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There is not a reason to include that, really
There was a time, long long ago when you were considered an idiot if you were anything but anonymous on the internet.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand now we have facebook. The single greatest invention in intelligence gathering there ever was.


--> @Mopac
Holy shit that is too true

FB isn't the greatest invention in that regard, Google subsidiaries as well as the Google search itself are. Facebook is second place but your point is again a thing I have issue with.

This Linux mentality of 'OMG people take the money or they take information... or both! All are evil!' is actually hilarious to me. Do you realise how many 'sinister, corrupt' people these spy mechanisms caught out? The answer is you don't. You don't know the count of the attacks and horrors that never happened thanks to intelligence agencies that caught onto things in a way and at a rate they never otherwise could.

I am not a naive fool, I know what the elite can do with this information. I understand completely that there will always be the humans who want us to return to our Imperial and even further back, Ancient Egypt, days with them as ruler. The point isn't that they exist and can get hold of such information but that if they are already in such a position, we'd literally be living in hell right here right now. The idea that deceiving people into freedom while they're actually slaves is worse than directly enslaving them is utter bullshit from pseudo-conspiracy-theorists and the sad part is that they're still far smarter than the straight up sheep yet foolish nonetheless.

Do not be an anti-sheep sheep. Understand the system and appreciate it.

As for this thread, if 'no information' wasn't an option then I'd agree but since that's an option, removing it isn't exactly necessary unless it offends many. I am a person who doesn't want to reveal that for sure and am with you guys so far on this but I know some like to show it off and have great pride in that, so like I am not sure removing it helps the site overall.
Real question here.

Do you believe anyone here when they say they have a post doctorate?

Do you believe anyone here when they say they make a ridiculous salary?

I think people simply want to make themselves look impressive. Like, "Oh my opponent has an interesting take, but I have a doctorate in bullshitonomics, so I think that settles this matter."

Or heck, since it is 2019( just forget thst we are on the internet), can you really believe anyone is male or female if they claim they are?

Lets face it, the whole profile thing is a big floppy lie to begin with.

And I'm a state highway in Texas, so I think that gives some weight to my observation.

Lets face it, the whole profile thing is a big floppy lie to begin with.
Not all of us spend our entire time on the website lying and trolling.

--> @Dr.Franklin
I don't see any good reason to remove it.
--> @Alec
Why do we need it for debating
--> @Dr.Franklin
If people are fine with revealing their income, that's their choice.  If they don't want too, that's also fine.
--> @Alec
But why should it be added, you have't given me a reason for it
People are free to disclose truthfully, falsely, or not at all. This freedom, I think, makes its removal unnecessary. But I don't think its removal would create any harm. Honestly, it comes down to (a) how much work is it for Mike to remove and (b) how many people want it to be removed (and how badly do they want it)? If people just don't really care (that's me), then I think the status quo is fine.
Might as well just leave it there.
--> @Dr.Franklin
The most likely explanation is that it's there because this site is a DDO clone and on DDO it's in the profiles. I don't see any problem with it.
--> @Death23
Well,yeah the entire website's code is for free-