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Some cool ones


I fuck with this

The best hoodies are the ones that try the least. The plainer the Hoodie, the more money has gone into the actual quality of the material and stuff like the hood's 'curving' in a natural way and all that. 

Hoodies with designs, even if cheap and with cheap material, are simply superior to shit that makes you look like a walking billboard. Hoodies are for 'chill vibe' and if you have tryhard designs on the Hoodie then you're basically saying "I'm posing as a chill guy".
That is very true
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These are cool ones

I have a great Carhartt hoodie that has lasted me four years I wear just about every day. 
--> @Polytheist-Witch
Nice. I love kinda hoodies that last a while 
--> @SupaDudz
I wear mine till they fall apart. My husband sews so hole and zipper are fixed until the thing is really dead. LOL
--> @Polytheist-Witch
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Those in the amazon link in your post one are pretty legit, but none of them are for me.
You should be able to use this link:

Original design was an MCPE skin. Made myself a real one.

And now U can reverse dox me, yay
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I love hoodies that aren't produced in a 3rd world sweatshop by underage workers making $1/day, and who pay for our articles of clothing using blood, sweat, and tears.

The only hoodies I have are my school athletics gear.
--> @Mharman
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