Should the US invest more in education?

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--> @sadolite
College should not be free.
--> @Alec
Excellent intellectual argument. College should be free because you say so.

--> @sadolite
College can't be "free". Someone is paying for it.
--> @Christen
I know, I was being sarcastic.
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--> @Alec
Feel as though most of the problems in the education system today can simply be solved without dumping billions. 

A prime example of this would be cutting out pointless standardized tests which are horrible for many reasons. The most catastrophic and arguably the most dangerous reason is, 

They take up 1 3rd of the entire curriculum

Today teenagers are overwhelmed with school work, after school programs, and social lives and removing standardized tests would reduce the school workload significantly if removed.  

Take an average school day starting at 8:15 and ending at 3:00 in a state such as California. 

Under standardized tests, this is a 6 hr and 45 minute school day. Not even including after school activities or HW. 

However, if we removed standardized tests students would only have a 4 hr and 15 minute school day on average with significantly less HW overall. 

Thereby reducing stress and opening up more free time for students to pursue their interests or to sleep properly. 

However, regardless it's even scarier when you realize the standardized test companies such as Pearson essentially have a monopoly on standardized testing. 

Meaning that essentially, a few corporations are deciding a decent chunk of the Americas education system. 

Not to mention this also means they can jack up the prices if they so choose to which they've already done. 

Overall if America is to have any hope of fixing our broken education system, the first order of business ought to be to abolish standardized tests. 

--> @Pinkfreud08
I would let the states decide if they want to abolish standardized tests.  We need to make sure kids are learning though.  If the Finland system works better than the American system, then it can be implemented here.  I think class sizes should be smaller because it's easier to learn in small classrooms.
--> @Alec
Yeah, I agree that it should be a state's decision and not a federal one. 

Regarding classroom size, I guess it really just depends on the person because in classes I excel in I prefer the big classroom environment to allow for more discussions and group projects to be made. 

However, I've noticed that it really just depends on how well someone is good at a subject as I prefer smaller classroom environments in classes I struggle in. 

Guess it just depends on the person and the subject but generally, I'd prefer a healthy balance.  
--> @Pinkfreud08
I think in all classes I'm in, I perform better in small classes.  More one on one teaching.

--> @Alec
Fair enough 
--> @Pinkfreud08
Standardized tests show how good a school is. And that's pretty useful.
--> @WaterPhoenix
Considering that standardized test scores aren't graded I highly doubt everyone puts their full effort when taking them. 

Although it's possible I'm wrong. 

Even if I was wrong however there are a lot of ways to show how good a school is without the cons standardized tests bring. 

GPA's, for instance, sounds like a more reasonable alternative. 
--> @Pinkfreud08
I put my full effort into them just so I can flex to my friends how much smarter I am than them. But, for real Standardized tests also show how much the student is improving as well as how well the teacher is teaching the subject.
and gpa's are only for high school.

--> @TheDredPriateRoberts
I have yet to see any system that has been fixed just by throwing money at it.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a single day.

Give a man a thousand fish and you feed him for a single day and leave him to clean up after the 999 fish that spoiled in the night.

- Discipulus_Didicit
I haven't thought much about it, but I hate public schools and think that the government uses its money terribly.

So I'd probably say no.
--> @Alec
...."The first American schools in the thirteen original colonies opened in the 17th century. Boston Latin School was founded in 1635 and is both the first public school and oldest existing school in the United States."...

Duhh education  is a no brainer, unless your a biased human or a human that has not access to the rational, logical common sense aspects of their brain.  Their appears to be plenty of those types around here and the evidence is in their posts. Go figure.
--> @Pinkfreud08
GPA's, for instance, sounds like a more reasonable alternative. 

Well, isn't the whole point of standardized testing to be an objective measure? Some schools may make their tests much easier/teach to the test to inflate their scores.

--> @bmdrocks21
Oh yeah I hate that. All tests should be standardized...
And we only need two, a midterm and an end-of-the-class test.
No other grades but those 2. No stupid participation grades and of the such.
When you blame the govt for bad schooling when it is mostly states that control the schooling within your state lol
--> @ebuc
We need education, but how much funding would we give it?  If you want more education funding, to what dollar amount do you want to increase the funding?
--> @Alec
We need education, but how much funding would we give it?  If you want more education funding, to what dollar amount do you want to increase the funding?
Well lets see, I cant remmber how much allowance my parents gave me as a child.  Probably because i was not a regular allowance. More like when they felt they had enough and when in the correct mood.