Seriously: Where Is The Outrage? Where is the Western Media?

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    --> @Stephen
    .Indeed your link, the link that you have provided as some kind of evidence to counter my point,  doesn't actually mention "christian" or muslim" now does it.  It just says herdsmen & farmers
    - How come your sources are talking about Christians & Muslims then? If not horrendously biased...

    Did you not expect me to read and research your link a little further.? I was curious as to why you would post a link that actually supports the point of this thread.
    - I suspect you can't differentiate between 'support' & 'disprove'.

    And no, not "suddenly".  Since the MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACK on 9/11/ 2001 I have been researching why it is that thousands upon thousands ( a very small number of the 1.5 billion I know) muslims want to murder anyone who isn't muslim,  .
    Yes my muslim awakening was right there, where on that day it took only 19 muslims to bring a massive US city to its knees murdering over 3,000 people and where muslims around the world actually celebrated this violent unprovoked attack. Nope, no outpouring of grief or outrage from the Western muslim communities. No marches by thousands of western muslims against the violence saying "not in my name", no songs of " give peace a chance",  in fact as you well know, MILLIONS ( a very small number of the 1.5 billion I know) of muslims around the world were very happy. 
    - Have you been living under a rock? 3000 American deaths vs. 4 million Muslim deaths. What a twisted sense you have, utterly despicable.

    I have found though from my own research 2001-2010 that it wasn't just white westerners that were woken up to the very real and serious threat of Islam , many muslims too realised the horror and violence of Islam and the violent instructions that are written in the Quran. And many became apostates.  So that can only be a good thing can't it.
    - LOL! Fantasy research, This is no new thing, these Westerns have been projecting their bloodlust savagery on others to invade & massacre them with no remorse for centuries. The world is changing buddy, the West is growing weaker, old attitudes don't work anymore & no one cares. What goes around comes around.

    You seem to have totally forgotten the point of this thread:
    Seriously: Where Is The Outrage? Where is the Western Media? Do you see that word, WESTERN?
    - No buddy, it is you who has forgotten your own point...

     Jacinda Ardern tells Christchurch service "New Zealand mourns with you" – as it happened

    I am still waiting for the outpouring and candlelight vigils of mourning from the Dutch muslim communities for the victims of the muslim terrorists attack in the Netherlands.  You may remember this. It was first reported that this was all down to a "domestic dispute" by the media, until it simply couldn't be denied any longer that it was in fact a terrorist attack, then it was -  all quiet on the western front..
    - Where is your outpouring for the millions of Muslim deaths by western countries?
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    --> @Yassine
    Where is your outpouring for the millions of Muslim deaths by western countries?


    It has been estimated that nearly 2,000,000 people demonstrated in London alone against the wars in Iraq. But again this is not about MY outpouring is it, There have been plenty of candlelight vigils and songs of peace from the western civilisation for others. No,this thread is about  the lack of condemnation from the so so integrated muslim community telling us in the west that they condemn and deplore what is done by muslims in the name of islam and Allah. No not once have heard the words "not in my name" coming from the followers of the "religion of peace".

    The western media have soon forgotten those poor souls murdered in the terrorist attack on the train in the Netherlands, the day following the massacre at Christchurch. No, there were no candlelight vigils and songs of "give peace a chance " from the muslim population in utrecht there either.  Indeed this terrorist attack  by a Turkish muslim came straight on the back of the vile and inflammatory speech muslim Turkish Prime Minister  Erdogan gave against the west.

    No, what we got instead from the muslim community in Christchurch is racial and religious hatred and inflammatory speech spouted at a "love and peace rally" by a muslim preacher who has spoken at the largest mosque in New Zealand and who had, just day before, had shared a platform with the silly NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who for some strange reason wore hijab,  the oppressive compulsory head covering that Iranian women are casting off  at the cost of imprisonment and torture.

    Indeed,  " I won't mince my words" says  Ahmed Bhamji, "it was the local Jewish businesses that funded him [ Brenton Tarrant ] and Mossad were behind it" .  Yes, these inflammatory words of incitement where Ahmed Bhamji chose to point the finger at local jewish neighbours  came at a Love Aotearoa (NZ) Hate Racism rally . 

    He certainly didn't hold back
    Ahmed Bhamji  deliver his hate filled rant here in this 5min video >>>

    And no one to my knowledge, to date has taken this preacher to task  over his inflammatory hate speech in public. Although the local chrsitchurch jewish community had this to say:

     " Bhamji's words  "are dangerous lies,” and that  “They put the Jewish community at risk, at a time of heightened security concerns"  

    I am sure the muslim apologists will have us believe that these Jews are nothing but  irrational nasty "islamophobes" .