does anyone support trump closing down the mexican border?

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half our produce comes from mexico. i just read an article that said USA auto plants would shut down within a week. this is clearly something that would cause a recession or worse, at least be bad for the economy. it would inconvenience and upset a lot of people, so if he did do it, it'd be like the government shut down that he said would last for 'years'. 

so who supports him doing this and why? 

can all you trumpanzees at least admit in this case that trump is off his rocker?
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I don't like it.
He is incompetent so yeah he is way out of his field like a rocket failing to reach its destination which means he is stranded in space. 

An irrational creature prone to wild overreactionrattling its cage at the slightest provocation and indiscriminately flinging its faeces around until everything is covered in excrement. 
(That is the original definition from the person who coined the term)
"The devout Trumpanzee is immune to fact or evidence caring only for the unintelligible howls of the tribe's Alpha male"

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what say you?
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A recession from the temporary closure of Mexican roadways? Sounds like AOC predictions. I assume this recession will happen in 12 years of course.
It will hurt a lot of people temporarily, but the outcome would be better for the future.  It will hurt Mexico, more. They need to stop the caravans from crossing their country to get to us with no resistance.  It will not last long.  Once they see what the ramifications are, they will start enforcing their own border crossing laws.
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This is correct. The same people that said a trade war with China would lead to a recession are the same ones willing to trade American jobs for cheap imports.

A little arm twisting is necessary to secure national interests. They do it to us. we should do it to them.
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I mean let's especially look at a policy China implemented recently a few years ago to further their national interests.

They stopped taking all of America's toxic recyclable waste. Now, America certainly pays China A LOT to take these toxic recyclables because of the strong NIMBY culture of America. Did China's economy hurt from denying toxic waste from America? Yes of course it did. Did it help China to become a less polluted nation? Yes it did.

All nations do this. Trade short term losses for long term national gains.
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I don't think any of the AOC crowd were ever punished for anything that they did when they were children.  Probably rewarded... Sent to their rooms where they could sit and watch TV, play video games, and talk to friends on their cell phones.  Everything they ever wanted was in their room, so that does not count as a punishment anymore.  

I remember when there was nothing to do in my room, but sit there and think about my actions, which is what was meant by the punishment. It's different now, something specific has to be taken away, but there is always something else to do to take it's place.  
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Good analogy.  Trump is not off his rocker, it takes someone with critical thinking skills, and cognitive reasoning to understand why. Many just blindly accept the media explanation and short term consequences of doing such an off the rocker thing, without completely thinking things through.

I lost 30 grand on my 401 K in a month due to the trade war with China, bound to lose more, but it will come back, and even if it doesn't, it was necessary, and I don't blame Trump... He does the right thing most of the time, this one included.
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so you disagree with mitch mcconnell that closing the border would have devastating consequences for the economy? 

you think stopping half our produce from coming wouldn't phase anything? 

you disagree with all the news that says the auto industry would be faltering? 

it doesn't take critical thinking skills to think closing the border is good. it's a lack of critical thinking skills. it goes against expert consensus. it's devoid of good judgment. 
"About 16% of all auto parts used in the United States, both at assembly plants and sold at auto parts stores, originate in Mexico. Virtually all car models in America have Mexican parts, she said. Because of that reliance, she said the auto industry would stop producing vehicles relatively quickly.
"You can't sell cars with missing pieces," she said. "You've got to have them all. I see the whole industry shutdown within a week of a border closing.""

"Members of his own administration have told CNN that he has been warned several times about the economic consequences of a shutdown. One administration official described the effects as "catastrophic" and "a whole world of hurt." But the president continues to contemplate the idea of shutting the border in sections or in its entirety, according to officials."
this is why it's no surprise to me that the news says trump supporters lack education. education and intelligence go hand and hand. closing down the border is sheer stupidity, and going along with it is even worse. at least trump could be blowing smoke, but his supporters on this are just sheeple and are shameful for how much they go with. fool me once, trump, shame on me... keep fooling me no matter what you do....
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Lol, no surprise from a typical TDS rant. Love the anonymous source being cited on Fake news CNN about the results being "catastrophic."(whatever that means, but hey, if it bleeds it leads on fakenews CNN)

Bloviations and fake predictions are the very reasons why Trump is going to win in 2020, even if the economy tanks, because nobody can trust the people crying wolf every year.

Mexican trade is NOT too big to fail. Produce and auto is such a much much lower % of our GDP compared to the % of Mexico's GDP. There won't be a hysterical AOC prediction of a doomy recession over produce and auto parts. For Christ sakes we live in a global economy where we can get auto parts shipped from Russia to New York overnight. What kind of TDS madman would say..fuck it, we just will stop making cars cause.. viva la Mexico...

I tell you what would cause a recession is to get the military involved in invading all the socialist dystopias south of Mexico. That would cost a LOT more than the Iraq bullshit. I'm perfectly happy for a temporary closure instead until people can get their shit together.

Enough with the sycophantic apologizing for eloquent-speaking do-nothing governments. Trump is the boot to the balls president America needs right now. Nuff said.

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can you find any credible news sources that agree with you? all the sources i see say closing the border would be a disaster. 
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are you positive that all that produce and every specific part that needs made, can come from somewhere else at a decent price? that's a big assumption on your part. 
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Whatever..define disaster. I mean, if you are going to make a doom and gloom prediction, can it be a tad more detailed like Al Gore's 20 foot searise prediction?
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well u got me in that i dont know how severe the damage would be. but all the experts say it would be bad, all the news sources. maybe the produce or cars can't be gotten elsewhere or itd be too expensive. but maybe it's not as bad as i'm thinking.

show me some credible news and experts that believes as you do, otherwise you're just blowing smoke. 
--> @n8nrgmi
Credible what? You're the one quoting CNN....
--> @Greyparrot

and if you read the article, they reference other auto experts. and i can also cite all the other main stream media. i know you think it's all fake news. but if you can't find credible people that say what you say, maybe you should reexamine your beliefs. 

i take your lack of citations as a tacit admission you have nothing to back up what you say. 
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What is that supposed to mean? Who cares if you can notice that CNN found one person in a thousand to spew your talking points that support your TDS narrative. How about some objectivity?
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Have you found anyone pointing out how more devastating it would be for Mexico?  You know trade goes both ways.  They don't want it to happen more than we don't want it to.  This is also a threat, part of negotiation practice, which many do not understand, it hasn't happened yet, but if it does, the negatives and positives have been weighed. 

The worst thing they you come up with is the car industry?  I'm sure there will be more industries hurt than just that one, and worse, but that is not the economy as a whole.  As I said, it will be a short term problem.... but not devastating.  The experts advising Trump are much more educated than the ones writing these articles, and the ones hand picked to be interviewed and give there 2 cents on the matter. They will always go against Trump because they do not like him.  Have you not realized this yet?

There is no Crisis at the Border?  I think Dems have finally agreed that there is because they are not really arguing it anymore, only they don't apologize for trying to make Trump look like a fool 24-7 in the past months on this topic, ultimately making themselves look like fools.... The whole thing with Acosta and his being banned as a whitehouse correspondent was arguing over the "non crisis at the border."  And you still take these people seriously?    

The educated people you are talking about think too much into things, do a lot of reading, and a lot of research that really is not needed if you just look at the whole picture, what has been happening for years, and what needs to happen in order to correct the issues at hand.  The same issues that have been going on for decades that need to be corrected.

If you notice, the news is now all speculation.... it is not news... it is all what if scenarios, and trying to rationalize things in a negative way, as well as pick apart word after word after word thinking there is some underlying issue, then reporting the speculated conclusion as if it were news.

They should call CNN and other networks Doomsday reporting.  You think Trump used fear mongering for his campaign?  I think the networks use fear mongering and no one notices.   One question... Are you scared?  If you are, then the media succeeded in their mission.
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do you doubt that i can quickly find another twenty news articles that say this would be a bad idea?

if you can't find any supporting your position, just say so. 
--> @n8nrgmi
I do not doubt that. It is the media.... all with the same agenda.  They talk about the ramifications, which is news worthy.  If they say it is a good idea, then they have nothing to talk about.  

People who know they are going to be hurt by this are speaking out, asking for help, and trying to stop it.  That is what the news reports.

I never said it wouldn't hurt the economy.  I said it is one way to stop the caravans, which is a huge problem and never ending unless something like this is done, or the threat is made.