trump is wrong to shut down the government for a wall

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--> @DBlaze
I mean.. what's your objection to a poll such as this one?

Logically it follows that given that the majority did not vote for Trump, the majority will also not be in favour of his wall
--> @dustryder
How long should Pelosi and Schumer keep the government shut down to save 5 billion dollars.

A month? A year? Forever?

I never knew Democrat voters were so hardcore about saving the taxpayers funds.

Maybe we can have a shutdown every year over budgetary cost overruns, like the trillions wasted on the obamacare experiment.

--> @Greyparrot
How long should Pelosi and Schumer keep the government shut down to save 5 billion dollars.
Huh? Are you on prescribtion medication dude?  Did you not see Idio-ump on public tv tell schumer and Pelosi he is proud to take on the mantel to shut-down the government.

Oh yeah, you never have liked to see, hear or speak truth. Are you familiar with the Trumpanzee saying,

..'see no truth, hear no truth speak no truth'...?

No?  I didnt think so. Ego based mental blockage to truth of the united Trumpanzees is armpit politics. Sad :--( lack of moral integrity and that is old news.
--> @Greyparrot
So why is idio-ump taking so long with his threats to 'declare a national emergency' because of a Trumpanzee manfacture "crisis" at border with Mexic and have then have USA milary build Trumpanzee wall?

Oh I know why beause miltary is better at blowing holes in walls not building walls. Who builds a wall with a tank designed to blow holes in concrete, steel or other barriers?

Did Trumpanzee hero Ronald Regan ever build a wall in any of his western movies?  How bout John Wayne? John Ford?

Have any hero cowboys built a wall?  Ive see many westerns where cowboys the blow hole in walls.

I think idio-ump needs to put out the call for volunteers  to go build a wall at Mexican border under guidance of Army Core of Engineers.

How many years has it been since any wall or barrier has been built?  We need Trumpanzee volunteeers more than ever. How bout G-parrot, how bout you pur your shovel and cement trough where you mouth is?  No?  Yeah, I didnt think so. Spinless coward with battle ship mouth and row-boat butt.  Sad lack of moral integrity.

News Alert: Obama was not born in Kenya. <8--(

--> @mustardness
Riight...because the government will continue to be shut down the very second Pelosi approves 5 billion dollars to protect Americans.

Only in Mustard's Eurotrash fantasyworld.
--> @Greyparrot
....approves 5 billion dollars to protect Americans.
Protect from who and what exactly?  Are you prescription medications dude?

Are these iimigrants drivint tanks now? Are they using RPG's?

How well is a concrete or steel barrier going to hold against a tank, RPG's IED"s etc?

Take a look at this photo.

Is this the kind of people attacking USA at the Mexican border?  OMG, they are scary looking!

Can you imagine a whole army of those Franken-Trumpanzees invading USA at the Mexican border?

Right, we may need to send the military and law enforcement to apprehend and Lock Away those Thingie's from civilize3d society.

Warning Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson!
--> @mustardness
From idiot foreigners like you who think America is your personal doormat.
--> @dustryder
The majority does not matter, that is why we have the electoral college.  It was a good sample size, but 67% of the people in that poll were either Democrat or Independent, and from my experience, independents usually tend to lean a little left.  The margins are still pretty close, just like the election, but the media is saying that no one wants the wall, and if you do, you are racist and immoral.  If that is the case, then so is all of congress that all of the sudden doesn't want it, changing their position in the past 5 years.  As of the about the past 10 years, the new take on America is a country of tolerance, a melting pot of cultures and ethnicity... It is Un-american to build a wall, but this wasn't the case not too long ago.  

What is funny, is I think the people in the US think of it as the above, but people who want to come here, which is almost everyone, still see it as the land of the free, a great chance for opportunity and economic prosperity.  It can only stay this way by capitalism and individualism, but as time goes on we are getting separated into groups.

The other thing is, the stats are still pretty close on who wants the wall and who doesn't, so where are the media outlets reporting on the people that do want the wall.... It is non-existent because they have an agenda to make people think Trump is dumb, and to blame him for everything that goes wrong, when in actuality, it is the liberal congress who wants to continue having illegal immigrants come into the country, and advocating no identification for voting.  They are trying to keep people down and at the same time, rise themselves up, and build government towards communism.
--> @DBlaze
Uh.. you don't think such statements are somewhat hyperbolic?

Obviously the liberal congress would rather not *want* the illegal immigrants to continue, and yet the wall is a costly and ineffective solution.
You speak as if no id voting is bad, however evidence suggests there are mostly negatives associated with implementing strict voting id laws with there being little positives
And obviously them building the government towards communism is complete twaddle
--> @Greyparrot
Congress can override his veto with 2/3 vote...Don't blame the president.
Congress can be blamed too, but you can't say don't blame the president bc it is all his idea and he started it. They are both equally to blame. This is a dumb shutdown. I don't see any advantage in a "wall." Have an effective border patrol and have better technology protecting our borders. A wall is so 7th century thinking. 

--> @Outplayz
They are both equally to blame.
Only so far as we include McConnel trumps butt, then yes it is senate{ congress's } fault and idio-ump.

Beyond that your playing the Trumpanzee see no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth game. Sad :--(

Idio-ump/McConall--- 'proud to wear the mantel of shutting down governement'. 

Yeah narccisstic proud and the Trumpanzee sheeple all go baahh...baahhh...baahhh unison. Sad :--( lack of moral integrity.
--> @Outplayz
The longer the shutdown goes on, the more people will ask if it is really that important to shut down the government indefinitely to save 5 billion dollars.

Eventually people will have to look to Congress to solve the problem.
--> @Outplayz
Do you really see no advantage in a barrier for impeding or redirecting traffic, none at all?  

The curse of "never Trump" and "not my president" means you are obligated to put pressure on Congress to run the government correctly.

At what point will you realize Congress will never legislate or impeach?

Trump essentially gets a free pass, and so does the Congress apparently.

--> @Greyparrot
Yeah, i wish the news was actually news and helped people understand these situations. If most people knew congress could stop it, there would be an outcry for them too. In any case, i don't see this going too long one war or another. It only hurts the Presidents image the longer it goes. 
--> @Plisken
In an age where we can easily have man power and technology could catch a fly... no, i don't see any reason. Plus, you are talking about a physical barrier. I think that's junk. It will be easily manipulated and circumvented. But something like motion capture heat seeking cameras... they will catch everything. I am talking about having a technological barrier. We don't need a great wall of America in this day and age. It's dumb and ineffective. 
--> @Outplayz
This is not a question of Wall VS Heat sensing cameras.  Obviously it's possible to have both cameras and physically obstructive technology, right?  Cameras do not catch anything in a literal sense.  The agents with finite resources do, and they need some amount of time to respond at the border.

If they fail, it could take years to deport after someone has implicated others with their precarious predicament, not to mention a potential break down of the rule of law.

--> @Plisken
It takes people to arrest at the wall too. We can't make a wall high enough where people can't go over it... and if in the rarest case it's not possible for some reason, under it. It's just a waste of money. Fine, if you want to have both a physical and technological barrier. Just put up a high fence. Nothing expensive but lets you put up 2 things. In any case, a wall is a very dumb idea... unless you can convince me otherwise. What advantage would a physical wall have that something like a fence and technology wouldn't have better? 
--> @Outplayz
The President assuredly does not care about his image. Beware a politician with principles, he cannot be reasoned with.
--> @Outplayz
I have a lot of faith that Pelosi has far less principles than the president, so I expect her to be the one to make a deal, and not demand that the government be perpetually shut down over 5 billion dollars.
--> @Outplayz
The president already said he would put whatever barrier the border patrol asked for, be it steel slats or wall.
--> @Greyparrot
I personally think technology and man power would be enough and much more effective than a barrier. I guess some kind of barrier obviously wouldn't hurt. But the two i mentioned would be quite effective in and of themselves. 
--> @Outplayz
It only hurts the Presidents image the longer it goes. 
Huhh! Dude, you confused. It hurts many people beyond the just diou-ump image.

Seriously dude you need to get out your narrow viewpoint and see more truth,  hear more truth and speak more truth.

--> @Greyparrot
From idiot foreigners like you who think America is your personal doormat.
Is the really the best you can conjour from your see no truth, hear not truth, speak no truth, Trumpanzee nervous system?

USA is great and does not need to "make america great again".

Con-job by Trumpanzees is self evident lack of moral integrity. Sad :--(

You need to be Locked Away Today! Along with idiou-ump.

--> @Outplayz
We don't need a great wall of America in this day and age. It's dumb and ineffective.
Yea, finally coming to your rational, logical common set of senses.  +10

5 billion can be much better spent on many greater USA peoples need.