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Seven Lions Is Better Than Illenium


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I will waive the first round, and you will waive the last round.
Round 1
I am waiving this round, per the rules.
Round 2

I think I'll keep my argument quite short today.
I think Illenium is better than Seven Lions because it's music has more chill and stacked supersawwy vibes. Illenium has also been cranking out more innovative stuff recently.
Round 3
Chill is the opposite of what dubstep and EDM, in general, should be. Illenium is essentially pop music with an EDM beat. Seven Lions is pure EDM through and through. Just listen to any of his songs, such as Start Again or Higher Love. Both of these songs are completely beat-oriented, even though they have lyrics. Illenium's songs, such as Beautiful Creatures or Take You Down, rely heavily on lyrics, which take away from the main purpose for which they were made. Also, Seven Lions' music has a lot of diversity. From Start Again to First Time to Dreamin' to The Truth, he really has quite the repertoire. Ilenium's music is stuck sounding the same. That is why Seven Lions is better than Illenium.

Well, Illenium has more variety in its music, in my opinion. Also, music might not necessarily be made for the music alone. There is no law that music should be made for music. Isn't lyrics part of music? Lyrics and singing is also music and music should not only mean the beats in a song. Music is a very general term and debating about music has many factors to it. Therefore, we shouldn't be listening for the beats alone. And as you said, Seven Lions is EDM through and through, which makes it boringly plain and without much variety.
Round 4
I'm saying that Seven Lions and Illenium, as EDM artists, should fit that genre because that is what I go to them looking for. Illenium tends to stray, which isn't bad, but that is misleading to his listeners. Seven Lions, while staying diverse, still meets the type of music that his listeners are looking for. EDM is all about beats. Seven Lions has plenty of songs with lyrics, and they're great, but they focus on the beat over the lyrics, while Illenium focuses on the lyrics over the beat. Because the beat is the need that must be met by these artists, Seven Lions accomplishes that goal much better, and so he, therefore, is better than Illenium. I'm not trying to say that Illenium is a bad artist (because he makes great music), but within the confines of EDM and specifically dubstep/house, Seven Lions is a better artist. Plus, his music goes all sorts of places (Start Again, Dreamin', Higher Love), while Illenium's music/remixes tend to have the same type of sound (Take You Down, Beautiful Creatures),

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Why u no vote
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Arguments. While both sides gave me reasons why one is better, neither side really gave me any framework to determine who was right. It’s a common problem - but essentially part of the argument should be what constitutes being better, and why.
My issue here, as a result, is that both sides gave reasons as to why one was better than the other: but any attempt to weigh this would be completely arbitrary without a framework - especially considering the arguments being made where themselves subjective (such as being chilled - or that best is more completely matching the genre).