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I'm pro-abortion: change my mind


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Round 1
The debate proposition is that I AM pro-abortion and you must change my mind to win the debate. Since I absolutely refuse to change my mind I will still be pro-abortion and thus the proposition of the debate title will remain untouched no matter what. I automatically win because I literally AM pro-abortion and you literally CAN'T change my mind because I refuse no matter what to change my opinion.

Good luck.

Round 2
My dog is barking
he hates hearing neighbor kids
he wants to bite them
Since the resolution is to be interpreted that way, I as Con refuse to change your mind. Bad luck, you just failed to uphold the resolution.
Round 3
I'm pro-abortion and you aren't changing my mind.
Exactly. The resolution, as you defined it, is you proposing that I change your mind.
--> @Alec
--> @GuitarSlinger, @Our_Boat_is_Right
Both of you are going to like this. I'm pro life now.
--> @GuitarSlinger
If I kill the baby, God rewards the baby with heaven.
--> @Alec
So how do you know God wants you to kill unborn children?
--> @GuitarSlinger
God tells us to do things that send us to heaven, like not murdering. However, he also tells us things that wouldn't send others to heaven, like killing various groups. He does both.
--> @Alec
God doesn't burn people in hell. People end up here of their own choosing. The choices you make in life determine where you end up. God says "Do these things, and you will end up with me in Heaven, or do these things and you will have an eternity without me (i.e. Hell), but the choice is yours"
Life is a journey. Each action we take moves us either in the direction toward God or away from Him.
--> @Alec
The Bible says thou shalt not murder? Really? What version are you reading? Most versions I've seen has it as "Thou Shalt Not Kill"
YOu say going to Heaven is more important than following God's commandments...The question is, how do you get to Heaven?
--> @Alec
God makes it very clear that people go to hell if they reject Christ. God made all people and things and loves us so much, but if people willfully reject Christ then the punishment is Hell. God is against abortion. Abortion is murder. He wants people to have an earthly life and choose if we love him.
Like I said, it is wise to listen to God and not yourself because God has a plan for everything beyond our capability of knowledge. Trying to justify something for God is bad because God is the source for all right and wrong, due justice and mercy. Maybe you will understand when your autism gets better.
--> @Our_Boat_is_Right
I am like Saint Peter. I think for myself. Look at what God does to Saint Peters. If God is all loving, he would have supplied a convincing enough justification as to why he burns most people in hell and why abortion is necessary to save a fetus.
--> @Alec
Abortion is murder. God is against abortion. You are trying to fix a solution that seems just to you. Only God understands.
--> @GuitarSlinger
The bible says, "Thou shall not murder". If it said, "Thou shall not kill", then it would not support the death penalty and we would all have to be vegetarians. I think going to heaven is more important then following God's commandments. The way to send the unborn to heaven at a 100% success rate is to kill them, preferably within the 1st 20 weeks so they can't feel pain.
--> @Sparrow
Curious. Why are you pro-abortion?
--> @Our_Boat_is_Right
I feel like I need to correct you as a fellow Christian. It is not your place to say who is or who isn't going to Heaven. Only God knows. To say with certainty who is or who isn't going to Heaven is pretty much elevating yourself to God's level. That you can not do, my friend.
--> @Alec
The Bible also says thou shalt not kill. So you are taking as truth when the Bible says unborn go to heaven. But yet, you are not taking as truth (or rather perhaps disobeying) the Bible when it says thou shalt not kill. Why is that?
Just because laws are enacted by a group of people does not automatically mean those laws are "right" and "just". Hell, in the very near future a group of people could enact a law that says all guys named "Alec" must be strung up by their testicles every day at noon for 10 minutes. I'm sure you'd be quick to say "Hey now! That is NOT a just law!" If I were to say "But hey, it's legal. I mean come on, the majority of the population thinks all guys named Alec must be strung up by their testicles for 10 minutes. I mean come on, we're doing these guys a FAVOR-- it's building their character.", I'm sure you would still find issue with the law. In fact, you might even argue that just because it's a law doesn't mean it's "right" or "just"
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Better conduct 1 point
Haggling over the resolution.
Pro claims the resolution is to change his mind. Con turns this around and claims that sure - the resolution is to change his mind, but if that doesn’t happen the resolution is negated (the mind is not changed).
Pro was hoisted by his own petard here, deciding upon an undebatable topic, and trolling premise that pro clearly turned on its head. Pro offered no meaningful argument and simply restated his position. As a result - arguments to con.
Conduct to con also. While con forfeited - which normally garners a deduction. The bait and switch semantic nonsense of this debate clearly was pretty shitty overall - and worse than normal: as it is clearly an unfair premise intended to trap individuals - conduct to con also as it outweighs the forfeit.