Marvel Comics: Cyclops was Right

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In 2016 Marvel Comics launched the limited series Death of X, during which the X-Men’s leader Cyclops is killed by the Inhuman leader Black Bolt. Following this event, the narrative thread throughout various of their comics is that Black Bolt was the good guy, and that Cyclops was basically Hitler. This debate is intended as a discussion of that narrative, in which I intend to show that if either were behaving like Hitler it would be Black Bolt.
The title of the debate is thematic, it is not intended to be the resolution. If a traditional resolution is needed, it would be a lengthy statement about the comparative moral values displayed by the two, and how Black Bolt is greater on the Hitleresque quotient (exact phrasing can be negotiated in the comment section).
Please apply in comments along with a request for any desired changes to the setup. I am hoping to debate an Inhumans fan who agrees with the narrative that Cyclops’ actions were analogous to Hitler.
This debate is about characters within Marvel Comics, particularly Marvel’s treatment of Cyclops. As pro I am arguing against the demonization of Cyclops following his death. The scope does not extend to his eventual resurrection or other weird time travel things to include later retcons (I don’t know of any related ones yet, but Marvel has a bad habit of doing things like declaring Magneto never would have killed innocent people, so it must have been someone else who did all that...).
Burden of Proof:
Pro (Ragnar) has the burden of proving that Cyclops was morally superior to Black Bolt.
Con (my opponent) has the burden of proving that Black Bolt was morally superior to Cyclops.
And yes, modern morals are assumed true, as in killing people is generally wrong, Hitler was a bad person, etc.
Generally normal English is to be used.
If there’s some important definition which you believe would change anything about the debate, please discuss it with me in the comments prior to accepting the debate.
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