does anyone support trump closing down the mexican border?

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--> @DBlaze
Everyone noting that the president's solutions are inadequate are 100% correct, but we live in a country where the Congress controls the media, so the people will never hold Congress accountable for bad immigration law, no matter how much the public naturally hates Congress for not passing adequate legislation. When was the last time you remember a bi-partisan bill passing that meant anything? Maybe not even in your lifetime. This is what Congressional control of the media means. Unaccountability and partisan voting.

The people elected Trump because the Congress and the media are broken. Until that gets fixed, Trump will have to to do everything in his power to slap bandaids on problems CREATED BY THE CONGRESS.
--> @DBlaze
And make no mistake, the flood of illegal immigrants and fake refugee claims are 100% the fault of Congress..from both parties.
--> @Greyparrot
So you are saying, only under the hands of Tyranny can we almost get things done?

A lot of people saying Trump is tyrannical.  I don't agree, he is using a lot of what congress put in place during past administrations against them.
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If you want to call doing your job as dictated by the constitution a tyranny then so be it. I don't care what anyone calls it. When the government fails, somebody has to fix it. Just like Rome. Just like Venezuela...just like anywhere else the government fails.

This is the price the people pay for not holding Congress accountable to the people.
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People don't seem to care about the constitution unless it favors their beliefs.  Dems do this all the time.
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Umm..hate to break it to you but the entire Dem platform and All of the RINOS are predicated on destroying the constitution as it is written.

1st amendment?...hate speech laws.

2nd amendment?...gun control.

Commerce clause?.... Government controls, industry especially healthcare.

Limited government powers?... Unlimited government regulations and intrusions.

Government accountability and responsibilities?.... Current Congress.
not my avocados!!!!! what will I do without my avocados?  lerdy lerdy halp meh, oh wait read that most now come from California and Florida, nvm i'll be fine, carry on.

Whom to you think will blink first if it is closed?  Trump or Mexico?  What is another way to do some arm twisting to get what you want AND what is right?  I believe they were asked nicely, then perhaps a little more strongly and now, here we are.  If you aren't willing to play hardball you are ball-less.
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perhaps if trump is bluffing then it might be okay to make threats to close the border. if mexico refused to comply after it was closed, trump would surely fold. thus it only makes sense if he's bluffing. i dont think he should bluff when there are thousands of ways to get mexico to do what we want that doesnt involve false pretexts and pain to us if they are done. the trusty old upping the sanctions on mexico until they comply, for instance. 
--> @TheDredPriateRoberts
Trump already has his talking points from his latest rally. The DNC is the party of open borders.
I think we should pull all military to the US, force territories to become states or independent, use the military to fix the infrastructure. Until we find a way to know who is in the US and companies are not using immigrants as slave labor yes, it should be closed. 
Trump already has his talking points from his latest rally. The DNC is the party of open borders.
Trump has Trump Derangment Syndrome and there is long list of incriminating evidence for his TDS.

DNC is party of morals, truth and rational, logical common sense and there is a long list of evidence for there attempts to implement those ideas.

These two above are minimal brainers for moral sane adults.  If Trumpanzees become the new normal, society { humanity } is going to end { apocolyspe } sooner rather than later. If you dont believe me just ask Pence.
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Even women are walking away from the open border/zero fetus rights at any stage even after birth party.
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After birth it's not a fetus. And the unborn don't have rights. 
--> @Polytheist-Witch
Fine then, 9 month old fetuses have zero protection from women. Sucks to be a fetus.
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