Which star trek was better?

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I liked the next generation better, though i won't deny that the original one had a lot of good episodes! KHAN!
I agree although my favorite episode is Balance of Terror
--> @oromagi
I like Q, His revealing of an omnipotent character is quite funny!
Opposite. Q was the worst.  I hated all the omnipotent aliens and Q most of all because he would not go away
--> @Melcharaz
I'd say both TOS and TNG had some excellent episodes and some clunkers.  Maybe on average TNG just shades it, but TOS was ground-breaking and gets a lot of credit for that.

I'd guess a newbie watching TOS after TNG would think TOS was clunky - older viewers like me can't help having an attchment to Nichelle Nichols and Grace Lee Witney and their very mini-skirts!


--> @keithprosser
not at all, im more intrested in the science, technology and moral implications.