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In a general way, people do what they do because they don't know to do differently.


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I'm trying to prove that the behave from a person depends on his learning through life.

And, the response from a person depends on their growing context, admitting that one person never stops growing in knowledge.

A response from a person is what a person does in a given situation.

If somebody does something, in their way, it doesn't mean that is right or wrong.
But, it means, that person doesn't know how to do "better".

When I say Do, is not what they do for life.
Do mean an answer to something, or an event starter.

Doing the best that he can, imply also the characteristic of the situation.
This means: if he is stressed, and if he not used to the stress, his answer would also be different than if he is calm or not. But, it also depends if he is used to the stress or not.

Doing not the best way is also doing the best way.
If It is a person that doesn't care about doing the things in the best way.
Because is the way that he learned how to do things.
So, it's his own way, about doing things in his best way.

So, I'm trying to prove:
In all situations, people would do what they thought would be the best.
According to what do the best means (for each person).

When I say a "better" way, It means the way that the person would be more satisfied with.

A way that people do, what they do because they don't know to do differently.


I pass sometime wondering if the crusades somehow didn't made the "Bible" weeker... my doubt is astronauts for instance were choose as the ones that were smarter as also physically capable. But in faith ... I was remebering this two movies with some diferent view about faith... "The green mile" and "The lady killers". Somehow... it makes me wonder...

--> @DrChristineFord

If "best" means evolutionary fitness,...
It doesn't fail it has to be seen with caution.

If it means a subjective sense of satisfaction,...
As satisfaction the better way, you should see all alternatives and choose the one that is more correct to apply. (Through the best "knowledge").
It can only succeed if its meaning stays elusive, and at that point the argument is circular.
It's not circular we just have to have the context, the knowledge, and the capability to do what is right.
If "best" is to have a meaning that is linked to evidence, then there also needs to be a "worst".
The Worst is anything that would be the opposite that you should do.

What would a person doing their worst be like? Someone who fails to reproduce? A lazy person? Someone who lives an unhealthy life? Someone who is careless and dies in an accident? Someone who murders other people? All those types of people exist.
They exist but they have a large chance to be called a failure (or out of society).

How can we resolve this.
Maybe with knowledge. Maybe with "Books".

When we see the knowledge had become powerful we can also analyze that strength is not out of context.
How much strength would have a person without any kind of force saying that the earth is not the center of the universe in the past centuries?
Or the Bible without crusades.

--> @DrChristineFord

The Debate is what a debate is, so I can't argue anymore, but I can make a comment.

I didn't say that evolution fails, I said it had "back steps".
And there's nothing that says what is the right thing to do or not apart from life itself.
And, life makes us with houses, car, tv set, (the moon), something that humanity achieve by knowledge.
Nobody says that Romains, or Greeks, were greater than Barbarians. Except, the life that we see nowadays.
Knowledge somehow had prevailed to strength.
And, the only thing that says that was the best thing, it was life.

Life is the only way to know if you did the best way or not.
At least, you might survive. At the most, you prevail through others.
(Nowadays, you prevail: with names and money, in the past with lands and honors; and at the very beginning maybe with healthy children).

Breath in life is natural. You don't ask.
Anyway if you want to swim, is convenient to know how to breathe.
Who says that is the best way, the competitors, the sports' people.
Because they live that.

In anything in life, without noticing, is something that you had learned.
Learned, with others, or with yourself.
(Even, if you want to breathe differently in swimming, you have to practice, your own style).

I could make assumptions of cases said previously.
But it's their lives.
The only way to know if it was the best thing that they do: It's just their lives.
And, there's also the question about the best thing they might do, is also contextual.
Sometimes people don't see options.
Other time, they might think that bad things only happen to others.
Other, might be afraid.
Other, they are not used to.
But life "sometimes" gives the chance to people get used, to people see that bad things happen to everyone and that exists more options.
This sometimes makes us see the best thing to do in life. (Or parents, friends,"books") .

--> @RationalMadman

How to challenge you?
And I'm also wondering if I am able these days.
Usually, I just have some minutes to debate.

--> @mourningeyes

Please challenge me to this on Sunday. I can't debate in the next few days intensely.

--> @mourningeyes

I feel like you should have put a picture of someone's head exploding at the end of the debate's description.