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Title says it. AMA.
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In the past when I've asked questions that I hope will get long, narrative responses... I've not gotten responses that went as in-depth as I wanted. 

So, each of these questions are the kinds of questions that should take some time to flesh out.  Take your time.  

1.  What are the goals you have for yourself in (a) the next six months, (b) the next year, (c), the next five years?  With respect to each goal, (a) what are the steps necessary to accomplish them; (b) what must be avoided in order to achieve them; (c) how will you know that you're on track to achieve them? So, this is at a minimum a nine part question, assuming you only have one goal for each of those timeframes. 

2.  Identify the values which you believe are implicated in economic, domestic, and foreign policy in the United States and world (respectively).  Then, rank order the values implicated in economic, domestic, and foreign policy in the United States and world (respectively) in terms of which you think are most to least important; and explain why you ordered them in the way that you did.

3.  Politically, what ideology or paradigm do you subscribe to, and why?  Explain that in the degree of detail you feel necessary to convince a reasonably educated fellow college student of your beliefs.  Thereafter, explain what you think has contributed to you having those beliefs.  Then, consider the circumstances under which you would have opposing political beliefs.  Explain why those circumstances would make you have differing beliefs.  

When you're done with these, I've got more.

These are not easy questions. If they're too hard, just let me know.  I'll throw you some softballs. 
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Could you explain the second one a bit more?
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Not sure what's unclear.  Are you asking what I mean by "values"?

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Right. Like moral values? Economic values? Political values? Do you mean what the US/world values or should value? I get the main idea behind the question but
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Moral values
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1. In the immediate future my goals are centered around the Indiana Golden Gloves boxing tournament. I took up boxing almost two years ago when I was in a very bad place mentally. It allows a healthy outlet for me to release anger and frustration. My head is always clear after I go to the gym. Because I want to prove something to myself I signed up for the aforementioned tournament, which is essentially the state championship for amateurs.
a) In order to accomplish my goal of winning the tournament, I must eat healthily, exercise daily, and drive an hour to my gym at least once a week to spar. I am 6'3" and ~192 pounds, so I will be fighting heavyweight, which goes to 201 before crossing the "super-heavyweight" threshold. I must not put on weight to the point where I'm in that range, or I will be fighting people much taller and larger than I am. This should not be a concern though, because the most I have ever weighed is 197.
b) I must avoid slipping out of my routine. I usually drive to the gym at around 4:00 PM on Thursdays, which gets me there between 5:00 and 5:30. I train from 6-8 then stay the night up there and go back for another session at 6:00 AM on Friday. Last week I skipped the Friday session because my hand hurt from the night before, and I need to ensure this will not happen again.
c) Sparring sessions will be the biggest metric as to my progress. I usually spar someone who weighs less than I do, so it isn't a perfect science. I like to record them so I can see what I'm doing right or wrong. I usually review it with my coaches so that they can point things out I might not notice. My usual sparring partner and I also always discuss what we saw during the round afterward.

In the next year I am hoping to put together a career fair for the student club of which I am the president. I have been contacting sports business professionals and though it will likely be intimate, with only 5-10 employers, it will hopefully help our young members. Additionally, I will be looking to enter the professional world after graduating. My degree will be in Marketing, Sales, and *probably* Sustainable Business.

a) To achieve a successful career fair, I need to continue to stay in touch with the representatives from the companies and be clear about the details. I don't want them to expect I will be covering travel costs or hotels, so I must communicate that effectively. I have already contacted the majority of people I expect to attend, and have surveyed the members of our club to see what types of teams/companies and departments they would like to see at the event.

To get hired in a field in which I wish to work, I must begin to network and talk to people now. I aim to work for either an NBA/NFL team or something along the lines of Columbia, Patagonia, REI, The National Park Service, etc. I have secured an internship with a minor league baseball team in their sales department for this summer. Because of this, I see myself being more likely to end up going the sports route, even though I might prefer to do the outdoorsy path instead.

b) I must avoid procrastination on both counts. I need to be applying for postgraduate positions early; talking to managers and recruiters constantly and finding which companies and locations are a good cultural fit for me.

c) I don't really know for this. I think as long as I stay on task with the career fair I will know I'm on track to succeed. As far as finding employment, I guess if I am applying by mid-fall and having interviews shortly thereafter, I should be in a good position.

Long term my goals are to be in a location I enjoy (probably west) with some degree of financial stability and hopefully having been promoted. This is more abstract for me at the moment, though, so I don't think I can answer the a, b, c parts.
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3. I've been having a bit of a political identity crisis since Trump's election, and it's taken me forever to get a good answer here. I still don't know if this one is sufficient, but I'll give my general ideologies. I most align with the Libertarian Party, but Trump has pushed me left. I am pretty libertarian as far as the authoritarian/libertarian divide, and slightly to the left. Some issues about which I am most passionate are environmental matters, which are some of the few places I'm willing to allow substantial regulation. Environmental issues impact everyone, so they can be treated as a matter of public health. You can prolong the time you're immune to certain hazards from climate change and the like, but in the end they will affect you. Furthermore, they disproportionately affect those who are already disenfranchised. By focusing on environmental matters you do have a social impact also.

Civil rights are also very important, both in the sense most people think of them (minority groups) and with respect to all Americans (free speech, privacy, etc.) I'm too lazy to explain this because honestly if you don't agree with the former and at least to an extent on the latter, you don't deserve the right to vote.

I'm losing motivation to continue. I think we should pull out of the Middle East. Our mission has failed to stabilize the region and each time it seems we make progress a new terror group fills the power vacuum. We're wasting time, money, and lives.
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each time it seems we make progress a new terror group fills the power vacuum
That's only when the US pulls troops out of the middle east.
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Not necessarily true but I’m too lazy to find stuff to prove it. It’s in large part because of our presence (because the groups we prop up end up being that same group that fills the vacuum) but regardless, we can’t stay in the region forever, and that’s our alternative in a world where we never pull out
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Do you think Bruce Arians will make the Bucs playoff contenders?

Thoughts on the state of the Bucs overall?

Favorite meal? Snack?

Who is your ideal 2020 candidate, and why?

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What kind of boxing style do you use most? (Swarmer, slugger, or outboxer?)

Favorite MMA fighter?

Favorite boxer?

I support Warren for 2020, I support you getting fired from the Discord leadership. Any problems?