument will be taken from this video

.After John Kerry went to Antarctica on election day. He goes to new Zealand and there was an earthquake. Perhaps Gods judgement at work. A religious leader went to Antarctica

It is believe the ark of Gabriel was taken from Antarctica. Killing 2000 people. The Russian main stream media presented this ark of Gabriel information as fact.The mainstream media in Russia said it was a fact that Russia had a special mission and they took something called the ark of Gabriel.

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