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Update: Candice has been defeated.
UPDATE: Sandy, a Pachirisu, has made it to Lv. 50.
29 days later
Update: Survivor, a Torterra has reached Lv 50.

Avia, a Staraptor, has reached Lv 50.

Sandy, a Pachirisu has reached Lv. 50.
Update: Dialga has been caught. I named him Cassius.
--> @Mharman
How many badges so far?

--> @Discipulus_Didicit
--> @Mharman
Damn. Getting close.
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
I'll do a full roster update when I get the chance.
UPDATE: Volkner had been defeated.

Cassius had reached Lv. 50

I am at the Pokemon League


-Survivor, a Lv. 55 Torterra
-Avia, a Lv. 54 Staraptor
-Sandy, a Lv. 55 Pachirisu
-Ira, a Lv. 34 Sneasel
-Cassius, a Lv. 53 Dialga
-Waterfall,  Lv. 41 Tentacruel


-Duckworth, a Lv. 5 Psyduck
-Swoop, a Lv. 8 Zubat
-Bud, a Lv. 10 Budew
-Trouble, a Lv. 14 Cleffa
-Magnitude, a Lv. 5 Geodude
-Wisp, a Lv. 19 Gastly
-Steven, a Lv. 17 Meditite
-Spottie, a Lv. 21 Girafarig
-Turbo, a Lv. 21 Shellos
-Whoop, a Lv. 22 Wooper
-Maestro, a Lv. 17 Kricketune
-Missy, a Lv. 29 Mr. Mime
-Redflame, a Lv. 25 Ponyta
-Karpi, a Lv. 10 Magikarp
-Sharp, a Lv. 29 Skuntank
-Lionheart, a Lv. 28 Shinx
-Wurmi, a Lv. 13 Wurmple
-Nate, a Lv. 32 Snover
-Ring, a Lv. 34 Chingling
-Chonk II, a Lv. 16 Bibarel
-Kathy, a Lv. 41 Chatot
-Tyler, a Lv. 26 Tentacool
-Clint, a Lv. 47 Kadabra


-Chonk, a Lv. 21 Bibarel
-Dwayne, a Lv. 11 Machop
-Princess, a Lv. 33 Floatzel
-Rocky, a Lv. 40 Onix

209 days later
--> @Mharman

--> @Discipulus_Didicit
Haven’t touched the game in a while. I’m at the league, I just plan on grinding all my Pokémon to Lv 60
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
It’s tedious, but it must be done. There’s no way a group of level 55s can stand a chance against a Lv 66 Garchomp
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