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Each member takes turns posting one song per round. The community votes on whoever they think posted the best songs. This means that voters do not have to go super in-depth about their choices.
Round 1
Let's start this off with a song that is WICKED good!

With EDM (or EM of any variant) it's extremely important to hear the actual high quality version of songs but obviously I know not everyone has Spotify Premium or similar competitors or Youtube HD package or whatever (that's not same thing as watching videos for free in HQ, it adds sound HD). This, combined with that there's a mixed age, gender, attitude and baseline taste of all voters and users means there's a huge amount of gambling involved in this debate.

Factor in that the debater has to pick a song good on any quality of hearing device or headphone to a degree that makes you go 'wow', to anyone into any other specific genre of music that will mesh with your tastes and mood at the time and make you go 'mmmhmmm' and want to listen all the way through.

Pro's taste tense to be technically impressive and I am sure mine is too but I want you to observe other things like how soothing it is to you, not just how attention grabbing it is. We do not even know if you're listening to the song in the background while doing something else or foreground, it's extremely difficult to rank songs in the vague way we are here, please appreciate the time and effort it takes into a picking a song everyone can appreciate and be in awe at, please factor in durability of pleasure listening start-to-end and not just a few seconds in skipping parts of the way through and minimally consider lyrics and theme or at least vocal elements if the piece has them. 


Round 2
To start, I will second RM's statement. Voters obviously should take the time to listen to all songs. Not just that, but in a way where they feel whatever the song is trying to convey, whether it be a calm soul-soother or an upbeat tempo to get you going. This would mean, of course, as RM pointed out, finding a time when you aren't too busy to listen.

Anyways, here's my next song.

It's orchestral with a touch of dubstep; it's Ichor!

Round 3
Let's break(beat) this battle in half!

Round 4

Here's a song that will lift anybody up.

All my songs lift anyone up, soothe anyone and impress anyone of any particular taste in music. That's my diversity and that's my right to win.

Round 5
It's time... for the FINAL BOSS

Final Boss huh? This is the song to inspire everyone, even unplayable characters in the game, to feel the love for one another and defeat that Final Boss!


Should've been a tie though.
--> @Mharman
I voted.
--> @Kamikaze
Now that you're here, I'd like to see who you vote for.
Dont even bother listening ralter. Drop the pretense of pretending to analyze debates in an unbiased matter. These debates arent moderated
--> @Mharman
I'm planning to vote since RM asked me to awhile back. I just need a good opportunity to listen to all the songs.
--> @spacetime, @Zeichen,, @ResurgetExFavilla, @Raltar
plz vote
--> @Ramshutu, @Castin, @Type1, @Outplayz, @bsh1
Vote plz
--> @Alec
I have flagged your vote. You need to listen to them all. Listen to them all and then you may vote. Try using another device to listen if you can.
--> @Mharman
Do you really wwant me to vote on this? Because I will.
As far as I'm concerned, it's a tie.
I wont be biases. I hate all this shitty music so I guess I will vote for whose songs I thought were least shitty
--> @RationalMadman
Of course, this meant I would lose some '2-3' votes like SupaDudz's vote, but I figured it would be worth it overall.
All in all, I think both votes so far were great votes.
--> @RationalMadman
Interesting. I just figured I would go with some variety. I was willing to sacrifice some rounds in the eyes of some in order to win others. Everyone would at least have some rounds where they'd thought I won.
My goal was not to beat you every round, but to get a ton of '3-2' votes like Virtuoso's.
--> @Mharman
As the debate progressed I realised you were going to beat me in the eyes and ears of people actually into electronic music in a specialist sense but I knew that even people who part-time did it would prefer my songs as they are pleasing to the ear drum and incorporate real voice and sounds in a way yours rarely did. I was shocked I lost the virt vote, he was one I was sure I had in the bag but we'll see how this plays out.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
I had to vote this on which songs i liked (the one's i saved). And, which one of you had more.
MM: Xtrullor - Ichor (This gave me a wow moment and just might win you this); Tristam - Till It's Over (how many games have i heard this on lol but it's good).
RM: Coyote Kisses (This one is just okay); Halogen - Can't Resist (darn this one was good).
Well shit... this is hard since on its face you guys tie. But, Tristam is just okay to me since i've heard it so many times so it ties with Coyote. It's bw Halogen and Ichor... Halogen is good but there are parts i don't like... there are no parts i don't like on Ichor... so Pro gets the win. Pro has a similar taste to me and i'll do this type of debate with him if he's willing.. i might impress him with some songs. Cool debate idea in any case, the only debate i actually smiled throughout and only type of debate i'd be willing to take part in. Cheers.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Pro's first song; Annoying opening jingle, but got better after that. So-so over all.
Pro's second song; Mildly annoying, but not terrible. So-so overall.
Pro's third song; Liked the semi-arabian theme with a mix of stuff that sounded a little like old-school video game music. Still a bit annoying for four minutes of electronic screeching. So-so.
Pro's fourth song; Definite video-gameish feel. Minimal lyrics, but good for what there was. Pretty Good.
Pro's last song; Had high hopes based on the title... and it lived up! Good video-game vibe. Could have been a little more hard-core, but good overall.
Con's first song; Annoying opening, got weird after that. Didn't like it.
Con's second song; Hey, actual lyrics! And they aren't annoying! Good!
Con's third song; Not my style, but actual lyrics and not too annoying. So-so.
Con's fourth song; Pretty decent. Amusing lyrics, interesting and diverse music. Slightly better than a 'so-so' vote.
Con's last song; Actual lyrics again! Not my personal style, but I can see a lot of people enjoying this song.
This is a tough vote! It is VERY close. As an old-school gamer (who literally played games back before they were cool) the video-game style of Pro's songs really appealed to me, almost enough to totally overlook the lack of lyrics and sometimes annoying noises. Con's music unarguably had better lyrics and was the sort of music I could see the majority of people liking better. Minus that first song from Con which I didn't like, his music was slightly better on average, where as Pro's music was really just "so-so" and only tolerable because of my nostalgia for video-games. If there was some other voting option for dividing points I would definitely find a way to award points to both sides, but being that I only get one option... gotta make a tough call and give this one to Con.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Round 1
Avenza: Starts off okay, but gets more energetic and fun as it goes along. I like the Bridge (I think that’s what it’s called) around the 1:35 mark. I think it gives a suspenseful feel, and I like the way it leads into the final energetic hook. In my opinion, it conveys that even when times are tough, you should still push through and have a good time doing it.
Rating: 7.2/10
Clean Bandit: I like how it explains EDM itself, and I like how it incorporates classical music into the song, giving it a relaxing feel. However, the lyrics were increasingly hard to understand, in my opinion.
Rating: 6.5/10
Round 2
Ichor: The song starts off with a kind of dark feel, then transitions at 0:25 to something that I feel like could be in an action movie. Then, at 0:50, it goes into a more generic EDM beat. From then, it basically switches back and forth from slow, suspenseful feels to more action-themed beats. I like how at the end it fades away, and finishes off with a nice string of keyboard notes. I enjoyed the fact that the song repeatedly switched up cadences, keeping th listener on their feet.
Rating: 8.1/10
Coyote Kisses: This song starts off with an interestingly alternative pop-like beat, which is amplified at the hook. I liked the tight the percussion leading into the chorus, I feel like it gives it some good momentum. The second chorus is a bit different from the first, as I feel like the second focuses more on the percussion and the hard-edge (that’s the best description I have) mixes. The song ends with a rather abrupt fade, which I like. The lyrics don’t do much for me, but I like how the singer rides the beat.
Rating: 8.2/10
Round 3

Noisestorm – The beginning makes me think of something Ryan Higa would make for some reason. I like the transitions in Mharman’s chosen songs like I have so far. 0:45 to 1:41 strikes me as similar to the Spider-Man: Unlimited theme song, which I loved when I was younger. The middle of the song gives me a Regular Show-reminiscent feel, and it transitions back to the SM Unlimited-like beat. The rest of the song (starting at 3:42) sounds like something out of MineCraft. Though probably not the artist’s intention, this gives me a lot of nostalgic feelings.
Rating: 8.7/10
Paper Love – I like how the other instruments match the percussion beat. I like the snare at around 0:46, it makes me think of the snare fill in Chicago by Michael Jackson. The hook is okay, I’m not too keen on one of the noises in it. I think it’s neat how the artist draws the analogy between paper cuts and love, describing how her lover is “not nice” and that cuts her inside. The very end is pretty cool.
Rating: 7.5/10
Round 4
Till It’s Over – The song starts off with a light feel, adding instruments and depth as it progresses for the first 35 seconds until entering an okay cadence. I like the motivational “We will fight, it’s not over till it’s over” line, which leads into a kind of choppy-but-good beat. Then, we get a soft piano ballad, which leads into more lyrics with a gradually increasing-in-momentum lead-up to the choppy hook. It ends with a faint, pretty “ding.” I like the message the song conveys.
Rating: 7.4
Kannibalen - The song begins with a unique mix that reminds me of action movie trailers and fight scenes. It then goes into an Imagine Dragons-esque beat. The vocals are a bit annoying. I LOVE the percussion in this. The rigid beat at 1:29 is sweet. I like it changes beats, although the same beats seem to be used repeatedly. I like the abrupt ending.
Rating: 8.3
Round 5
Final Boss – Starts off pretty good, I like the mixes going into the first 30 seconds. The cadence-changing adds to the fun factor of this song. I love how the layers blend so well together. The laid-back rock feel at 2:29 is FIRE. I feel like just when I thought the song would lose steam, they switch up beats to increase the momentum. The hard-edge beat at 3:42 makes me feel like I’m winning a Final Boss fight (this song fits its title very well!) I like the outro in that it feels celebratory to a win. A good closer to Mharman’s set.
Rating: 8.1
Can’t Resist – I like the guitar strums (I think it’s guitar?). The hook’s percussion is simple, I feel like I’d have fun playing it myself. The lyrics describe the love that draws the duo together. However, I personally don’t find it that engaging and the lyrics do nothing for me. I feel like RationalMadman could have used his final round to close with a real bang, but that didn’t happen.
Rating: 7.0
Mharman wins, congratulations.
I also want to thank both participants – you guys just got me into EDM!
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
I will rank each song out of 10 based on my personal view, with a short explanation. The side with most points win.
1.)Avenza . Interesting opening, great breakdown, interesting hook, but the main portions are missing some mid range complexity that makes it sound a little emptier and let this down, but I did love the 8bit retro feel! 7
2.) Xteullor ichor. Interesting start of set song (had it not been dupstep!), didn’t have much to it after the opening, very little variation in the general theme. 4
3.) Noistrom - barracuda. This is on one of my mixes! Simple song, but just plain fun, a really good mid song break down and build up with a great transition: 8
4.) Tristam - till it’s over. Middle of the road commercial EDM. This feels like a filler song on a $7 mix cd. 3
5.) nitro fun - final boss. Not only in a recent mix, but on my running track for when I’m trying to run 8 minute miles, awesome song, with a great hook, and great breakdown. 9.
Total 31.
1.) clean bandit - Mozart’s house. I hate this song, discordant and very little to it. one of my least favourite clean bandit songs imo : 1
2.) while this was interesting, it was a bit too pop like for my liking, very few layers to it, and felt instantly forgettable: 3
3.) paper love - stress remix. Very major lazer like, but neither as snappy or catchy. The link was broken, and I wasn’t able to find the full song: 4
4.) Apashe - kannibalen. Edgy and hard, I’m not a fan of this style but this goes all out and nails it. Saw toothed and has a pretty visceral feel: 7
5.) halogen - can’t resist. Another poppy song. Instantly forgettable, nothing to hook me in or keep my interest: 3
Con: 18
Winner pro
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
I can't access YouTube on my Chromebook, but I knew one of the songs from Pro's list, so I like that song better then a lot of unknown songs.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
reluctant vote here, but pro encouraged me to. I am not a fan of music in general. I usually just try to learn with books on tape while heading to work and only listen to music for the convenience of other people who enter my car. I also hate electronic music, but con had songs that seemed more catchy, and actually had lyrics. While I assume I could come up to similar shit as what pro shared by randomly screwing around with a cheap drum machine. Con wins.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Honestly? I just liked Madman's suggestions more, this is probably the most subjective debate I've ever voted on. I don't even think you could really call this debate to be honest but hey at least I got some new music to listen to.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
ROUND 1: Mharman takes the win here. I personally did not like the instrumental in RMs as it seemed to retro choppy while Ms seemed more dancable and can catch a groove at a club fmpov. The keyboards and the low drum and base drop by RM draws me away
1-0 Mharman
ROUND 2: Very tough one here. The best round fmpov and ears. I give to RM here. I like the vocals and the drum plus keys here. The vocals are key part to and I think Mharmans is very good beat wise, just needs more
1-1 Tie
ROUND 3: RM by a landslide. I did not like the sound and the synth of Mharmans and even dropped a dislike on the vid for it. RMs was average as it was vocal based too much, but it was nothing compared to Mharmans
2-1 RM
ROUND 4: RM takes it here. One of my favorites overall. It has a funky synth and overall is better in the beat drops and funkiness. This gives RM the win 3-1 so RM wins fmpov. So last one ill just say fuck it
3-1 RM(RM Wins)
ROUND 5: Mharman wins. RM is too lyrical base and the synth and base doesn't sound right. Too deep voice by the artist singing and doesn't rest easy
By a 3-2 vote, RM wins
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
This was a good debate. Last semester I took a class on introduction to electronic music. With the knowledge from that class, I found an appreciation for electronic music
Because this debate is subjective in nature the way I decided to score this debate is by awarding each side a point per round and add up the points in the end. With that in mind let's begin
Pro's song: I like the introduction and I like how it builds and builds with the beats and instruments. I like how it starts small and gets larger. By 0:50 I liked the pulse of the song. I also like around 1:35 where the song starts slowing down in tempo and adds in the piano part. By 2:40 the song kinda surprised me. I wasn't expecting it go go where it did.
As a classical music lover, I honestly didn't care for con's song. I like how it incorporates some classical themes, but I didn't like the talking. I didn't get the music video. I also didn't like the showy woman with a violin over her breasts. But at the 2:18 mark is where it kinda caused me to change my opinion of the song. I started to like the intro to the violin and I kinda liked the beat, but then it went back to the talking and didn't really enjoy that.
Overall this round goes to pro.
I like pro's choice of music here. The music starts slow and I love the piano part in the beginning. Around the :26 mark is where it gets really interesting. I really loved the intro to the orchestra sounds. I loved the tempo and the pulse of this song. I absolutely loved the ending. The ending piano part was really nice. I kinda got some video game/music soundtrack vibes!
I also really like con's song here! I loved the lyrics and Madison Love's voice was really good! I was surprised with it. I never heard of Madison Love before and so I will definitely be looking for more of her music. Ultimately I didn't really care for the drop.
This round was super super close and it was a total tossup. They're both really good. I went back to listen to pro's song to better compare it. In the end, I found pro's song easier to listen to. Upon re-listening to pro's song, I have to award this round to him.
So far the score is 2-0
Pro's choice was quite interesting and was definitely a huge contrast to round 2. I didn't really care for this piece tbh. For the most part of the song, it felt repetitive and started to get annoying. However, around the 1:55 mark is where my opinion of the song started to change. I liked the melody and liked the synthesizer part. The ending of the song was great! 3:37 is where things started to get calm and started to drift out. Was not expecting that.
I liked con's song better. Once again, I liked the lyrics and I liked her voice. I found this song to be easier to listen to than pro's. I also found it to be less boring. I went back to listen to the original version of the song and I actually like the remix better.
Con's song wins hands down!
Score is now 2-1
Pro's song choice was great. I liked the piano part and I like how it built up. I was not expecting the lyrics and was not expecting the voice part!! I liked the lyrics and I liked the melody of the song. The piano part around the 2:00 mark was nice! I also like the lyrics that come back in. I liked the overall message of the lyrics and enjoyed the music really much!
Con's choice was good to! I got a middle-eastern vibe in the beginning. The lyric message here felt kinda. dark compared to pro's song. "The human race is fucked." This is a statement that is unfortunately so true. I didn't like the cannablistic lyrics and found it overall dark.
Pro wins this round.
The score is 3-1. Pro has won the debate.
Even though pro won by this point, it's not over till it's over.
Pro's choice was rather boring to me. It felt kinda repetitive and didn't do anything interesting and didn't do anything I was not expecting.
Con's choice was really good! Again I liked the lyrics and enjoyed the song. I like the harmony between Gomez and lub. I think con wins this round.
The score is 3-2. Good debate and good battle!