Voting competition! (17th - 24th april!)

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I’m going to hold a voting competition. Open to everyone. This will be a point based accumulator competition!


This competition will run from Wednesday 17th April - 8am EST until Wednesday 24th April 8am.

1 week frenzy!


Signup ends on Monday 22nd April - meaning you can sign up after the competition starts but not past that time.

How it works.

The competition will be organized and run by Ramshutu (who will not be competing). Participants will earn points based on the votes they cast. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Chufty Badges will be awarded to the these with the highest number of points earned, and a wooden spoon trophy (I would like to name this award after the person who comes last) will be awarded to the participant with the lowest total.

Points allocation.

Each vote may earn points, the number of points are dependent on the type of debate and nature of the vote.

  • Forfeit votes: any vote on a full forfeit debate will be awarded a total of 1 point  maximum- and will not earn any additional bonus points in any way.

  • Regular votes: the first vote on a debate will be worth 10 points. Second vote 5 points. More than 3 votes earns 3 points. (Ramshutus votes will not count so if your vote is second after ramshutu - it counts as the first vote).

  • Eye gouger: if requested by a participant in this thread (and if he decides it to be so)- Ramshutu will designate particular debate “eye gougers” - which are debates that are particularly complex or long. Any vote on an eye gouger debate will earn an additional 10 points, regardless of position.

  • Only vote: if yours is the first vote in a debate (including Ramshutu) - and the only vote on the debate (other than Ramshutu) when the debate finishes - an only vote bonus of 20 points will be earned. IE: if you vote first in a debate that only has myself and you voting in it - you win 20 points. You will not  earn these bonus points if you’re the second vote in a debate with only you and I voting.

  • Removed vote: if you have a vote removed, you earn a penalty of -20 points. The second removed vote earn -40, subsequent removed votes will earn -100.

  • Pile on: if a debate reaches 5 votes (excluding Ramshutu), the first 5 voters earn 10 points.  If a debate reaches 10 votes an ADDITIONAL 10 points will be awarded to the first 10 voters.

Separate bonus point awards - awarded as a whole:

Vote total:
Competitors with the top 3 volume of votes (excluding forfeit) will win 25/10/5 points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Judges choice:

  • Ramshutu will award 25 points for the best vote of he competition he reviews
  • Ramshutu will also award -25 points for the worst vote of the competition he reviews.

Peoples choice:

  • Individuals may nominate their candidate for best and worst vote in the few days after the tournament: the person with most votes will win 25 points and -25 points 


Vote well, vote often, vote early, vote on debates quickly, and have lots of people vote on the debate - and you’ll win meaningless/pointless internet Kudos! 

Sign up and questions in the thread below!

I would in but since I’m the vote mod, I’ll help ya judge
Voting competition held by the single worst quantity over quality voter of the site.
--> @RationalMadman
As your a quantity over quality debater, does that make us friends?
You don't even know what you are talking about.
--> @RationalMadman
I think you’ll find I know exactly what I’m talking about - I’ll speak to you next week when you tag me in vote requests!
--> @Ramshutu

+5 points for joining first.

I like the originality of the tournament and the inherent promotion of proper voting.  Some very good voters who seldom vote have an important advantage in this tourney since the trash voters like me who suck up easy forfeits have already spent opportunities on debates with long voting periods.

--> @oromagi

that is part of the reason for the eye gouger and forfeit rules :)
--> @Ramshutu
Is there a prize for winning?
--> @Alec
a chufty badge! Google it!
--> @Ramshutu
Not necessarily.  If only 1 person signs up and only votes once, they won't necessarily get the badge.
--> @Alec
I will happily give Oromagi the winning chufty badge, if no one else signs up :)
--> @Ramshutu
There's a winning chufty badge.

I think you should reduce the penalty for getting a vote removed.
--> @Alec
It’s a voting tournament that is intending to award tough and good quality votes - I think having a vote removed needs a stiff penality to ensure people  are sufficiently compelled to write decent quality votes that adhere to the CoC

--> @Ramshutu
I'm in. Seems like a pretty good tourny for the DART community

--> @PsychometricBrain
It isn't and it's rigged against those who already have voted beforehand.
--> @PsychometricBrain
Don’t mind RM, he’s just a deb-hater.
--> @RationalMadman
C'mon, RatMan.  I appeal to your offices as Top Dog on the Leaderboard.  You should join in, even if you don't think you've got the time to invest in a win.  You and I should both at least try to score a "People's Voice" silver medal.
--> @oromagi
If this shit gets medals, I will laugh.
--> @RationalMadman
says the guy with probably the most medals
--> @oromagi
I've bided my time. I know which is more important. Getting 100 wins asap with some high risk stuff is gonna let me sit up there for a long time to Garner votes at optimal times and sort out the only other 2 medals I need. I don't care about a competition. Don't vote hear t when you're a pro debater, you don't want to piss too many revenge-voters off. Refusing to vote tactically, is not banned by the CoC, rather only voting against who you believe the winners is, is banned.
--> @RationalMadman
I think voting tactically corrupts the heart of the game.  Do we want to recognize a well-reasoned argument or a well-contested reality gameshow?
This is also a great reason for people to get familiar with the site's voting policies! It's really a fun read.
--> @oromagi
What we want and what it is are two different things.
--> @RationalMadman
Only if we make it so.