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Round 2
Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

For full audio quality, get YT Music or Spotify Premium and click the relevant link. Otherwise, enjoy a nearly-as-good fantastic audio experience and still be amazed at this cover of a bittersweet song.

since its a debate i feel ive got to do the opposite of a song like that so here is a more upbeat acoustic song
enjoy :)

Round 3
Karmin - Didn't Know You (Acoustic Version)

Spotify doesn't have the acoustic but in my opinion this is their best acoustic 'cover of their own song' they have done.

Unfortunate note (or fortunate if you like poppy rap): Karmin broke up (but I think she's still friends with the guy, who was the musician) and she went into become a rapper as opposed to the more mainstream soulful and/or poppy music she was making before.

Her current artist identity is Qveen Herby and Karmin is dead as an artistic entity.

decided to go with one with a good message behind it
hope you enjoy
Round 4
Faded Alan Walker // Madilyn Bailey // Piano Cover

I dislike Apple with a passion but this YT description made it very easy to give the iTunes link so thank Madilyn Bailey for that. As you can see, it is typical Apple in that it links to a track via 'album'.
Round 5
The Cranberries - Zombie (Cello & Piano Cover) - Brooklyn Duo

Ok so i feel i have no other choise but to end with my favorite band Twenty One Pilots soooo

now one comment made me realize i really should have gave the spotify links to all the other songs so im gunna do that here if yall want to take a look

Dream on, boyce avenue- 

shut up and dance(acoustic), walk the moon-

be alright(acoustic), dean lewis-

and sadly cant help falling in love cover by twenty one pilots is only on youtube
--> @RationalMadman
Anytime, and yeah I've heard Lindsey Stirling and she's really good, I've never heard Karmin before though
--> @Speedrace
TY for the vote. I again will say that the picks you liked least were there for a different kind of voter. Lindsey Stirling and Karmin are powerhouses. Check out more of both.
--> @AddictWithNoPen
It’s cool
Good luck regardless, winners win and if you are the winner I will learn from it.
the last round is the least acoustic of all. The only one I posted that pushes the edge of acoustic is my R4 as there was minimalistic editing on her vocal tone.
Your last Round was not acoustic, it was electronically edited and mastered. The entire sounds other than the ukelele, including the voice, were artificial.
--> @Speedrace
ok i realize i probably should have done that so im gunna do that this round
--> @AddictWithNoPen
Why don't you put the names of the songs so I can find them on Spotify SIR -_-
--> @AddictWithNoPen
I LOVE arosmith
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
The arena: this was okay, let down by production quality a little which took away from the song, the acoustics of the room, and the piano volume compared to the violin (which rarely sounds good in isolation at that pitch) Lets this one down.6
Creep. This was a reasonable song. I’ve heard many acoustic covers of this; this is what let it down. The whole song for me, is about the transition from soft and tender to utter despair. This song loses that for me, I can’t not compare it to Thom Yorke, no matter how I try. 6
Didn’t know you. Against this is a goodish song but didn’t quite fizz: there’s no X factor I felt in this song that raises it above. It’s more of a regular okay song played acoustically : 6
Faded: better.... this is a good piano cover that reminds me of the uk waitrose add cover of power of love. This has a bit more to it than the others, and is a more compelling song as a result of the acoustic unplugged feel: 8.
Zombie: I’m so torn here. The song is great, but the cello? Ugh! It was played well, and the cellist was amazing, the song was super popular, but as the cello can’t help but have gaps in it when the cellist changes direction it makes it feels like the song has holes, so it was both good, but felt more empty and stilted in places as a result: 7
Dream on: this was a great song, better production, and well sung. It didn’t really fizz for me though, nothing that made me really drop my jaw: 7
Shut up and dance: this just sounds like they sang shut up and dance during a power cut. My issue with this is that the acoustic version doesn’t add anything nor plays to the acoustic nature of the song: 6
Sometone to you: this song again falls foul of a similar problem to the others, feeling like an average song simply played acoustically. I think this one is a bit better than some of the others, but I can’t give it more than a: 6
Be alright: much better from con here too. This song plays to the acoustic nature better too. I much prefer the voice quality with the piano here - which I find is so much better for acoustic songs. It’s not as good as pros last round: 7
I can’t help: wow. Left field. This was close to acapella. But this is so different from the original in style that it helps the song. The lack of any major instrumentation for me emphases TJs more gravely voice; and I don’t know exactly why his voice works so well with this song, but it does. I really liked the fit here: 8
Con: 34
Pro wins: 35-34
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
Criterion Pro Tie Con Points
Winner 1 point
10 - adding it to my playlist
1 - just leave please
R1 The music is AMAZING, it’s so consistent and flows very well, it also is diverse and not repetitive, 10, nice way to start us off Pro!
R2 The voice is very nice and soothing, it goes really well with the music, I don’t really like the ending though, and it does tend to get repetitive, 7
R3 The harmonies are ridiculously good, the music is really nice, they flow really well, 9
R4 She has a really nice voice, the music is good, it’s kind of short though, 8
R5 It’s really slow, it’s nice but I wish it was faster in the beginning, it gets better towards the end though, 7
R1 This is a classic, the music is good and his voice isn’t bad, but it can be a little repetitive and sometimes the music is lackluster, 8
R2 It’s kind of catchy, his voice is ok and the music isn’t bad, 6
R3 This is also another classic, however it’s not acoustic (I think) so I’m taking a point off for that, but the voice is nice and it’s got really nice music, 7
R4 He has a nice voice and the music is good, it’s super sad too, 8
R5 This has a lot of after effects, it’s good but I’m not gonna judge it since it’s not acoustic
Pro: 41
Con: 29
Good job to both of you, y’all had really nice picks!