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I was going to go with famous Greek homosexuals in honor of supadudz's pride resistence but this felt somewhat nicer.
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What is this anyway? 
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Milo is a greek gay person.
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what ain’t it, that’s what I want to know. 
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I don't understand.
Can you be more clear?
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Milo Yiannopoulos the absurd Neo-Nazi?  The name is certainly Greek, a nom de plume borrowed from his paternal grandmother I think.  Definitely less Greek than ‘dudz 
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Milo is not a Nazi.  His boyfriend is black.
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The I have a black friend meme so I can't be a racist.

If you don't think someone who can have a black boyfriend and still be racist then how about him being a Christian while also being a homosexual? Contradictory to me but you think him having a black boyfriend while also taking a contradictory stance of being a Nazi is somehow too much of a stretch. 
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(From Wikipedia)

The original article and the video of Yiannopoulos singing America the Beautiful while neo-Nazi's give the Nazi salute:
A review of the Buzzfeed article from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism:
Abridged list of articles that claim Yiannopoulos is either a neo-Nazi, consorts with them or is inspired by Nazi's, white supremacists etc:


This is aconsistent refrain from the debate-minded Shapiro: Words have meaning, and wecan’t pretend otherwise. He described the Yiannopoulos approach to speech as “apopulist counterpart to the left-wing deconstructionist movement. So left-wingdeconstructionism basically says language has no meaning, and therefore meaningis whatever we assign to it. The Trump movement — and it’s not thisintellectual, but on a gut level this is what they think — they basically saythat all words also have no meanings and therefore whatever I say that’s trulyoffensive or terrible, it’s your fault if you’re offended byit; it just shows that you’re a weak-minded person if you’re offended byanything I have to say — even if it’s ‘Your wife and your two children and youshould be put in a gas chamber.’ If you’re offended by that, that’sreally your problem, it’s not the problem of the person who istweeting it at you.”
Shapirosees this same logic at work in the alt-right’s constant use of the slur cuck,short for “cuckservative,” which Yiannopoulos referenced in a tweet he sent toShapiro shortly after his child was born: “Prayers to Ben who had to seehis kid come out half black.  And alreadyhalf-black. #Happy Mothers Day
The“joke” here, of course, is that Shapiro’s wife had sex with a black man. Thisis a not-very-veiled reference to the alt-right idea that effete progressivewhite men, as well as RINOs, secretly want to watch their white wives have sexwith black people. “The idea is that you’re somebody who puts Westerncivilization in danger, because Western civilization is based on whitesupremacy, and so you are pandering to black people and minorities because youare desperate to have a minority person have sex with your wife,” explainedShapiro. “That’s why it’s an insult to these people. So there’s obviously apure racist bent to the word cuck, and it’s been true a long time.”
Then, aswith the anti-Semitic memes, there are the trolls who simply hurl the insult inan attempt to provoke. “So if they use the word cuck and itgets a rise out of you, then they’ve succeeded in their goal,” said Shapiro. Inshort, Shapiro thinks that the alt-right is attempting to shift the boundariesof discourse in such an extreme fashion that anyone who expresses any offenseat anything is, by definition, a “cuck” who lacks themanliness to support Trump (one can only assume Twitter eggs spewing racism atjournalists are a virile, muscular bunch, of course). “What you’ll see is thatif you even mention [the alt-right’s racism and anti-Semitism], it’s, Oh,he’s a weaklingOh, you’re a child, Oh, you’re soeasily offended — you’ve become a social-justice warrior!” said Shapiro. “Ithink a ‘social-justice warrior’ is someone who is offended by a basic fact —they think a social-justice warrior is just anybody who is offended ever, forany reason.”
And heviews this stance as not just stupid but hypocritical. “Of course, the irony isthat they are the most easily offended people on Earth — the Trump people areso easily offended,” he said. “If you insult the stubby fingers and Cheeto faceof their orange god-king, then they lose their minds. They absolutely lose it.And, obviously, Breitbart’s pretty easily offended, because when I point outthe level of anti-Semitism that’s crept up in their comments section and that’sbeing patted on the head by their editorial board, the first thing they do isthey run a lead story on their website by some Twitter follower of Milo’s namedPizza Party Ben — the estimable journalist Pizza Party Ben.” 


Shapirobelieves the Trump movement and its online supporters reflect a corrupted,harmful ideology — “a mash-up of nationalism without constitutionalism,vileness masquerading as political incorrectness, and frustration at the statusquo misdirected to support a corrupt insider,” all of it “channeled into afrightening cult of personality” with Trump at its center.
And hethinks Breitbart’s decision to pander to this crowd is couched, for the mostpart at least, in a lack of principle. “The way you get traffic now is there’sa whole untapped side of the web that people in the mainstream conservativemovement haven’t wanted to get into — the Reddits and the 4chans and all therest — that are also new to a lot of people who are older in the conservativemovement,” said Shapiro. “And so kind of embedding yourself there is smartbusiness, but it also means embracing some of the politics of these things,because they are underground trends. What makes it feel cool and underground isthe fact that it’s underground.”
It may seem cool to frustrated, politically inexperienced kids, but Shapiro also views flirtation with the alt-right as a potentially damaging dead end for young people who fall into a Milological view of the world. “I’ve met all these kids who think getting a rise out of people is the equivalent of being brave, andthey don’t understand that the moment they say this stuff online they destroy whatever chance they have of working in polite society,” said Shapiro. “It’s easy for Milo to do it, because Milo is making his money off of being a provocateur, but these kids are being told to do things that Milo himself would never do.” One example, Shapiro told me, jumped out at him: a kid he met at oneof his college speaking events who introduced himself as a Trump supporter. “Wedo the event, and after the event, as he’s walking away, I make a joke about howthe Trump supporters are constantly mocking me about being short and all thisstuff. And he turns to me and says, ‘Another Shoah,’ which is one of their online things.He grins at me like it’s fine to say this sort of thing.”
So toShapiro, a generation of young would-be conservatives are getting the messagethat to fight for free speech is to tweet anti-Semitic memes at Jewish writers,and to make casual jokes to them about the Holocaust, and, during this awkwardexploratory phase, many of them could do permanent damage to their lifeprospects by dabbling in rhetoric that has previously been associated with —and only with — hate groups, with hardened Nazis and other species of white supremacists.
Whateverlumps Shapiro has taken since leaving Breitbart in March, he’s about to have achance to go toe-to-toe with his ideological nemesis in a place where he’s verymuch at home: the debate stage. About a month ago, Shapiro told me, Rubin andthe conservative comedian Steven Crowder both offered to host a debate betweenhim and Yiannopoulos. Yiannopoulos originally refused, said Shapiro, claiminghis employer wouldn’t let him, but last week he relented, and Shapiro — despitefeeling a little weird about debating someone who publicly joked about his wifecheating on him — wants the debate to happen soon (though he says Yiannopouloshasn’t yet responded to the dates he proposed last Friday).
“I’mhoping against hope that people will see the intellectual incoherence andchildishness of the alt-right and ardent Trump support base — I feel obligatedto attempt to at least make the argument,” he said. But he realizes thatdebating with someone who calls Trump “Daddy” and is cheered by his adoringfans for doing so is partially, by the inherent nature of the exercise, a lostcause — however the debate goes down, in other words, Breitbart is still gonnaBreitbart: “I fully understand that, no matter what happens, Breitbart willdeclare Milo the big winner, and so will the alt-right. But those aren’t thepeople I’m talking to.”

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Arguing that Milo's biography is inconsistent with his ideology  is no defense of a fairly well documented embrace of and kowtow to neo-Nazis.  You can admire either Shapiro or Yiannopolis but admiring both simultaneously makes you the one with the ideological inconsistency.
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I doubt Alec cares about ideological consistency when I doubt he heard about Milo doing Karaoke while in the presence of white supremacists. Recorded on video:

It shows the lack of knowledge about the person who he aligns with. You can't really have an argument with someone when they don't know about the person they align with. Alec would say I didn't know that. You don't really go anywhere until he understands the information shows that Milo supports something he disagrees with or maybe he is too far gone by making excuses for his idols. Who knows. Guess I'll wait for his reply. 

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Milo is a fake greek
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You would have pissed me off by using famous greek gay people cause Modern Greece believes it is a sin

If it was a SupaDudz memoriam, to make a meme, it oculd have been ancient Greek gays

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Most of them ancient
Yeah, y’know Achilles, Alexander, Socrates & Alcibiades- etc
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Since we are debating the topic- my paternal grandparents met at a Klan cookout.  They weren't members (actually my Grandad was probably further left than me) but the Klan was just part of the normal social scene in the little Appalachian towns my people come from.

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That'd make a great story

"how I met my love at a KKK rally"
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actually their whole story is very cute.  They met and then she asked him to drive her mom & her into the big city for surgery and they were 17 & 16 and left alone in a hotel room for a week.  So they got married in secret and then went back to their parents houses and didn't tell anybody for the first year of their marriage.
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woah, cool