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If you love anime, I'm sure you love some of your favorite Intros and OST's!
Please follow the rules below:
Each opponent will send FIVE anime Intros/OST's each round. (Making it 25 songs overall) Please make sure to send LINKS to the music.
You must mix and match anime intros and the OST's each round. It's fine if one outweighs the other, but make sure they are mixed instead of it only being Intros or only being OST's.
Each round doesn't have to pertain to one specific anime, it can be different anime in one round. Totally up to you, it's optional. Pro (me) and Con (my opponent) can listen to each other's songs, to make it more fun! We might recognize some that we like.
Definition of each:
Intros - Anime intro songs. The songs that play in the beginning of the show.
OST's - Background music/instrumentals that plays during the show.
The voters will choose which music they liked better overall and that's who the winner will be.
Have fun! And the best of luck to my opponent.
Round 1
I appreciate the very innovative choice for this debate. I've heard a lot of great music in anime, and it will be a difficult choice to say the least, even with so many rounds. I'll try to keep my selections diverse, ranging from some high intensity selections to some that bring out strong feelings in me the moment they come on. For this round, here are my five:

I'll include more intros next round. As a brief aside, the Pokemon theme was my jam back in the day. Still a fan of that Bleach OST, too. Got a couple of those that will be coming your way (and a good deal more Yuki Kajiura - that woman is seriously amazing).
Round 2
Damn it I was gonna do Sadness and Sorrow! :') A classic. Every time I hear it it gives me chills, makes me think of so many scenes. Most of all, it makes me miss Naruto even more since it ended. 

Ah, FLCL. One of the weirdest shows I've ever seen, it's hilarious though! I love that song. 

2. Bleach OST 2 #11 Here To Stay - OST (Words can't explain how much I love this OST)
3. One Piece Soundtrack - Uunan and the Stone Storage room - OST (One of my top favorite One piece OST's)
4. Naruto Opening 5 - Intro (Classic)
5. Marvelous Battle OST's: Luffy's Fierce Attack! - OST (An epic one. Love this so much)
Ah, L's Theme. I've got some Death Note coming, but that's definitely one of my favorites from the show. Glad you put some One Piece in this, not sure just yet if I'll be adding some of my own for that anime, though I'm considering. Another round of tough choices, though with 25, I'm getting through most of my favorites.

I'm keeping the range pretty wide, throwing some more classics into the mix and something from this year that really stuck with me. Best Bleach OP in my opinion, and just had to go with the hype song from My Hero Academia. I'll start throwing in some character themes shortly, got a few of those.
Round 3
Ironically I was planning to use my most favorite Bleach opening. I really have two favorites but opening 2 is my all time favorite.

1. Bleach Opening 2  (Don't get me wrong, I love opening 1 but I really really love this one, so much) - Intro
4. One Piece Opening 8 - Jungle P. [HD] (Words can't explain....I can listen to this over and over again lol) - Intro
5. Fairytail opening 1 - Intro

The second Bleach OP is still pretty awesome, no doubt. Akame Ga Kill also has some awesome music, good choice.
Seriously, Toshio Masuda, Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura are going to be common presences on this list. They are all amazing. Whether you love Naruto or not, you owe it to yourself to listen to the amazing soundtrack of Masuda. Kanno is just so damn innovative with every song, and Kajiura makes some incredibly epic, ethereal stuff that evokes some incredible emotion. Tank! is seriously one of the best OPs around. Sorairo Days is seriously hype, and Genos's Theme (The cyborg fights) is the most incredible battle theme. Pretty much anything from Madoka Magica is awesome, though this is probably their best. In terms of villain themes, nothing quite matches Orochimaru's for me.

Round 4
Ah, Orochimaru theme. Legendary, I love it. 

1. Naruto Shippuden OST 1 - Track 23 - Taiji ( Confronting ) - OST (One of my top favorites, I used to have this on repeat a while back. Gonna start listening to it again. It cheers me up)

Yeah Naruto music gives me life, they really should play anime OST's or Intros on the radio.
Man, I forgot just how much I loved Uryu's Theme. Turned it on and immediately fell in love again. Despite not having seen the series, big fan of the Hisoka theme as well.

Both of these OPs are among my absolute favorites, and Flow may be my favorite intro song. It's an incredible work. The Megalo Box theme is really evocative of Cowboy Bebop in all the right ways, and has a great beat to it. This and L's theme are my favorite Death Note works, and I finally landed on my favorite song from One Piece. Always gets me hyped.

Last round coming up, plan to use some more obscure and classic titles with a solid favorite to round it all out.

Round 5
I love Overtaken! I think we're in eachother's minds lmao. Loved #4 too, Light theme is awesome. #1 was excellent too, I'm sure that may be one of my favorite Intros from FMAB it sounded so good, I can't wait until I get farther. 

3. Naruto Opening 9 | Yura Yura (HD) (Lost for words. Really love this) - Intro

Please watch HxH! I know I recommended you it already but whenever you get a chance, dive on it. It will change your life! One of the best. This was really fun, thanks for the anime music battle. May the best person win!
Oh man, we are reading each other's minds. Was incredibly close to picking Pain's theme over Orochimaru's two rounds ago, and my picks this round just barely edged out Flyers from Death Parade. That's a great OP. And yes, HxH is high on my list, though it's long enough that I have to set more time aside than I currently have. We should talk recommendations because some of the sources of these songs are really worth your time.

I went further back with many of these focusing largely on pieces that made me begin to take notice of music in anime. Finally decided to get some DBZ in the mix - had to pick what was probably my favorite musical moment in the whole series, incredibly hype. Another Yuki Kajiura piece, this being from the first series I ever heard her work in, and no less incredible than the other two, particularly with that fast violin work. The Gundam Wing piece really brings me back and still holds up beautifully. The Darker than Black piece is a great action scene accompaniment (the anime was not great, but the music and fight scenes were strong). Finally, had to give a shout out to the first OP for Attack on Titan. Does a beautiful job of getting you revved up for the anime.

Regardless of who takes this, it was a lot of fun figuring out which songs would make this list. No easy choices, but with 25, I think I got to all my favorites. Look forward to the voting!

--> @King_8
Yeah, that's my favorite part as well. Just incredible for its atmosphere setting.
--> @Ramshutu, @whiteflame
whiteflame - I really loved that OST my favorite part is at 0:40. It reminds me of someone spying or something or that sh*t is gonna get real.
Ramshutu - Thanks for analysis I appreciate it as well and for voting well. And you didn't have to watch every single video all the way through. Just 1 minute of it is just fine or maybe a little less. If you really loved the track you can listen to it all the way through. But yeah, for efficiency and time you could have done that. Still though, the 1-10 score method was awesome. Fun reading it.
--> @King_8, @whiteflame
If took me most of today, listening to them whilst working from home on my noise cancelling earphones. There were some great songs on both sides,
--> @Ramshutu
Thank you for the vote and the extensive analysis!
R5: pro
Bleach: great song, it has urgency, it conveys the need for inner strength and adversity, loved the choral aspect to it too! 9
Death parade: CCS, as good as Pokémon: 4
Naruto: CCS, but a little better than Pokémon this time. 5
One peice: CCS, a little bit better again for me. 6
Pain: amazing choral peice. I used to play homeworld a lot, and this brought back some memories of that! Conveys the pain and hurt, and is increasingly well composed: 10
Grand total: 170/250
Darker than black: this was a b side for an underworld track. Disjointed and harsh - but that was the point. This song was hard in the ears, but that was I’m sure the intent, and as such this ranks higher for me: 7
The world: could only find a live version (link didn’t work), which seemed very CCS, I don’t want to rate it higher than Pokémon as I’m not sure I got the right one: 4
Gundam wing: nice bouncing track, conveys a sense of danger and adventure, catchy in its own way to be honest! 8
Vegeta: this felt somewhat transcendent, moving to a higher level after success. Completion - but more to do. I liked this, but felt the Layering let it down: it felt it should build more: 7
Attack on titan: CCS, just above Pokémon : 5
Total: 31:
Grand total: 176/250
Round 4
Naruto: great sense of foreboding! A good build up song,: 8
Hunter x hunter: the usage of the Mexican/Spanish style guitar implicitly makes me go for the vigilante outlaw feeling which it does very well; but the overall quality was just okay, it relies more on the relationship with the style than the music here: 7
My hero academia: about the same level as Pokémon for me: 4
Bleach: looooved this! Great sense of foreboding, that something bad was just around the corner, loved the layers to this song, and the unusual style! 9
Noragami: Cliché cartoon style (CCS), I’d rank this only jut above Pokémon : 5
Total: 33: running total: 135
Full metal alchemist: this started out good and turned into a more CCS, it was mostly catchy, but I can’t rate it higher than the last FMA: 5
Medals box: amazing song! Conveys a me vs the world - and that world is coming for me. Loved the style a lot, loved the stark synth, loved the soft break and loved what appeared to be the bell backing track. Amazing somg: 10
Flow by colours: again, kind of CCS, I m going to score this lower than Pokémon due to use of what appeared to be 1985 Casio quality synth trumpets: 3
Death note: interesting song, a little tubular belly, but interesting: a nice sense of mystery to it! 8
One peice: nice feel to it, as of waiting for a major space battle to start! 8
Total: 34 running total: 145
Round 3:
Bleach: not a fan. This is about the same as Pokémon for me: 4
Tokyo ghoul: this started soft, with a sense of sadness, then worked all the way to tragedy. I didn’t like the song a great deal, but could appreciate the emotion it was showing me: 7
Akami Ga Kill: this reminded me of the wheat from Gladiator and a bit of braveheart. It was conveying a combination of mystery, and duty: legit got my hair standing on end. Loved the rock transition - kinda reminds me of hunting of the snark! Best track so far: 10
One peice opening: again, this fits into the generic rocky cartoon theme cliche, it’s around the level of Pokémon for me: 4
Fairytale opening: again, a little less cliche, but still didn’t convey anything to me:5
Total: 30. Running total: 102
Sorairo days: Again, much like a cliche cartoon theme, better than Pokémon, and the pace does convey some sense of intensity more than some of the others: 6
Tank: Loved this! Every spy film/series has a theme that feels like this, not quite as catchy as the saint; but excellent! 9
Orochimarus theme: nice variations around Tocata and Fuge in D minor, conveys dread, terror and evil very nicely! 9
Sis puella Manila: interesting feel to this, quite a sense of wonder about it, likes the vocals and the soft feeling to this: 8
Genos theme: a lot of anger to this song, with an edge of not caring about consequences. Special place in my head for this style of EDM: 9
Total: 41. Running total: 111
Death note: Tubular bells feel (that’s good). Liked when the guitar kicked in. Had a mystery / supernatural feel to it: 8
Bleach: very good emotional track, a little bit of sadness and sorrow; but a bit resolute too. 8
One piece: very adventure - but reminded me of one of the settlers themes when you uncovered a new part of the map containing the enemy:8
Narutu: not a big fan of this, it’s between Pokémon and FmA: 5.
Marvellous battle: conveys preparation for a battle really well, illicits feelings of the a team preparing or mcguyver! 9
Total 38: running total: 72
Asterisk: again, this felt a bit better than the Pokémon theme, but didn’t specifically convey much of a deeper feeling: 5
Inner universe: I liked this song, and there was a frantic energy to it, running out the clock: but I can’t quite put my finger in what I felt: 7
Cruel angels thesis: this one is a carton theme sounding theme song, but less cheesy feeling:6
My hero academia: this reminds me of the Carmaggedon sound track. Love this song, hard and conveys a sense of massive urgency and energy: 9
Mob psycho: thought this was the Seinfeld theme for the first few seconds. Less cheesy, but didn’t scream anything to me
Much like CAT a couple of songs ago - the break about half way through the song almost swayed me to go higher, but wasn’t enough: 6
Total: 33 running total : 71
Voting method.
This is entirely subjective. I’m going to assign points out of 10. Theme tunes are about feeling and conveying the nature of series. My favourite theme tune would probably be Star Trek Voyager, Mission Impossible and the A-team. While this is all anime, I think that vote criteria is still applicable. I don’t watch much anime, so I’m voting solely on how well the music conveys a theme or feeling to me - not on adherence to the anime.
Pokémon: Kids cartoon style theme. 4
Head in the clouds: seems pretty interesting, conveyed a feeling of oddness - interesting song: 7
Hunter x Hunter: movie score feeling to it, more dramatic: 7
Hunter x Hunter: more upbeat, had an exploration type feel up it, I actually really liked this one: 8!
Naruto: projected a “cool badass” feeling quality here: 8
R1: 34
Full metal alchemist: not a big fan of this song, it is better than the Pokémon theme, but didn’t really do it for me: 5
A song of storm and fire: I had to google this as the original link wasn’t working. Nice little song, still had a hint of a cartoon theme to it, but conveyed a nice sense of urgency: 7
Little busters: very teenage angst, I kinda like this one: 8
Sadness and sorrow: amazing track, fully portrays the emotion here. The transition from orchestra to lone piano was amaZing, I thought this was really good: 10
Made on the abyss. Starts off playfull, moves to the more adventitious: 8
Total: 38
--> @Ramshutu
Honestly, that doesn’t sound incredibly long to me, but then I tend to spend a lot more time in total between reading a debate and writing an RFD to explain my decision. That being said, I know I don’t personally expect voters to listen extensively to every song. You and anyone else are welcome to listen to as much or as little as you want. The goal was to provide good listening, not to get extensive analysis of each song or a thorough comparison between what we presented. If voting on this proves to be onerous, then I honestly think it’s not worth doing. I know I didn’t enter into this with the aim of getting voters who had painstakingly listened to every single song and carefully considered their choice.
Oh yeah, your right! Though you meant “doubles it unnecessarily”
Yeah 50, minutes. Still a long ass time
--> @Ramshutu
it's 50 mins if they're 1 minute long. You doubled it irrationally.
5 per rounds - 10 rounds - 2 participants.
Even if each are 1 minute long that’s 1hr and 40 minutes.
Next time be aware of the time impact on voters. This is probably why there’s no decent votes so far. I will be getting to this shortly.
--> @King_8
Just to bump this (with the faint and somewhat vain hope of getting a vote or two that are actually votes) and introduce you to an amazing OST from Gankutsuou. Forgot about this one.
Yeah, I'd rather people just vote on what they actually liked rather than inserting other reasoning into the mix.
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Better sources 2 points
Better spelling and grammar 1 point
Better conduct 1 point
Con wins 176/170
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Better arguments 3 points
Better sources 2 points
Better spelling and grammar 1 point
Better conduct 1 point
Countering RM poor vote which provides no reasoning for his decision.
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Better arguments 3 points
Better sources 2 points
Better spelling and grammar 1 point
Better conduct 1 point