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Here is how voting should work...
Conduct: Dissing (the opposite of what conduct normally means as the goal is to be as rude and nasty as possible)
Grammar: Wordplay/puns/metaphors/alliteration etc.
Sources: Flow
Arguments: Rhyme scheme
Round 1
In this round it's pure skill, no personals
my goal is to prove that I'm so surgical
with the flow, you're in no
position to even post a verse at all
cause' the level of skill you shows worse than Lo-gan Paul
and I promise I won't be merciful

cause' this is like a 5th degree black belt
fighting a white belt at half health
in mortal kombat, plus it's like I have help
from Jax, Mil-eena
and Liu Kang while all you have is sub zero-par bars and your raps melt
and you have a giraffe pelt
up your ass, welp...
I think it's safe to say that my wraths felt
and I may lack wealth
but I have a wealth of rap skills, at the forefront while you sit up on the back shelf
and to find some decent competition I'd have to battle my past self

(proof that this flows in a way you can't tell just by reading it)

Round 2
you should be fuckin' ashamed
stop runnin' away
you've got nothin' to say
cause' you suck and you're gay
I am going to concede this battle. I don't have time and I have midterms
Round 3
penis penis penis
you know that I'm a genius
Penis penis penis
I'm gunna hit your wenus
watching porn, watching porn
blowing on my dick like a basset horn
gucci gang gucci gang
i fucked my girl, dang
spent ten racks on a chain
my bitch love do cocaine

rm gonna vote me down
because he's a clown
here is my attempt at rap
and i had to forefeit, crap
oh well, it's all swell, don't dwell
I'll be back when midterms over
riding in the street in my range rover

--> @Type1
here is my rap for r3 lol
Good luck to both of you.
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