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Any Electronic Song Goes
No explanation, just link and a little info at top
Round 1
We start with the first song

A Classic yet good one

I will apologize to readers in advance that some of my songs will be full mixes, I will make sure I waste none of your time by pointing to where the song really kicks in!

Arty: Open space (original mix)

Thankfully not a full 12” mix!

Round 2
G.D: Pukaar (Sassot Remix)

12 inch mix, i’m Afraid - you can start at 2:25 until 7:00 and not miss much!

Round 3
This one is a pretty good song:)

Great running track, and one of the best build ups in an electronic song:

Porter Robinson: Language:

Round 4
And for the penultimate round: I can think of no better song than

Madeon: Finale

Brace your self for the Grand Finale.

Round 5
This is one of my favourite songs on this list (tied with G.D Pukaar), it’s a perfect song for running up and down hills for marathon training.

I will share both the radio edit, and the full 12 inch mix, as I think the full mix has a little bit more meat to it, especially during the lead in and the first transition, if you have a few minutes of extra time I’d recommend it!

RIP. Avicii: Levels


--> @Alec
Did you listen to any songs?
--> @SupaDudz
I'm trying to get the 15 votes in 24 hours badge. I was neutral on this.
--> @Alec
I understand if you don't like Electric music, but please either A) Don't Vote, or B) Listen and then Vote.
--> @Ramshutu
Yea that's very true
--> @SupaDudz
I know what you mean, my taste is really based upon being part of the early 2000s EDM/Trance scene. IMO, my #2 is the best electronic song of all time. But I guess it’s so broad that a genre it can be anything!
--> @PsychometricBrain
I can debate a Rock Battle taste if u want
It is so weird how people taste music or listen. My favorite song was 1 and 5. I do like hard electro music and I thought 5 was good. It is very interesting
--> @RationalMadman
While our taste in music is certainly quite different, a statistical significance test (Spearman's Rho) nonetheless shows that there's around a .5 correlation between our ratings and, while these findings are not statistically significant, there's still only a 17% chance that this correlation came about through chance.
Quite interesting and possibly useful for future music battle debates
--> @RationalMadman
Thank you for taking the time to vote with so much detail.
11.3% not 7% sorry, corrected here..................
RFD 1/7
Loud - Thoughts, despite being a very rough and masculine beat in texture, had severely melody-rich toning to it that was perfectly pulled off. The tempo varied so perfectly and that the drop was orgasmatic enough melodically as well as texture-wise to keep you hooked to hear it again on top of the fact the the 'in-between' parts.
That said, it does hurt your ears quite brutally because of what 'bass nation' does to songs (they boost the bass) and this also is due to that since YouTube offers worse quality than original tracks, you're forced to make it louder to truly get crisp sounds pushing through (but they are blurred due to the bass, making you want to make it EVEN louder). I have excellent headphones and that's a bad thing here... So, LOUD - thoughts on THIS LINK: is a much easier listen. As for me, I have spotify premium but it takes about 3 searches for spotify to hone in on which 'loud' you mean and you need to type the 'thoughts' BEFORE the 'loud' to get it to properly find the song in any reachable manner without a lot of scrolling. After listening to it on Spotify I concluded it was excellently done. I rate the overall track a 21/30. It lacked lyrics and any soothing elements (it was a VERY masculine track, made for someone into quite brutal music) but as a standalone piece it outshone the others here, as none were soothing.
RFD 2/7
Marshmello - Alone is boring but not super repetitive. The guy does put effort into having pleasing tunes and pacing but it’s just too simplistic for me (and others I am sure) so, even though the first guy who voted gave it 10/10 I do not feel pressured as I know he has strange taste from another electronic-music debate I’m doing with him. I give it a 17/30. It’s better than a 15/30 but the 2 points are purely for hitting good notes at a good pace… It doesn’t make me drop my jaw or close my eyes to get into the song at all, actually the more intense and ‘deep into the song’ I get, the less I want to keep listening. This is toxic for a track to do to you but is a NORM for the electronic music industry so I don’t mark it too far down for that. The lyrics are… neither soothing, actually quite depressing if you get to know them and just not deep at all in spite of it. So yeah, 17/30 is fair.
RFD 3/7
Let’s look at Ram’s opening duo. Okay, he had a pirate copy of the song uploaded to a medium that already lowers quality. If I didn’t have Spotify, I would have been ear-eroded on the listening to ARTY - Open Space. I will link you to a better copy of the song on YouTube: There is a HUGE disparity, HUGE. between the quality of the song I linked and the one I posted. I am aware sometimes these types of original-song links aren’t available in the US? Sorry, I don’t know if it’s available. I linked to the original mix, not the ‘open space’ default song that is shown by ARTY, which is shorter (and better). See, another issue with this song, and that Ramshutu picked the original version, is that the buildup is boring. It’s not terrible, it’s boring. The ‘drop’ doesn’t exist (this is not a ‘drop’ type song it’s really the opposite but it keeps building up like it has a drop instead of a ‘lift’). The ultimate ‘drop-esque’ thing that happens at almost 3 mins in (2:50 or so) is SO LONG a wait, it’s not at all rewarding nor spectacular from a technical stance. I didn’t like the lack of lyrics or lack of anything to stimulate my brain while the song built. The real thing that made me fed up with the song is that the guy (ARTY) clearly has talent and refined skill yet he wastes it on the most ridiculous repetition of DUDUDUDUDUDUD boom bid boom bom bidudee dodudoudoduoduoduoudoudud over and over… It really makes me furious.
RFD 4/7
So, while technically sufficient, it’s just a 9/30 for me.
I don’t know if Ramshutu has some kind of psychogical build that makes him enjoy being infuriated but his second song had a longer build-up and worse reward… In fact i would say the BUILD UP WAS BETTER than what happened after it (which was the same-pace of a similar thing but slower and tamer wtf?) here is the highest quality version of what he posted, available on YouTube: Again, it may not be available in certain countries, IDK. It is a headache to listen to. This is what people say electronic music is, who hate it and only love acoustic music. It is a headache of pushing too many buttons to jam together sounds for the sake of it. This is horrible. I will not stand for it. 6/30 because it had some tune to it…
SupaDudz has already won the debate at this point, in my eyes, unless he really screws up, but let me just keep it real with you and be brutally honest on my feedback so you guys understand why I voted how I did.
RFD 5/7
Complextro - Erio
Was brilliant at pacing. At every stage you were ready for the song to get repetitive, it altered. As soon as you were fed up of it going ‘bam bam bam’ it gradually went into build-up mode and the ‘drop’ was… underwhelming but exactly what you thought it would be. The issue was it sounded shit. It was literally the robot-rape-scream sound that too much electronic music is and was a brutal headache to listen to, in fact I had to physically stop it, it was so BOOM BLAMMY JRRR JRRR BRRRRSHSRIORHORSHS NO. THIS SOUND IS NOT PLEASANT I TELL YOU
Then Ramshutu comes in with a BAM, smack to the jaw, Supa on the floor wowowowow it was an eargasmatic throwback to the days that was a mainstream tune blasted in the corridor of any boarding school in the morning and shit like that. Yes, this is the fucking shit I was waiting for, build up so smooth, the inverse-drop (‘lift) which was more mainstream back then and barely going out of fashion, was fantastic. Loved it. It lacked lyrics and was too repetitive until… The exact moment… That you think that… the women sings with such a fuckable voice MMMMMMMMMMMM
It could have better percussion and a less ‘intense’ beat that’s as soothing as the woman’s voice and better syncing the woman’s voice and percussion WITH the melody and stuff but overall, fanfuckingtastic.
23/30 for Peter Robinon - Language.
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Both songs were not my interest. Good effort though. Tough to pick.
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RFD in comments (Ramshutu won by only a margin of 7%)
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
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Pro ratings:
R1: It’s quite a popular one but that is not against the rules and I loved it and have never heard it before 10/10
R2: I liked the intro of this one and I wouldn’t mind listening to it on Spotify 6/10
R3: There was a little too much going on for me in this one 3/10
R4: I liked the intro again but it went a little over the top after 1:07 5/10
R5: The trap was a little too hard for me in this one but I loved the part from 2:14 on 6/10
Total: 30/50, overall good song selection but a little too hardcore for me (possibly because I’ve got a bit of a headache from being sick at the moment)
Con ratings:
R1: Overall decent song, a solid build-up to the drop and the rhythm is pleasant 7/10
R2: A bit long but Con pointed out the highlight period, not really my kind of song but certainly not unpleasant 4/10
R3: Solid song throughout, my 2nd favourite overall after “Alone” 9/10
R4: A bit too dynamic for my taste 3/10
R5: I’ve loved this song when it was first released and I still love it 8/10 (for the full mix as it includes the whole build up)
Total: 31/50
Both debaters have presented enjoyable songs, most of which I’ve never listened to before and some of which I’ve been binging for the past few days. It was a close battle but I preferred Con’s songs today as they’re a little more easy-going.