Massachusetts is a Greater State than California, as of now.


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My opponent must argue California is greater.
Greater definition that must be agreed on.
"of a more excellent or effective type or quality."
Round 1
MA=Massachusetts     CA=California

Reminder-My opponent must argue California is Greater.

Economy/Per person well being financially

Despite the CA besting MA in a few measurements MA destroys CA overall,

MA’s citizens hold several thousand dollars more in disposable income, even when you account for different state prices. MA has the 2nd highest hourly wages while CA is 8th.

MA holds a superior state debt to income ratio.

MA has the 9th lowest unemployment, but CA is 35th.

MA has the 10 lowest poverty rate, CA is 29th.   

CA citizens almost file two times more personal bankruptcies compared to MA per 100,000. 

CA has a higher homelessness rate(5th highest nationwide).   

MA is more stable fiscally, with MA ranking 30th and CA ranked 42nd.

The average CA citizen has $10,496 in credit card debt(4th most nationwide), MA has $6,277 on average(44th nationwide).

The average mortgage debt in MA is $252,207 a person, but in CA it’s $363,537.

MA is the most energy efficient state.

CA last ran a deficit of $1,898,000,000‬ for 2018, but MA in 2018 ran a $1,000,000,000 surplus, these figures appear to be controversial.

CA has more home foreclosures per capita.   

MA collects $5,000 more per person in tax revenue despite CA having a higher tax burden.


MA is the most innovative state in the union, with a score that's more than 10 points higher than CA(72.31-62.04).


MA is the 23rd freest state, while CA is the 48th freest.
CA is a more racist state.


MA has a better healthcare system, with it being the second best in the union.

MA holds a lower obesity rate with MA ranking 47th and CA ranking 32nd.

MA has lower heart disease death rates.

MA has the least amount of its population without health insurance CA is 19th.


MA has murder rate which is less than half of CA’s.

For crime and corrections, MA is 4th while CA is 23rd.

MA has the 3rd  least amount of human trafficking cases per capita, CA has the 2nd most for all of the states.

Quality of Life

MA ranks 8th statewide, while CA ranks 19th

Another source actually put CA 50th for quality of life with MA ranking 25th.

MA ranked 4th for opportunity while CA ranked 23rd

MA is the 2nd best state for raising kids, California is 19th.

The “Human Development Index” put MA 1st nationwide, while CA ranked 18th. 


CA has  highschool graduation percentage that is 51st nationwide(overseas territories are counted), a bachelor's degree attainment percentage that’s 15th nationwide, and an advanced degree attainment that’s also 15th nationwide. MA is 19th for highschool, 2nd for bachelors, and 2nd for advanced degree attainment.

MA has the best education system in the country, CA is 21st.

CA is tied for the worst teacher to pupil ratio nationwide, while MA is 9th.

MA has the best math scores, while CA has the 9th worst. MA also has the 2nd best reading scores, the 5th best science scores, and the 3rd best writing scores, ranking above CA for all of them.

This is merely my case, I hope to go deeper in later rounds.

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Round 3
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--> @oromagi
This is gunna be good.
I love Boston- my sister the cop lives there. I'm wearing a Boston Aquarium hoodie right now.
.....but, Mass greater than Cali? What are you, nuts?
--> @bmdrocks21
Would be ideal if it just floated away
I don't recognize California as being part of the union.
ayyyy massachusetts born
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