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Live Debate: Compulsory National Service


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Virtuoso approached me about doing a live debate. We settled on the topic of compulsory national service. I will be taking the Pro position. I believe this will be DART's first-ever live format debate.
In the US, national service ought to be compulsory.
National Service - (1) a nation-wide program of community work that citizens, mostly young people, enter for one or two years, and/or (2) a nation-wide program of military service that citizens, mostly young people, enter for one to three years.
Ought - implies moral desirability
1. No forfeits
2. No "kritiks" (i.e. challenging the assumptions/premises of the resolution)
3. No "flex prep" (i.e. using prep time as CX time or vice versa)
4. No trolling or deliberately non-serious/humorous/absurd cases
5. Observe good sportsmanship and maintain a civil and decorous atmosphere
6. Brief attributions should be provided during the course of the debate. Debaters must also have, upon their opponent's request, citations or working URLs for their sources. Citations must contain roughly all that a regular MLA citation might. Citations or links can be exchanged in-between speeches (with no loss of prep) via DART PMs.
7. In the event of mic problems, each debater must have their constructive case ready to share with their opponent in-between speeches (with no loss of prep) through one of the methods described in the rule above. Debaters cannot be required to share their constructive cases if the mics are working properly, though they may still opt to do so.
8. No new arguments in the final speeches; rebuttals of new points raised in an adversary's immediately preceding speech may be permissible at the judges' discretion even in the final round (debaters may debate their appropriateness)
9. Debaters accept all resolutional terms defined in this description. For all undefined resolutional terms, individuals should use commonplace understandings that fit within the logical context of the resolution and this debate
10. The BOP is evenly shared
11. Debaters may not post arguments, clarifying remarks, or rebuttals in the text of this debate or in the comments section; all arguments must be presented during the live-format debate
12. Violation of any of these rules, or of any of the R1 set-up, merits a loss
13. Voters must vote on the content of the live debate's recording
--Live Debate Structure--
6min - Pro Constructive
3min - Con CX's Pro
7min - Con Constructive AND Rebuttal
3min - Pro CX's Con
4min - Pro Rebuttal and Defense
6min - Con Rebuttal and Defense
3min - Pro Rebuttal and Defense
Each debater has 4 minutes of prep time which they may use at their discretion, so long as it does not interrupt an ongoing speech or CX.
--Text Debate Structure--
R1. Pro posts the recording of the live debate; Con waives.
Round 1
Here is the video! Feel free to vote!

Thanks for the debate. 
--> @TheUnderdog
Anyone should be able to debate a topic such as this. Just because he is on the Pro side doesn't mean that he agrees. Incidentally, if you watched the video, he talks about other types of national service like the Peace Corps which is a volunteer organization unrelated to the military.
Since Bsh1 isin't in the military, he is hypocritical on this.
--> @Christen
XD lol
--> @PressF4Respect
My bad. I must have read it wrong. I thought they were charging us money. I didn't realize it was just the prize money.
--> @Christen
I don't know if you're trolling or not.
If you aren't, then I'll be glad to explain to you that the $5000 is the total prize money to be won in a debate tournament that they have (had? I dunno).
--> @Virtuoso
me neither. Worth a look, though
--> @christopher_best
I have no idea how to use YouTube live.
--> @Virtuoso
I'm certain there are other platforms that can be used, perhaps Youtube Live? You can upload those post-fact.
--> @christopher_best
Thanks. I need to do more live debates. Sadly, I have no idea how to do them anymore since hangouts on air is dead.
--> @Virtuoso
Hey Virt! You did well in this. As a debater that debates live very often, I noticed you got pushed around A LOT by bsh1 during crossfire. Something you must do is push the idea that a policy idea is stupid if it cannot be enforced or brought down to some certain specifics. If it cannot be enforced, why waste energy and debate the topic at all? Instead, we should focus efforts into policy areas that are enforceable and likely to make progress. The way you do this in a crossfire, when bsh1 makes a retort such as "I can't answer specifics about enforcement, we are just talking about the topic broadly." is to ask something to the measure of: "If we are currently debating an unenforceable policy, or a policy in which these specifics are not known outcomes, are we not wasting our time?"
Press your opponent, bsh1 was not prepared for certain questions but he still seemed to psych you out.
--> @PressF4Respect
Why does Qallout charge people 5000 dollars?
--> @Virtuoso, @bsh1
Just curious, have you guys ever heard of something called Qallout?
They basically do the exact same thing as this lol
--> @bsh1, @Virtuoso
I watched the video. There are two things you two can improve upon. The first thing is that it should be a little louder for Virtuoso. When bsh1 was speaking, I could hear him loud and clear, and then when it switched to Virtuoso, I had to turn my volume up to 100 to hear him, and then when it switched back to bsh1, it was too loud and I had to turn it back down, and then turn it back up when it went to Virtuoso again, and so on. This was very annoying.
The second thing is that both of you kept saying "um" and "uhh" throughout the video, to try and fill the void of silence. This is a bad habit that so many people have. Try to remember to take a moment to gather your thoughts and then speak. Judge Judy always says that "um is not an answer".
Here is an article that teaches people how to break the habit of using those "filter words"
It takes practice. Just pay attention when you speak to people in your everyday lives and pay attention if you're using unnecessary filler words. Take a moment to think about what you say. Breathe. Think... and so on.
People can speak so much better when bad habits like this are fixed.
This really sucks, guys. Sorry I couldn't get to it.
I'd love to vote, but I will be bombarded this week. I'm getting my permit and have quizzes and stuff:(
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