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This will be like the debates, except more than two people will have to agree. I want to see the ten most liked animes of

So. In order to keep this organized. Each person may suggest ONE anime until we have ten. THEN people can say which ones of the ten they disagree with, along with alternatives and why they disagree.

My one anime is My Hero Academia.
40 days later
Kim Possible

Cory in the House


Dragon Ball Z

Danny Phantom

Teen Titans
--> @K_Michael
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Cowboy Bebop

Samurai Champloo

One Punch Man 

Teen Titans

Bojack Horseman

F is for Family

Rick and Morty

The Amazing World of Gumball

I know I cheated when it was about Japanese cartoon but I haven't watched a lot.
Thomas the Tank Engine is the best anime ever.
Soul Eater

High School of the Dead



Outlaw Star

Black Butler 


Desert Punk / Gurren Lagann / Attack on Titan  (good post apocalypse animes - can't decide which i liked better)

Rosario + Vampire

God it's hard to remember... i've watched too many. Others that would be in my top ten already picked: Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal, Cowboy Bebop, One Punch and Dragon Ball of course.      
--> @K_Michael
Care to organise?
--> @Outplayz @SupaDudz
He said pick one. Flag your comments in order to delete it. Pick one not several.  
Mine is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Forget my earlier comment until it is removed. 
Apparently people don't realize it's not simply anime = animated

Death Note
--> @TheRealNihilist
He said pick one. Flag your comments in order to delete it. Pick one not several.  
I was aware he said pick one... i didn't want to. So i'm not being a dick, just go with the first one i put up if you want. Soul Eater. 
It's a tough call because of the sheer diversity of anime out there. If I had to pick just one, though, it would be Fate Zero.
--> @whiteflame
oh man... i forgot about the fate zero series. All of the holy grail adventures are awesome. 
Meitantei Konan.

If you want to watch the whole thing (all 940+ episodes and counting), start with the Japanese dub with English sub. Because if you start with the English dub and then have to make the switch when the English dub runs out about 130 episodes in, you'll be confused as to what sub episode to continue with, because the episode numbering is different and you'll possibly miss the long special (Episode 129) which is easily one of the most important episodes in the entire series. In addition you'll then have to slowly re-learn the names of the characters. Finally, the English dub is generally of lower quality.
Do not consult the wiki for spoilers until you're at least 240 episodes in. I guarantee you that this show will last you a long time, because even whenever you eventually catch up the series will still be airing a new episode weekly.
A lot of episodes are anime-only (non-canon) and these can be skipped. If you look online you can probably find a list of canon episodes, though some AOs are good and worth watching.
I suspect that the entirety of this show cannot be found on CrunchyRoll, so you might have to turn to some less reputable platforms to watch this. But if it is all on CrunchyRoll then in watching legally you'll be supporting the franchise and the mangaka.

This show will have a very large cast, usually based on stock characters from anime and detective fiction. But a lot of them are fleshed out as people the series goes on. Ai Haibara is a fan favorite and one of the unique highlights of this series, though other characters are very popular too. This show is WAAAAAAAY better known and beloved in Japan than it is in the West, so keep that in mind.
Since this show has been airing for 23 consecutive years, it's going to have a very large number of anime openings and endings. Most of the music in this doesn't stand out as particularly impressive, but I'd recommend listening to it as you watch anyways. You're bound to like some of it, at least, since it encompasses a diverse range of styles and composers from the 1990s to the present. The longer you watch the more nostalgic you'll feel over some of the earlier music, which is another reason to listen. You'll find that the computer-generated animation is not impressive at all, for which you might like some of the earlier (hand-drawn) episodes better.

This will constitute a very large investment of your time, but for me that was what made it so good. It took me something like a year and a half to more or less catch up, so if you really don't have that kind of time then maybe this isn't for you. For a show like this you have to slog through some boring parts and keep off your phone or anything that might distract you from the viewing experience. Give it your undivided attention while watching. Don't take this lightly, because it's a commitment unlike any other anime you've ever watched.
If you absolutely hate procedural drama then don't procede. If you might find it kind of interesting then I encouraged you to watch. Of course, it's not all procedural and a good chunk of it is character development and interactions with each other. If you're looking for typical anime slice-of-life and drama, this show will not do it as well as others might. So going into this you have to appreciate the entire package.
Naruto is the only mainstream Anime I ever saw that I felt had far, far, far more depth put into the storyline than others of its league of popularity and financial success. It has such intricate reflection of real world alternate views of what morality really is without taking any real bias to one way or the other.

In Naruto there genuinely is no good guy, this becomes more blatant as the series goes along. It's so easy to assume Naruto and Konoha are the 'good' but what if you were the Uchiha (I won't spoil anything more than that)... There is so much depth to every single Arc, I actually enjoy reading the fan Wikis more than watching it, it's that brilliant.

Death Note of course is a masterpiece but Naruto is both good visually, voice-acting-wise, fight-mechanic-complexity wise etc.

If you took the top 12 selling animes, Naruto is easily among the top 3 in long-term success in sales at all eras after it began to snowball (now changed into Boruto but the same franchise, Boruto is his son that for whatever reason looks like a girl and may end up being trans perhaps that's a plan they have to appeal to a 2019+ audience). On the other hand, if you were to rank the top in-depth storylines all other 11 would flail behind but Naruto is easily in top 3 of anyone's book who actually has looked deep into it. I have heard arguments about One Piece being as deep, LOL! Just LOL! Aside from everything being hideously drawn and the fight mechanics making NO LOGICAL SENSE AT ALL, One Piece's storyline is stereotypical 'root for who we tell you to root for'.

Code Geass

Only thing I didn't like about it was the hyper-unrealism of most of the military technology in the show, but that is pretty unavoidable with most sci-fi anime isn't it?
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
I'm a fan, though I will say the first season was stronger than the second (minus the ending, which was and remains one of the best endings I've seen in anime). The mech battles were expertly done, though yeah, occasionally it gets a little more unreal than I'd like. The whole concept of the show was really intriguing, and I think they executed well on it.

--> @whiteflame
I'm a fan, though I will say the first season was stronger than the second

Definitely agree. A lot of the early second season episodes felt like they were essentially just copy-paste remakes of episodes from the first season.
As much as I wanna vote for My Hero Academia, none of you have mentioned Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which if far more significant so I have to go with that one instead. 
As much as I wanna vote for My Hero Academia, none of you have mentioned Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which if far more significant so I have to go with that one instead. 
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My Hero Academia
I have heard a lot from here and from elsewhere that this is a good show, so I resolved to watch it and just got through the first 7 episodes tonight.

My first impression? incredibly unrealistic from a social standpoint. The hero is loved by everyone but his rival and for no reason other than the fact that he is a good person.

I call bullshit.

In real life people don't become loved just because they deserve it. They become loved through a combination of lucky circumstance and ability. The way this show portrays it (at least from what I have seen) good guys always have a fighting chance just because they are good.

Bullshit. That is not the real world.

Edit: If you are into underdog stories "The Rising of the Shield Hero" is a much better portrayal of such in my opinion, at least up to the Deus Ex Machina of that annoying af bird queen thing. Watch that show if you are into real shit.
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
Yeah, the one thing that really vexes me about My Hero Academia is the emotional masturbation that frequently ensues. There's no substantial conflict between characters; almost every character just praises the other's abilities (Bakugo being among the exceptions.) And, I'd like to say that many of the characters have "plot armor," but that would be understating it; it's more like a "plot fortress." Furthermore, it's hard to portray Midoriya as the "underdog" when he's been the strongest among his classmates, if not U.A., for  90% of the story.

If I had to choose a single anime, I choose Cowboy Bebop.
What's an Anime?
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One piece by far

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Cowboy bebop
Outlaw star
Death note