What's your favorite bird and why?

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--> @K_Michael
Big Bird
--> @SupaDudz
Peacocks really drive me wild!

.."The birds with painted feathers became significantly more healthy than clear-painted and unpainted control birds by two of three tested measures: much lower presence of reactive oxygen metabolites in the blood and lower levels of testosterone.

...However, it also makes sense. Of course looking hotter should make you feel good! (But, does a bird really know if it is sexy? Another explanation may be in order. Are the more attractive female birds treated better by male birds, perhaps?)"...
--> @mustardness
The male peafowl are colorful, so I don't think that's it.
I know because I own 2 girls and a boy.

Probably some type of bird of prey. Pretty broad category but they are all pretty cool imo. 
--> @K_Michael
The male peafowl are colorful, so I don't think that's it. I know because I own 2 girls and a boy.
Isnt that typical of male birds showing off to impress the female?

I could say its all in the eyes yet it is so much more.  Especially since the multiples eyes is likened to s some posters from 60's that were covered in eyes.

For many years Ive noticed how knots of wood{ lumber grain } looks so much like a galaxy or solar system or a sun or black hole of immense density with EM Field forming off in this direction or that direction and then other various sized  knots speckled likes suns or other galaxies, depending on the kind of wood/tree.

Peacock fowl are similar yet in some ways a more elaborate fashion with out the seeming graphic of an EMField around the knot.

The eyes also look like classical heart/love image  and they also look like the most famous Mandlebrot fractal.

So we have galaxies and clusters of galaxies appearing on their roots/shoots.

The keratin quill --------> fans also remind me of trajectories of particles emanating from collision in a particle colliders bubble chamber, tho more symmetrical.

..."Feathers can conceal or attract. They can be vibrantly colored without using pigment. They can store water or repel it. They can snap, whistle, hum, vibrate, boom, and whine. They’re a near-perfect airfoil and the lightest, most efficient insulation ever discovered."....

I was saying that female peafowl aren't treated better based on attractiveness. Males compete based on appearances, so the females get to be picky, but the males aren't so selective. There is no basis that I know of for competition between female peafowl to get a mate.
--> @mustardness
There are lots of cool birds but i love my wrens. They come to the feeder and bring their babies every spring. Then the babies come back with theirs. It's like they are my neighbors who I get to watch grow every year. Cardinals are lovely too. 
--> @Vaarka
Snoopy is still better
--> @SupaDudz
Snoopy is, more importantly, irrelevant to the topic of birds. I will concede that he is my favorite WWI flying ace, but that isn't conforming to the forum topic.
--> @K_Michael
Very true
The Swallow.

Spotting the first swallow in mid April is always a special moment.

Scarlet macaw by far. They are so beautiful 
--> @Virtuoso
Almost equal to the Cockatiel in 'having a personality of its own linguistically' but they are more mimickery prone. I must admit that parrots, macaws etc are fucking epic birds.

Because its manifestation is always accompanied by a flip, which I think is a pretty good trick.