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Should President Trump go to war with Iran?


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As tensions heat up between America and Iran, I thought I would debate whether war is the answer. i plan on voting for Trump as a centrist Republican (Bernie pissed me off too many times), but I do not think war should happen unless there is an ABSOLUTE reason, and I agree with Ron Paul that war should be approved by Congress first.
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My main reason for not wanting war with Iran is that constant wars are a multitude of problems: First, there is the loss of life. As a prolife Christian, I have an issue with that. Civilians from iran will die, and so will many of our troops. Second, what message does that send? It sends the message, that America can jihad just as much as the Islamic State. Third, Jesus said "bessed are the peacemakers", Fourth, what will stop iran or any other country from attacking America. War is for the most grave of situations. A pacifist, I am not, as I think the war against Nazi Germany was justified. Fifth, have you heard of what Ron Paul calls blowback? If i may quote Buddha, he said something like victory breeds hatred, for the conquered are never happy. Granted, we should not try to make terrorists happy, rather try to stave off war with more diplomatic options like sanctions. Many countries have grave human rights abuses, but we just can't bomb them all without looking like dictators. I await your response, and will gladly forfeit if you prove me wrong. Peace.
He should go to war with Iran on the basis of politics. The war can be himself and a propaganda war indeed.
Round 2
Come on, you are too intelligent to support another illegal war, and I respect you for that. i see no benefit to going to war with Iran, because the Iranian government does not truely speak for the many Iranians, who want peace.
Then that is a good reason to go to war with them. Then the new government can speak for the Iranian people.
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Iran commits human rights abuses. They should be punished somehow. They agreed to give up their nukes in exchange for lifting the sanctions. We should somehow get more from Iran, such as fixing the human rights abuses that are there.
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--> @Wrick-It-Ralph
Damn right.
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If he goes alone. Then yes.
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