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fragmented sleep, insomnia, tingling/numbness in toes, fingers, tongue; painful feet, hungry all the time, general shitty feeling all the time

I am going to see my gp next week, but wanted to get some ideas of what may be wrong with me
This is the last couple of months
--> @janesix
See a doctor because they know better then I do.

This is the last couple of months
What does this mean?

I mean I've been experiencing these symptoms for about two months now

I AM going to see my doctor, which I stated in the first post. Why are you replying to someone you have blocked anyway, Alec?
--> @janesix
Stress and/or depression.
--> @Stronn
Well I have those problems, that's nothing new. I am worried about the numbness and pain in my feet though. doesnt sound like a stress related problem.
--> @janesix
I'm not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.
IMO many things are food related.
If I had those symptoms I would cut out almost all carbs and sugars gradually as well as most foods.
A very basic diet will tell you if something you are eating is making you sick or not.
For example (assuming there's no allergy etc)
I would only eat wild caught salmon, broccoli,cabbage, cauliflower and eggs, that's it, every meal.  If it made enough of a difference that I would continue on this diet I might slowly add things back into my diet until such a time as I started feeling bad or not as good in which case it was probably the thing just added, process of elimination. 
I would strongly urge you and anyone else to learn about "insulin resistance" and how harmful it is, ways to reverse it and avoid it all together.

btw breakfast being the most important meal of the day is a myth and b.s.
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I unblocked you.  I forgot why I blocked you.
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I think you are getting Parkinson's. Regardless of the depression or schizophrenia you may otherwise have, your overall description is someone with Parkinson's in early stages.
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I don't know, but it seems to me that your plan of going to the doctor is a good idea.
--> @janesix
fragmented sleep, insomnia, tingling/numbness in toes, fingers, tongue; painful feet, hungry all the time, general shitty feeling all the time
Fragmented sleep, insomnia, feeling shitty... those are all signs of depression and anxiety. 

Hungry all the time... that can be a result of the medications you take. Most psych meds make you crave carbs or sugars. 

Tingling/numbness in toes, etc... that can be a sign of a disc problem in your lower back. I don't know your weight, but higher the weight and the more you don't stretch and stay in one place or sit a lot can lead to disc problems. I'd get this one checked out soon, or go to the hospital if you get flop feet where it just drops without your control. You can get irreversible damage when that happens if you don't get it treated. 

Painful feet... that can be from the above disc problem too, or some kind of pressure foot sprain. 

From the above i would be able to assume (i don't mean to be rude or anything) that you are overweight and do not exercise or move around too much. Exercise can really help all of the above, and same with eating healthy. 

Everything i'm telling you is from experience of what happened to me... for i had all of the above in the past. As soon as i started eating healthy, going to the gym, most all of the symptoms above are now gone. So, i can tell you this works from my experience if you do have similar issues. I also take a medication that makes me crave sugars and carbs, but now i eat mainly a veggie / meat diet and that alone is very filling so i don't crave anything else, and if i do... i can eat it here and there bc i exercise. That's why both exercise and eating healthy are so effective. Plus, if you push yourself when you exercise... to your limit, the amount of endorphins your body releases is like taking drug. It's easier said than done however, i understand that... but the better you can do this yourself, the better you'll feel for a host of reasons. I never believed it would work until i said screw it... i'm sick of feeling like crap. It's a mindset.  
--> @janesix
Sounds like assumptive illness relative to lifestyle issues.

Exercise, healthy eating and positive mental attitude will solve most assumed problems.

Doctors will simply pander to demands and prescribe all sorts of unnecessary drugs.

Drugs that will probably only exacerbate health problems in the long term.
--> @janesix, @zedvictor4
urge you to seek medical help. Ignore everything zedvictor just said PLEASE.
--> @RationalMadman
An unqualified diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease is pretty irresponsible.

Especially if the recipient is likely to be susceptible to suggestion.
--> @zedvictor4
She asked us to diagnose her, if you want I can explain why I am accurate.

I also would like you to explain how you are responsible to advise her to not seek medical advice.
--> @RationalMadman
Let's be honest.

Who seeks medical advice from a bunch of strangers, on a debating website?

And more importantly, why?
--> @zedvictor4
You asked her to not seek professional medical advice.
--> @RationalMadman
A "Medical Professional" is nonetheless only a human being.

Present symptoms and a time restricted medical professional will make an educated diagnosis based upon the symptoms presented.

All that I am saying is; to achieve an accurate diagnosis a medical professional is dependant upon receiving accurate information.
--> @zedvictor4
Since you've conceded that, I stand by my diagnosis as a fellow human being. I genuinely stated truth, I promise you I am a genius and will not tell shit that is wrong unless for absolutely right reasons.
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I'm pretty sure none of us are certified doctors, so you probably should seek medical help, and not rely on the internet.