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Rap taste battle (must explain the vote a little bit, please minimum 2 paragraphs)


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One song per round. Vote for the most pleasing to both your brain and ears or whatever you judge it on, please do explain in depth. Cheers.
Round 1
Let's just remind all that the category of this is Music, not Education and that if you are using rap to lecture/inform that's fine but is inferior to normal speech if you're sacrificing content for the sake of lyrical quality in flow and such etc.

Please listen to the songs in HD on a paid-for listening medium like Spotify Premium or YouTube Music if you can get hold of it.

This rap is a diss towards the rapper that RM used in this round

Round 2
A very inaccurate and unpleasant diss at that but alright.

Let's reveal some Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks at his finest in a beautiful sounding alpha-male-type song back at ya' diss. ;)

Round 3
FUCK ME! You brought KAAN? I bet I was the one who introduced you to him and I remember how you criticised him ;)... But FUCK!

That was SO GOOD. K.A.A.N... can only be countered by... 

I don't remember you introducing me to him. Either way I'm really about to curdle your bread sticks in this round.

Round 4

^ this title is actually backwards formatting but it's what the video is titled. It's a Tom McDonald Remix over an Eminem beat and hook/concept.

Round 5
Good luck, I finally feel an actual fear and thrill of having such a brutal loss to my rating if I lose this but I truly believe I've outdone you in all except your K.A.A.N. pick.

That was a GOD TIER song, I hadn't even noticed the genius lyrics or anti-authority stuff until I heard it so I thank you for it.

The video is unavailable it seems. That's going to hurt your chances.

Also you are wrong obviously, all of my picks are better than yours.

--> @RationalMadman
EDM all the way.
--> @Ramshutu
I will never understand your taste in music but good that I won! ;) ty for the vote, always honest at least
--> @Type1
Please Americans search here:
If Tech N9ne - in my head is unavailable please search it on youtube...
--> @Vaarka, @thett3, @TheHammer, @Castin, @DrChristineFord
Whatever, I want people to hear god-tier rap, so listen. Vote for or against np.
--> @Kamikaze, @Virtuoso, @Castin, @bsh1, @Mharman
SHEEEEEET THIS GETTING GOOD SETTLE IN AND RUIN MY RATING (or orgasm from your eardrums and vote for me ;D)
--> @Raltar
You don't know how deep my roots go but when it comes to internet debating, I got those connex you dont even know boii.
--> @RationalMadman
Is type1 going to take this debate? I thought he had gone inactive again.
--> @Ramshutu, @Mharman, @Raltar, @Outplayz, @Type1
I look forward to Type1 ruining my rating once and for all unless you vote honestly and I do indeed please you all. ;)
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Winner 1 point
Prefacing this with the fact that I am not a rap officianado.
Round 1:
Pro: seemed rather simplistic and generic rap.
Con: Fast, hilarious, and a bouncing type of rap with a catchy flow.
Con 1-0
Round 2:
Pro: kinda catchy little tune, not the most complex, but very easy to listen to.
Con: interesting rap, most of the flow seemed rather generic, and asside from a period where he rapped very fast, was instantly forgettable.
Pro 1-1
Round 3:
Pro, largely the same as cons last round. Forgettable and not a rap id actually listen to.
Con: this didn’t have A great hook, or any sort of interesting or melodic flow.
Close, but pro gets this one... just.
Pro 2:1
Round 4:
Pro: stripped down, but I actually liked this one, if had more emotion than Kaan which actually made this feel reasonably good.
Con: Eminem, great flow and hilarious, wins hands down.
Pro 2:2
Round 5:
Pro: Tech9 I’m assuming this was removed without pro knowing - but I looked up the song. I really liked this one, I liked the flow, the more melodic rap.
Con: I clubbed a lot in the early 2000s, and this is a less catchy than the filler hip hop songs between turn down for what and BoB. This was a terrible song.
Pro 3:2
Saying this, I felt con had the best two songs and the rest were terrible - as this is a judgement on rap taste, if I was stuck in an elevator and had to listen to RM or captain forfeits rap choices - id probably be happier listening to RMs, because the remaining songs for Con were terrible.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
RM was better.