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JESUS and ALLAH = greatest threat to human evolution


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Technology depends on innovation...curiosity + experimentation = Discovery...not so with the Christian and Muslim
playbook....both are built on a foundation of FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE...both target the weak minded and vulnerable human....promising some kind of absurd salvation for even existing....the fact that anyone exists is a crime. the Christian must accept that he/she is a born sinning jackass...must suffer..and be punished for this crime !
Curiosity and exploration with an open mind to consider the possibilities of anything is is paramount that the VICTIM of these parasite Vampire Jesus and Allah CULTS totally destroy the inquisitive mind....shut up and OBEY...simple as that..think not..ask as you are told by the Clown in the Glory Gown and the Comic book
Bible/Koran verse vomit....
All of human history and the countless "Divine Entities" they created and worshipped are trashed...6000 years before this idiotic Jesus hoax was implemented the "HALAF" Culture was thriving in Syria-Turkey-Iraq ++ and what of the
Sumerian-Assyrian-Egyptian-Greek-Roman ++ up to the time of this Jesus and Allah farce ? all written off...
So what remains of all those amazing civilizations and their Cultures-beliefs-Architecture ++ is trashed and reduced
to 3 idiotic "GOD" interpretations...JEW-JESUS-ALLAH....what a joke....for humanity to fall for this crap...and the
unprecedented atrocities committed by the JEWS-CHRISTIANS-MUSLIMS globally ...using their GODS as some
truly pathetic scapegoat for assimilation, death, and destruction...even to this day...ABSURD...
Round 1
Thusly forth is thrust the Yeshua and who be here to tell Yah'weh, Yeshua Ding dong that Jesus can be the threat to evolution? Hoody poody poo, Allah evolved us into humans and Jesus and Allah go to war with one another to ensure the weak or naive die off, encouraging EVOLUTION...


It turns out they're the greatest encouragement of human evolution. 

Na, come on, that was too easy, let's hit a nice beat to this masterpiece, eh? Imitating the opponent is a fair enough counter-strat but it's not enough to annihilate him RM-style. We gotta put the boy in the dirt, make it clear why he forfeited to us from R1 onwards. 

Where's that beat at?


Hell yeah, I'm feeling it, you ready boys? You ready girls? You ready genderfluids? Let's get this motherfucking party started...

Wow Jesus? Shit I heard he's the easiest guy to worship out of every prominent figure in theological theses,
He's the type to make the blind see, cure all diseases, type to make Kim-Jong-Il's son Un not need to exrete faeces,
Yeah that G, the son o' God or whatever aint he the also fella who's been controllin' the weather?
Or is that Allah the merciful? is that that the beast you can't tether?
See I've been wondering if Lucifer was first Jesus and later learned how to lie better,
He became God himself, Allah who? Ahk, don't be silly, you better bow before Allah, you Jesus-loving hillbilly,
If you don't imma kill ya, if you don't you gon' learn,
Oh shit you start beating me until I improve my strategy the next turn,
You want to see me evolving? Problem solving and shit?
How about we evolve with every bomb blown to bits,
Scream and shout 'bout the merciful shotcaller of all these merciless hits versus the son of the lord that rapes virgins to make kids,
And the best part? No, he doesn't enter her chasm,
The father of this son of a witch can't even say 'sorry' with an orgasm,
She has no pleasure and no measurable award to speak of at all,
Doesn't matter that she's mad as she'll obey her rapist, taking care of the small ball of flesh as he crawls,
Bad daddy, good son, Merciful Godfather, hot puns,
Hot suns shining as the wrong ones blinding and the poor sod's finding that his father up in heaven's no fun.

We evolve to hate, yeah we evolve to murder,
We can't stop our fate, only extend it further,
Born to tear each other to shreds; whether by bursts or murmurs,
And the Lord almighty we dread's helping to give that purpose,
So don't tell me the greatest proponent of human competition other than greed,
Are the threats to evolution, they're just sowing the seeds,
My Jesus, your Allah, My mare and your steed,
Let's make love and not war but if we wanna fight then let's do it in the name of our creed,
'Cause who's gone compete and evolve when all the problems are solved?
Who's gonna alter and falter to others if there's no tyrants involved?
See you are saying that the threat to evolution's the greatest proponent,
So come back and try again boy, against this Allah-esque opponent.

Round 2
Round 2 over.
Round 3
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I am uncertain what that was I just attempted to read... And dammit, it's winner selection, so I can't skip to a conduct point deduction for pro not showing up.
--> @Ramshutu, @blamonkey, @Virtuoso,, @Ragnar
this is true skill.
--> @RationalMadman
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