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You know the drill. Any genre goes. The only requirement is that the song should be performed by a female artist.
Round 1
Let's start with Evenesence's song "Bring Me to Life."
Round 4
Marilyn Horne - The Lord's Prayer

I love this song and Horne's version is by far the best I've heard. 
Artist Name: Ava Max
The Remixer is male but considering some of what Pro has posted, that's completely acceptable.
Remixer's Artist Name: Majestic
Song Name: So Am I (Majestic Remix)

Thanks for the vote :)
*I'll change my vote if someone decides to vote every single point in a favor of either side"
The reason why I wasn't so descriptive was because it is based on what I feel and no amount of words can truly tell you how I feel about any song which pretty much goes for anyone. I used cool and not like to say the bare minimum on which direction I am leaning towards. If only I can inject my feeling to someone else.
Round 1,
Virtuoso: The memes
RM: Good song
The meme was not good enough because I liked RM's song more.
Round 2,
Virtuoso: I didn't like it.
RM: cool song. I liked Rather be more.
RM wins if it wasn't clear above.
Round 3,
Virtuoso: Damn Fleetwood Mac. I really only listened to one of their songs but this is cool too. I am not of the live performances given that I don't really liked the audio.
RM: I thought she looked familiar then I searched her up and found Break My Heart. I like that more for some reason but Close My Eyes is cool.
This was close but due to the audio quality RM wins.
Round 4,
Virtuoso: That was cool.
RM: I didn't like the song for some reason.
Virtuoso won.
Round 5,
Virtuoso: I didn't like it for some reason.
RM: I didn't like it either for some reason.
I guess RM because I like his song more than Virtuoso's.
--> @RationalMadman
Thanks. I took a bit of a risk since it's opera, but nonetheless powerful nonetheless. Sia is one of the greatest female artist alive today. Good choice!
--> @Virtuoso
I will admit your R4 is badass as fuck, she has a voice in a way I don't usually experience the female vocals.
--> @RationalMadman
It really is. Classical music is my "home" and so that's where I have my roots, but I appreciate the beauty in all music. I deliberately left the genre to be vague and open. In my opinion, the resolution is basically a battle about female artists and vocals. That's how I would interpret this at least.
I'm listening to some of your songs now. Great choices! Good luck
--> @Virtuoso
it is very shocking to me how differently we think of 'feminine music' or what genres please our ears and souls best.
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