Is liposuction worth it?

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Is liposuction worth it?

I think it literally sucks fat cells out of your body. I think it would be effective at not only making you look sexy, but making i harder to put on weight in the future, but that is just a wild guess
stop stuffing food in your face and get it off naturally
--> @swatioak99
It's worth it for the Cosmetic Surgeons.

As for dumbass, gluttonous, inactive, fat people. That's a problem of their own making!

As Dr Franklin says.
It is worth it to a rich person, because of what it does to your lower body. If you are fine financially post-liposuction to buy what you need, not lose your house etc then yeah it's worth it. 

You see, a huge part of being obese is having a ton of issues cause by the weight alone. Your knees are going to erode the cartilage without mercy, your walking style will make that three times worse. Sex becomes a pain, a chore... I am not sure how to put it politely but it's literally the only body type where there's nearly 100% bad aspects if you want to have a happy, healthy life.

I don't dislike such people, it's not about that. I feel bad for them, I want to help them learn the beauty of eating fruits and having a life where you don't ache from standing up and risk your heart failing from slight anxiety and/or rage.
--> @RationalMadman
The thing is:

The majority of Inactive greedy people are suitably educated, to be able to understand that they are living inactive and greedy lives.

They have a similar understanding of the difference between a healthy diet and an unhealthy diet.

Yet they make little or no effort to address their problems.

I cant see much point in sucking out the fat one end, if they are only going to continue sitting around  shovelling crap into the other.

Greedy lazy fat people is greedy lazy fat people and that's their problem.
--> @alluremedspa123
Who or what defines a natural looking body?

What you're referring to is not a natural physique, but a physique that is generally regarded as being more aesthetically acceptable.

As things actually are, all body shapes develop naturally.

I would suggest that given the circumstances, liposuction is probably about as unnatural as things can get 
--> @zedvictor4
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What is liposuction?
--> @Christen
Plastic surgery for people who have a lot of belly fat. You can guess what it does.
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I have family member who have done it. I don't think it is. The only reason i think people think of this is because they want to get laid. But this can easily be solved if the government did not poison the food supply.