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I am going to do a favor to the DART Community right now and set the standard for threats according to bsh's bans and mod history. I believe there is inconsistency in the term threat and if we get a clear cut definition from the man himself, we can set a goal of achieving a more relaxed, or more intense modding. I will be using terms that were used for my ban

Threats according to bans

"piped out by Satan fire dick"
" piece of shit stupid fucking bitch that should shut her mouth!"
" rot in hell with Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and everyone else you fucking shitface"
" insensitive fuck"

"crybaby bitch
"obviously crazy"

This is from my case study and what evidence I have done. I would like to set the standards very clear for threat v not right now if this a case. And feel free to discuss whether these should or should not be threats in the comments

I have not spoken out about this yet, but today is the day. Let see where we go

How are any of those threats? Maybe 'shut her mouth' is a tiny inkling of what could become a threat.
These are all real case examples of what was considered threats from the mod perspective

This is a great idea.  Everyone wants a log of mod decisions, and of course we could just make one. 
Sorry.  Me supporting ideas is like the kiss of death for them.  Still, it's a good idea.
No they are not. Mods would not call those threats, they are still accumulating to ban via being insults.

They called it threats so that is what I am referring to
--> @DrChristineFord
I have a strong feeling about my mod decision, i just want clear distinction of what a threat is before I go off in a forum post
--> @SupaDudz
Non-threatening "personal 'attacks' " are useless content.  They could probably end up as harassment. 

Threats convey something with a basis in reality.  I don't think we need to be pushing boundaries into that territory.  Just don't go there grandpa.  You're scaring people
--> @Plisken
So do you think those harassment is bannable?

Or it isn't a big deal
--> @SupaDudz
I was referring to them as personal attacks, and sure, it seems reasonable that if it presents an irreparable issue a user should be banned, especially in the case of developing into harassment where it's arguable that moderation should be less tolerant.

Personal attack: Making of an abusive remark on or relating to one's person instead of providing evidence when examining another person's claims or comments

--> @Plisken
I have had close family members who have had this disease and it is awful. They can not express their emotions when they have it and they can't talk and you wanna mock them and make a insult out of it? You are a piece of shit stupid fucking bitch that should shut her mouth! 
if this a reason to use these attacks, would you codone it

Basically he want some kind  of recall on his ban from over 10 days ago.  Not sure how that works. Mean time, he is also telling people to not take the site seriously and get off the internet. It's confusing. 
--> @SupaDudz
Did you not notice that thett was the first to use the word autistic as a slur, and PTW was reacting to that?  Or is it that you did notice but don't care?
--> @DrChristineFord
 Or is it that you did notice but don't care?
No one did. Not even the mods who posted that, while an insult it was tame. 

--> @DrChristineFord
Not at first, but he apologized
If I cared about this site I wouldn't have posted this

No he didn't. He said for me to get thicker skin. Doesn't matter at this point. It's been taken care of. If you are trying to get permanently banned try someone else.

He did to me at least private

Oh well I am not talking about that matter
--> @SupaDudz
The "apology" was more offensive than the original comment imo. 

But anyway.  You noticed that she was upset by the term autistic being used as a joke.  What I don't understand is, given your family history, why didn't you agree?  What was it that made you side with thett?

Of course you are you used a statement from that incident. Two of us noticed.
--> @DrChristineFord
I didn't know she was upset about it too. i thought she was just wishing it upon someone to be mean
--> @DrChristineFord
LOL you have to ask? He is also trying to say he isn't talking about that incident and the ignorant person apologized to him. The fact it gets worse is sad. 
--> @SupaDudz
I think she was clearly upset by the comment and the way the conversation went.  I actually had a lot of sympathy for her at the time, although her comments were extreme.  I was surprised that you didn't.

Now I'm just surprised at the way you didn't notice her reaction.  It wasn't exactly subtle.  Even thett talked about it.  Did you not read the whole thread?
--> @Polytheist-Witch
Yeah. there's a lot I don't understand about people.