Voting competition! (17th - 24th april!)

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--> @oromagi
No. We have no true say in our brain chemistry and interactions with the "game.

--> @RationalMadman
cue: "Wake Up" Rage Against the Machine
--> @oromagi
This song represents my side of this.

--> @omar2345, @Wrick-It-Ralph, @Pinkfreud08, @Melcharaz, @Speedrace
This tournament may interest you guys!
--> @Ramshutu
Wrick is disqualified please.
--> @Ramshutu
No can do. 
--> @Ramshutu
Thanks for tagging me! I’d love to participate! About the first vote rule, if you vote on a debate that’s been voted on before the tournament began but you’re the first voter since the tournament began, do you get first voter?
--> @Speedrace

So, to clarify. The tournament is trying to encourage good votes, and reward scenarios where debates get at least one good vote, and preferably multiple good votes.

The first vote points is for new debates that it prompts voters to seek out debates that haven’t been voted on: to prevent a debate ending with a 0:0 tie. That’s what it’s tryinf to encourage - so it will not apply if others have already voted on the debate. At the start of the tournament. There are at least 30 debates up for voting either now, or soon: and multiple debates that have a vote from me, or no votes - so I don’t think this will be an issue.

--> @Ramshutu
What about a rule that all contest entry RFD should appear in vote tabs to prevent RFD'ing ahead of the starting gun and then linking back with vote after the contest begins?
--> @oromagi
I don’t think that needs to be a rule: I won’t count RFDs in comments or forums written before the competition for this reason.

In reality, using comments is too useful to preclude it.

While I would agree that you don’t want people to stash a bunch of RFDs prior to the competition, I think it’s of limited benefit - given his points are allocated.

--> @Ramshutu
I won’t count RFDs in comments or forums written before the competition for this reason.
I think that's fine and thanks.

--> @bsh1
it was not a very fun read it was so boring that i skimed through most of it.
--> @dave2242
My remark was a bit tongue-in-cheek, lol.

--> @Ramshutu
I suck at voting.

only thing i might be good at is knowing biblical scripture debates, but even then, the burden of proof is on scripture most of the time.
--> @bsh1, @dave2242
I don't know what you are talking about Dave. It was so riveting that there is now a permanent groove in my ass because I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Such suspense and wit has never been present on this platform before! Well, except for that 15 part fanfiction that thett3 made.
--> @bsh1
well i was going to make my original post a bit more interesting but i was to busy doing something else so ill make it here

bsh how dare you lie about the entertainment value of the voting rules. It had such little value that i had to quicky read through it. bsh you deserve to be banned for such a lie.

i think that is a bit better

Edit: lol blamonky i was creating this post so i could not read yours
--> @Ramshutu
So we're not supposed to stash RFD's? Because before anybody mentioned it, that's exactly what I was gonna do xD

I don't have that much time which is why I don't vote on super long debates, but I will now if I can get it all done today and tomorrow and just paste them in on Wednesday morning
--> @Ramshutu
Preliminary list of Eyegouger requests.  All are complete and relatively contested, as far as I can tell from scanning.  All but one are religious in nature & I find most religious debates hard to judge. Please don't make me read these.

christianity disadvantageous?

no gods exist

These two add 100% eye gougers! (I am reviewing the rest)

--> @Ramshutu
Will the event start as soon as you officially give us the go in this post, or does any vote after 8 am EST count?
--> @PsychometricBrain
it will start automatically at 8a’! (My memory isn’t that good so I may forget to announce!)
And away we go!

The competition has started, and sign ups will be allowed until 8am Monday.

Note: All votes cast by participants during the tournament period will count, regardless of when individuals signed up!

--> @Ramshutu
this is for future reference but you should add your time zone to the 8am so people know what time it would be for them
--> @dave2242
This competition will run from Wednesday 17th April - 8am >>>>>EST<<<<< until Wednesday 24th April 8am.

--> @Ramshutu
oh guess im blind then sorry

edit: that and i have bad short term memory