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1 song per round, vote who had the most pleasing songs, in your opinion.
Round 1
Usually I have opponents, in this, that I fear are more 'normal-taste' and who I mustn't underestimate the raw ability of knowing what people like.

Here, I have a very thoughtful opponent who probably analyses trends and music as deeply as I do, I look forward to the tough match and will structure my picks accordingly.

My first song is designed to be 'bad' in no way at all. It is an excellent all-rounder with many elements of good music (not just good electronic music) in it:

It is a hard-hitter statistically and terms of how recent it was a hit, it is something I predict would be on the selection of my opponent and chosen primarily to stop him being able to pick it, good luck. ;)

As always, you are encouraged to get hold of the Spotify Premium, YouTube Music HD version(s) of the song because it will highlight quality and sounds that you physically don't experience on the free YouTube video audio etc. 


All art is at once surface and symbol.
Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril.
Those who read the symbol do so at their peril.
It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.
- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray
Following the words of Wilde, I urge the voters to simply enjoy the rhythmic and hopefully pleasant music and vote on whoever they believe presented the music which is most pleasant to their ears.

I thus won't flood you with any more words and leave you with my first song: 

Round 2
And yet, many words were used... Were you... Hypnotized?

It is indeed a strange thing, isn't it?

Round 3

I love my trap music as much as I love you falling into my traps...

Good pick, obvious one though... Can you really outmanoeuvre me in the long run?
The last one might have been obvious but I'm taking more of a chance with this one:

Round 4
Could use 'neffex - crown' and play a 'dangerous' game of power games but I know that when Bonaparte said 'never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake' that he didn't count on how dishonourable you end up looking and how you can use the shouting to your advantage.

Thusly, I time my bleating here: 

THE SONG STATED IN CON'S ROUND 1 IS NOT THE SONG LINKED TO VIA URL. Con either concedes one of the two songs and must explicitly make it clear in the next Round, or he is chained to have one of his next 2 songs being the other.

If Con ignores this error, Con forfeits the debate because Con has broken the 1-song per Round rule via technically posting 2 songs in R1 that is very vague on which is the actual one intended and which is the mistake.

Con is chained to either have:

Alan Walker Style - My Heart

or the stated song in R1 as his song and must apologise for the error.

The art is all well and good, but words win debates, mi oponente. ;)

Just to clarify, the name of the song I posted in round 1 is incorrectly stated in the title of the video (perhaps to clickbait people), the most liked comment of the video states the original name of the song which is the name that I wrote in round 1. But just to prevent any further unfortunate misunderstandings, the song I pick in each round is always the song that is linked to, please feel free to completely disregard the title that it is given in my rounds and vote purely the quality of the song that the link leads to.

After boring the crowd with this formality this song should get you hyped again:

Round 5
Yes, this was the last song in my first Electronic Music Battle here. Yes, it was not the song that received most positive praise.

BUT, I am aware of what people here like and have compliled many things that won't even make sense to you as some of it is non-worded non-numerical in how i measure it (I 'feel the aura') and I am certain that this song is optimal to use. 

Thank you for this Electronic Music Battle, RM.

My final song is one that is dedicated to my fellow riders and everyone who enjoys electro/dance music:

--> @PsychometricBrain
You guys got great taste in music
--> @RationalMadman
Cheers for the fun debate
--> @SupaDudz
Cheers for the vote my man, I appreciate the feedback.
I took a bit of a risk with my third and fourth song and it didn't really pay off, I've learnt a few lessons for my next music battle though. Glad you enjoyed Bad and Boujee
No you still would have lost with a score of 3.7. The 8th best was a 10/10. To tie, the lowest you needed was a 5.1/10.
It's a bit improved version of No Rules by Duo Lipa. a better beat with tempo. it was that bad. I give No Rules a 1.3/10 because it is repetitive pop garbage
Well if you had given it 3.7 I'd be tied, clearly it was THAT bad.
its just my taste. it was too poppy and was ooh ahh, dua lipa "no rules," type beat(which i hate)
I am glad supa gave my #3 a 10/10 it was a rare find I had thanks to channels I'm subcribed to and came across it.
24-25 because you decided that a song is 2.7/10 alright then. Not ashamed of this loss, first time I went too non-pop so it's hard to tell with voters as I don't know who WILL NOT vote so I can't adapt to the taste of the majority of voters. At least I have confirmed how arbitrary this is and won't engage in this type of battle again.
RM: I would focus more on the actually beat and instrumentals versus the voice itself. It really caused me to deter my votes and rate yours lower
Pyscho: I would try to avoid remixes. You got very lucky that your Migos was good, but it is usually garbage and rates lower. also try to diversify your playlist. it is a lot of alan walker type music, and i personally am not a fan
Please state which songs scored which and perhaps even 'why' and then leave the physical vote.
I will be dropping a vote based off a rating system I created
I will give a song a rating out of 10, and I will position these 10 songs from most appealing to least appealing
Then I will assign points for the song based on my rankings.
1st-10 pts
So let's say the order is
1st-RM- (9.4)-Song Rating
2nd- RM- 9
3rd- PB- 8.4
4th-PB- 8.3
5th-RM -8.2
6th-PB- 7.9
7th-PB- 7
8th-PB- 5
9th-RM- 4.3
10th-RM- 4
RM=26 and PB=23
Therefore RM wins
--> @Alec
He didn’t moderate if. Your vote is still there.
--> @Virtuoso
"This is a troll/non standard debate so votes aren't moderated.." Then why did you moderate mine?
--> @Alec
>Reported Vote: Alec // Mod action: Not Removed
>Points Awarded: 1 points to con for conduct
>Reason for Mod Action: This is a troll/non standard debate so votes aren't moderated..
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
My system of grading makes it the round closer than it is. If I was grading round by round, RM would have gotten completely swept and would have been destroyed. It was not even close.
RM #1 Just Got Paid: 2.7/10. Ewww, wtf is this. The annoying repetitive pop like tone that sounds like Dua Lipa is not what I like. This is very icky and it's repetitive, not hard beat drop is an annoyance to my ear. It is too vocal heavy and no base drop and nothing to wait for
PyschoBrain #1, My Heart: 5/10: This is OK. This isn't great, but it's not bad either. I think it is overall a pretty good beat but I wish there was more out of the song. Nothing standed out, and songs that usually label themselve as "style," tend to have a less quality
RM #2 Vanic x Zella: 7.1/10. This song had a beautiful verse/pre chorus and would had received a 10/10, but the wait is dragged on and the beat drop is not satisfying at all for the drop. It was a good balance of musical harmony, but it just did not sit well with my ears.
PyschoBrain #2 Stranger Things Remix: 8/10. I overall think this song is good. I like the mellow beat and the beat drops are overall very satisfying and sounded good. Alan Walker doesn't usually give hard beat drops, so I am not a fan of him in that sense, but the song is mellow and does a quality job to my ears. The synth is smoothing
RM #3: Trap Kuoga: 10/10: I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH HOLY SHIT! This is such a killer beat drop and a killer base. This is a beautiful tone of sound and vocals with great beat and flow. This is literally a great song and is one of the best trap songs. RM makes a huge comeback and jumping into to the spot.
PyschoBrain #3 NEEFEX-Chance: 2.5/10 Ugh what the fuck is that synth. It sounds like the track litteraly fucking broke while DJing and such so annoying and repetitive. And the vocals are so good here too, but it is outperformed by the dog shit synth, that sounds ass
RM #4: Vincent: I No Magician: 6.3/10: I think the beat is underwhelming and like, what? This is really just like a what song. It doesn't really flow great and the beat is decent until the beat drop, which is very good. It isn't bad, and definitely could see people liking it, but it really underwhelms and is confusing
PyschoBrain #4 Bad and Boujee Edit: 9.3/10. This song has a great buildup and one of the best beat drops I have ever seen in a remake. I infidelity did like it, but my problem is that usually, these trap to hard edm is usually garbo, but this song pulls it off, but their is still issues
RM #5: Halogeon: 7.2/10 Bah, that was a weak ending. I thought it would be a great middle song, but it ends up being a really weak finish and in general ends up being weak
PyschoBrain #5: This is How We Ride: 8.6/10. This is a great anthem song. i really do like it's anthem feel and it's overall vibe to it
1- RM #3 10/10
2- Pyscho #4 9.3/10
3- Pyscho #5 8.6/10
4- Pyscho #2 8/10
5- RM #5 7.2/10
6- RM #2 7.1/10
7- RM #4 6.3/10
8- Pyscho #1 5/10
9- RM #1 2.7/10
10- Pyscho #3 2.5/10
RM: 24
Pyscho: 25
WINNER: Pyscho
Feedback for me in the comments
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
So I am much more a Trance Addict than the the more electro pop side of things. I prefer up tempo instrumental with a good hook. My baseline for vocal excellence in songs, take a look at Above And Beyond.
1.) Just Got paid.
Okay - reminds of a ministry of sound pop filler track. 5/10
2.) Hypnotic
Again, just okay. Nothing there that I’m going to remember tommorow, just middle of the road stuff. 5/10
3.) Trap
I like the vocals, but I didn’t like either the disjoint beat, or the discordant instrumental - it felt like something was missing in the breaks: 4/10
4.) Vincent
This was a let down. I loved the build up,
love the vocals, but the break down was terrible and felt out of place with the rest of the song. 4/10
5.) Halogen another poppy song. It’s okay, but it’s middle of the road again. 5/10
Pro 23/50
1.) Dont Go.
Good build up, I felt the breakdown left something to be desired. The main riff not as bad as Vincent as bad. So will score this a bit better. 5/10
2.) Kygo
Marginally better, a little bit more melodic and less poppy, but it didn’t do anything tingly. 6/10
3.) neffex
I really didn’t like this one - too hip hoppy, not enough tune. The main break is not catchy enough to redeem it imo.
4.) Migos - again not my cup of tea, I slightly preferred the main break to neffex. But only just. 2/10
5.) Enjoy the ride.
Fuck yeah. This is my Jam Baby. So, I really liked this one. Excellent use of variation and layers, cracking build up, and nice drop with a great theme. The only reason this doesn’t get 10, is that I felt that the main theme was too on beat, the gap between felt like it needed to be filled with a background Melody to fill in the hole. 9/10
I also just downloaded it - it’s a great running track!
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Good effort by both people. It's hard to judge songs subjectively since I prefer the cold hard facts.