Who can deny the lyrical supremacy of rap?

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--> @Type1
Shit man, that K-Rino song was very good lyrically. His flow was absolutely phenomenal, the way it maintained and yet evolved all at once.
--> @RationalMadman
Your hate for K-Rino is fucking stupid and you can't deny that he is great lyrically. Like I've said before you only hate him because you see him as having a big bad bully type of personality which is not even true. I have listened to all his shit and he has more different types of songs than anyone, with all different types of sounds and subject matter. I am honestly just flabbergasted by how you ordered your favorite rappers list and by how you think Encore is Eminem's best work as well, then have the nerve to shit all over the good name of the GOAT. 
If you really pay attention and give him a chance, you will find more great pieces from K-Rino than you ever imagined.
Tom Lehrer > Weird Al > All rappers
--> @Type1, @Ramshutu, @PsychometricBrain, @That1User
To truly comprehend how much better/superior Rap is to all other genres when it comes to lyrical depth and quality of delivering those lyrics you must observe raps like this (not the ones Type1 showed, it is less about making it blatant, more intricate whereas I will show you blatant supremacy of lyrics and delivery:

--> @RationalMadman

--> @Ramshutu
You know nothing and your opinion is feces. You are a lyrically illiterate gall bladder stone muncher. You are so gay that you thought your raddle was a dildo when you were a baby and shoved it up your ass. You are an ass munching butt plug nibbler. Shut up.
--> @Type1
That response is why you’re ELO is lower than your self Esteem.

--> @Ramshutu
My elo is low because nobody agrees with me, nobody agree with me because I am too smart to believe the crap that normal people take for granted. On top of that it's because of all the debates I forfeited and thus technically didn't lose because I didn't even participate.
My self esteem is much higher than my elo, and so is the number of times I am actually correct.
You have the IQ of a box of cheap cigars. You literally think simplistic little baby lyrics are better than lyrical godhood because that is all your puny mind can process.
KAAN is a very good rapper
--> @SupaDudz
Yes he most certainly is.
--> @Type1

This is flow-wise the best rap in existence and I just found it today. KAAN is a motherfucking god.
That K-RINO song was sick. Saved to my likes.

You might like what i like... but first lets show it's not only American rap that's good. 

--> @Outplayz, @Type1
Fuck yes this is about me:

Epilepsy warning

--> @RationalMadman
Nice lyrical flow. I personally don't like the beat. But you know, that's just subjective to the fan. I'll look around his music bc i'm sure he'll have a beat that i can enjoy. He's good in general. 
--> @RationalMadman
Hey btw way, did you like my choices? I was keeping you in mind to find some of my more OG listening like Bone Thugs in Harmony. I thought you'd find that OG mastery of the fast style intricate lyrics to be good. 
--> @Outplayz
most of what you sent isn't to my taste (even the Eminem one)

Devlin is a god of rap, no question. 

--> @Outplayz

--> @Type1
Not me and no field has excelled in poetic form like rap in the last decade.  You can't really beat Eminem when it comes to a rhyme scheme or technical proficiency but music in general needs a consistent feel that you appreciate personally.  In that arena rap has gone far recently.  Im a fan of pop music in general because I'm just curious about people and why we like what we like.  Rap has gone beyond conventional standards and kept my attention for the the last few years compared to other categories.

I was upset when Xxxtension and Li'l Peep died.  That's my level of investment.