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Vote which one you like better in the songs or who's were more pleasent
Round 1

Today we start with a solid beat drop/nightcore fast paced nightcore track

Really like this one as a hype

The title of this debate is clearly agreed by Pro with me to be Electronic Music and not Electric. Electricity is used in Metal for the electric guitar, get where I'm going with this? Exactly. We mean Electronic which is more specific to heavily electric-focused in the means of developing the melody and mixing in the voice and whatever else.

I will do this differently to my normal style of providing links. Instead of preaching to used Spotify Premium and acting like an advertiser, I will do this:

Artists: Coone (primary) and Jelle van Dael (vocal)
Song Name: Superman
YouTube Link (only truly HD/HQ in sound with paid YouTube Music package):
Spotify Link (only HQ at all with paid Spotify Premium package):
NOTE: Spotify links to direct tracks will redirect to the Album instead of the track if you're not logged into Spotify Webplayer beforehand.

I don't have iTunes and loathe Apple, so I cannot attain the iTunes link as I have no Apple, iCloud type login or ID for it.

Round 2
Nice song

BOXINBOX & Lionzie - Black and White

ROUND 1 EPILEPSY WARNING: The Music Video of the Round 1 Song of mine has strobe lighting in the live-footage. The video never warns for epilepsy and I didn't watch it all the way through as I listen to the songs, not watch.

Artist: CloZee
Song Name: Red Forest

Round 3
Classic but still a goodie

Artists: Besomorph and Julius Kasa (50/50 credit-split)

Song Name: No More

Round 4
Round 5
The links I posted in the Round above (Round 4) are not anything doxxing or IP-catching. When you paste from an Android phone it turns out there is something I genuinely didn't know happens; it makes the links you copy and paste have the URL of Google redirecting to the website instead of the actual URL. This is stranger with YouTube links as Google knows YT is safe as Google owns YT so it insta-opens it. This is something I didn't know and had a Google Doc ready to past it over onto here. I am sorry for scaring you. If you want I'll do this:


Sorry if this scared you, there is actually nothing less I gain from these links than from the other. I didn't know that happens on a phone, I always debate here on computer and same with Google Docs (I usually use them only on a computer).


Artist: XYLØ
Song Name: Blue Light

--> @RationalMadman
I consider repetitive, straight up boring or a good build-up but a poor drop undewhelming, if everything is at least all right, then it's not underwhelming
--> @PsychometricBrain
Thanks for the vote. What makes something not-underwhelming to you? If you can't explain that's fine too.
I'll vote some time soon, got two more songs to rate.
--> @PsychometricBrain
In order for Nightcore to be good, it must already introduce an electronic beat. If the song is like that, nightcore is a real bop. Most of it is not good
Nightcore music is typically not very popular, I like it though so more power to you SupaDudz
All music is electric.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Entirely my taste and I bring little authority to the subject.
Everytime we touch 3 < Superman 4
Black & White 5 < Red Forest 7
More Than You Know 5 > No More 2
Lets Go 7 > Crash 3
Jammu 4 < Blue Light 7
24 > 23
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
So the way i vote is two fold. Which songs do i save on my Youtube list... and the song crusher method... which song do i blast at full volume.
Although i love nightcore (good one)... didn't save any from pro...
But even if i did... con had the song crusher. I don't think he is going to be too surprised i save the Epilepsy warning song lol... and Crash (full volume baby) ... thanks for that song.
Win goes to con.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Every time we touch: posting happy hardcore in an EDM debate should warrant immediate forfeit. No.
Black and white: felt a bit odd, the upsamples voice always do that to me. This wasn’t terrible but i didn’t feel the build up was great, and the hook was forgettable:
More you know: I’m not a big fan of this guy. The hooks sort of catchy which earns better points, the rest of the song Is forgettable:
Let’s go: not my favourite CH song, but this wasn’t bad. Catchy hook, reasonable build up.
Jammu: the generic sounding EDM again - but this is redeemed a little bit more by the catchier hook:
Superman: this started off okay, but ended up sounding like scooter with the hard drum beat. Hated this one
Red forest: this was pretty good, nice relaxed chill track, nice break down and build up (for a chill track), not bad.
No more: a pretty generic filler song imo. It’s okay, but has very little to distinguish it from the 8492 other songs of this sort of style:
Crash: was this the same song as the previous round? Hard to say! Again, very generic sound and hook. Instantly forgettable:
Blue light: not a fan. It felt like this song could have been better, the song seemed like it was going to launch into something better and never did.
Pro: 19 Con 18
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
<4 = Would skip on Spotify, 4-6 = Wouldn't mind listening to, >6 Would enjoy listening to.
Everytime We Touch - A bit too fast for my taste and the high-pitched voice was annoying at times but I enjoyed the bass boost and liked the song - 6
Black and White - I like the intro but the high-pitched voice from 0:32-0:40 is somewhat annoying - 4
More Than You Know - Decent but not impressive, similar to Black and White but without the high-pitched voice - 5
Let's Go - Too repetetive for my taste, weak drop, not awful though - 4
Jammu - The only song in this debate that I perceived as somewhat unpleasant - 3
Total: 22
I would have preferred songs without high-pitched voices and a bit less repetetive songs, it'd probably have been better to select Dance/Pop/Chill songs to appeal to the widest possible audience.
Superman - Enjoyable song, nice beat, the part from 1:05 till 1:30 is pretty good - solid 7
Red Forest - Pretty chill, the kind of song I might listen to while working on an essay or reading fiction, a bit boring at some points though - 5
No More - A bit repetetive and hardly outstanding in any area, still somewhat pleasant though - 4
Crash - Decent song, doesn't underwhelm in any area, doesn't stand out either though and is less enjoyable than Superman - 6
Blue Light - Pretty chill song, I like the opening and its pretty chill throughout - borderline 7
Total: 29
RM didn't take any serious risks in this debate, solid selection with exclusively dance and chill music, if I had another Electronic Music Battle, I'd probably go for similar genres.