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Good movie right?

I watched it and was pleasantly surprised by what direction the movie went.

I'll have spoilers from this point on so you have been warned. 

Iron man dies.
Black Widows dies the same way Gamora did in infinity war.
Captain American ages while doing what he wanted with his life. In the past present.
Falcon becomes the new Captain America.
Hulk and Banner are now one. So basically they are smart Hulk.
Loved to see I think deleted scenes from past Marvel movies come in to add more depth to the story and give people more of a thank you for watching our earlier titles and here is stuff that we couldn't put in the earlier movies but we put it in Endgame. 
No new way of understanding the Quantum realm but I wasn't expecting movie directors to find a breakthrough in Quantum mechanics.
Thor is fat and has joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. That is going to be a fun movie to watch.
I really thought Captain Marvel would be the one to beat up Thanos but he used the purple stone to punch her into space. Don't know how she survived a punch with the power stone and she is really powerful to take a I think a headbutt from Thanos and not flinch. I think she is over-powered because an infinity gauntlet Thanos was struggling with her until she got punched into space with the purple power stone. 
There was more that happened like the big fight scene at the end but I think that is all I want to cover.

Do tell me your most memorable scenes from the movie.  
I probably won’t see it until it comes to NetFlix unless my nephew bugs me to take him. Still, someone advised me to rewatch Thor Ragnorok and AntMan+Wasp to be ready so I did that. 
I probably won’t see it until it comes to NetFlix unless my nephew bugs me to take him. Still, someone advised me to rewatch Thor Ragnorok and AntMan+Wasp to be ready so I did that. 
--> @oromagi
You are going to have wait a really long time.
I advise travelling the seven seas as a p-----.
Didn't say I did do it but is an option.
Not saying you should do it but it is an option.

Cant believe it was Iron man. I thought it'd be Cap for sure. Not disappointed tho
--> @WyseGui
Thought so too with the trailer. The movie would have been better if I have avoided the trailer.
Someone said Iron Man died and I barely saw it. Fuck

--> @WyseGui
Iron Man is definitely the best character so it is sad to see him go. Cap is pretty much not apart of the Avengers. 
Infinity War was better. 
--> @SupaDudz
I had a opening statement addressing that. 
--> @omar2345
It showed the top of forum 2
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Sorry. I didn't know people would just skip the opening statement. 
Meh I preferred Infinity War for the most part. 

Especially since i'm a big Thanos plan, 

1. Thanos was barely in the movie 

2. Thanos was killed off as a joke which was funny, but regardless was still a joke

3. Thanos was just a plain psychopath in this movie and not the intellectual titan we saw him in infinity war 

Meh I preferred Infinity War for the most part. 
Especially since i'm a big Thanos plan, 
The plan is really dumb. He has an gauntlet that has infinite power which means why not ask for infinite resources or remove the elements which causes conflict? 
Even his plan cutting the universe in half only means people will just have a while longer for population to increase again. What is Thanos going to snap his fingers again? Oh wait he destroyed the gauntlets without realising people can simply re-produce and create life at that level Thanos doesn't like and if the Thor didn't kill him he would have to see what he did seemingly happen again but this time will not be able to cut the universe in half. 

Infinity War is better than Endgame.

Thanos was reasonable. (if you remove the fact that he had an limitless gauntlet).

Avengers looked better Infinity War. Beard Cap is better than non Beard Cap. Hate that st*pid suit he brought back. Dad bod Thor is bad and his beard is awful.

Can't believe they killed most of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast in the first one so it gets docked for not having that cast until the end of Endgame.

One good thing that I liked about Endgame was that Thor joined Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Iron man was living day to day with a deathwish. Happy he got what he wanted.
Shame it was spoiled by the Doctor Strange scene where he doubted Stark's will to sacrifice (Not directly but implied that if he told Iron Man what would happen he pretty much said the outcome would be different). Even though he has shown that side of him since the first Avengers movie.